Another journalist killed in road accident – seventh since 2002

June 12, 2021

first_img Reporters Without Borders today urged the Kazakh authorities not to come to any hasty conclusions about Saken Tauzhanov’s death on 2 August and to do everything possible to clarify the circumstances. The authorities said the 37-year-old journalist, who wrote for three independent news websites,,, and, was run over by a truck.“We wonder about the circumstances of this ‘accident’ as several opposition journalists have been killed in similar circumstances in recent years and Tauzhanov is the third so far this year,” the press freedom organisation said. “The investigators should look at all the possibilities and not rush to the conclusion that it was an ordinary traffic accident. There are no grounds for claiming he was killed because of his work as a journalist, but there are no grounds for excluding the possibility either.”The first journalist to be killed in a road accident in recent years was Aleksei Pougaev, joint editor of the opposition website Eurasia, who was knocked down by a car on 4 January 2002. He had written many critical stories about President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his associates.Nuri Muftah, a correspondent of the opposition newspaper Respublika 2000 and editor of the weekly Altyn Gasyr who had often written about government corruption, was run over by a bus on 17 November 2002 as he was returning from doing a story on women in the southern city of Shymkent. The police said it was an accident but some witnesses said he was pushed. While in Shymkent, he had been attacked by three men.Askhat Sharipzhanov of the online newspaper Navigator ( died in an Almaty hospital on 21 July 2004, five days after being run over by a car just after interviewing Altynbek Sarsenbayev, the new information minister, and Zamanbek Nurkadilov, a leading member of the opposition. The driver, Kanat Kalzhanov, was sentenced to three and a half years of forced labour on 28 December 2004, but the trial shed no light on unexplained aspects of the case.Yuri Baev, the editor of the daily Talap, was also knocked down by a car in 2004 while investigating kickbacks in the oil industry.Batyrkhan Darimbet, the editor of the opposition weekly Azat who was also a reporter for radio Azatyk and a correspondent for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, died in hospital on 7 June 2005, six days after a car crashed into his jeep near Taraz. He had gone there to open a local branch of Alga, an opposition group he set up after the Democratic Choice for Kazakhstan (DVK) was banned.CTC television reporter Yuri Halikov, 28 was killed on 7 July of this year when his car crashed as he and cameraman Matvey Shestakov were driving to Priozersk to do a report on one-parent families. Tolegen Kibatov, a journalist with the TV station Otyrar, was also killed in a traffic accident this year. KazakhstanEurope – Central Asia February 5, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information August 8, 2007 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Another journalist killed in road accident – seventh since 2002 Regional newspaper editor harassed after investigating real estate scandal January 15, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts News Follow the news on Kazakhstan Reporters prevented from covering Kazakh parliamentary electionscenter_img Kazakh reporter accuses police of attacking her KazakhstanEurope – Central Asia News to go further RSF_en News News Organisation October 30, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Dead & Company Plays The Blues In New Jersey For Sing-Along Sunday Show [Audio/Videos]

March 2, 2021

first_imgLast night, Dead & Company headed to Camden, NJ’s BB&T Pavilion following their well-received performance at New York’s Citi Field on Saturday night. The show opened with “Feel Like A Stranger,” which took on an angelic tone behind Jeff Chimenti‘s funky synth work, setting a focused standard for the set to come…so let’s get on with the show. Chimenti continued to shine with an impressive piano solo on the “Brown Eyed Women” that followed, but the song’s focal point was, without a doubt, John Mayer. The beloved Garcia/Hunter sing-along has proven to be a perfect vessel for Mayer’s distinctive, note-perfect vocals. The way this version sounds, it wouldn’t seem out of place among the guitarist’s own solo work (particularly on, say, 2006’s Continuum). The Dead purists out there may take that notion as sacrilege, but the clearly audible explosion of excitement from the crowd after the song speaks for itself. He doesn’t try to be Jerry. He sings it as John, and it flat-out works.Mayer and Bob Weir continued to trade off lead vocal duties throughout the opening set. First, Weir led the congregation through “Ramble On Rose.” Next, Mayer headed up a honky-tonk “They Love Each Other.” The blues dominated most of the show’s next segment, with Bobby leading Willie Dixon‘s “Little Red Rooster” and Johnny singing Jimmy Reed‘s “Big Boss Man” (and taking the opportunity to show off his well-acknowledged blues guitar chops, to boot) before the two traded verses on the Grateful Dead‘s own “Cumberland Blues.” Finally, “Casey Jones” wrapped the first frame, starting at a faster-than-usual pace and gradually picking up steam from there, to the delight of everyone lamenting Dead & Co’s well-documented tempo deficiencies.Set two started with just Bobby and the drums, as the band transported the NJ crowd to the Bayou with “Iko Iko.” Following the New Orleans anthem, the band kept the blues theme going with “Deal,” one of the shows most memorable highlights. Led by Mayer and propelled by fantastic work from all four pieces of the band’s full “rhythm section,” the tune built to multiple thrilling moments of glorious release before dissipating into an Oteil Burbridge-accented vocal outro and, eventually, into a thoroughly welcome “Help” > “Slip” > “Franklin’s.”Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart took center stage next for their nightly drum-led journey into the great unknown, which eventually rolled into a slowly-turning “Wheel.” When the band segued from there into “Stella Blue,” it was difficult not to feel like the two songs would have played better in the opposite order, but the fan-favorite Garcia ballad was a welcome addition to the set all the same. From there, a short-but-sweet “Sugar Magnolia” rounded out set two, and a heartfelt “Brokedown Palace” sent the audience home singing sweet songs. All said, Dead & Co’s Camden show was an entertaining run through some of the Dead’s most endearing sing-alongs and classic live blues material. Even if it was perhaps slightly less invigorated than their impressive New York performance the night before, the band played impressively as a unit, and had the New Jersey crowd gratefully singing, moving, and rocking their souls all night long.You can listen to a particularly fantastic recording of Dead & Company’s 6/25/17 show at Camden’s BB&T Center from taper Keith Litzenberger (via user cabinet music):You can also watch pro-shot video of “Feel Like A Stranger” and “Iko Iko” below, via the band’s YouTube page:“Feel Like A Stranger”“Iko Iko”Setlist: Dead & Company | BB&T Center | Camden, New Jersey | 6/26/17Set One: Feel Like A Stranger, Brown Eyed Women, Ramble On Rose, They Love Each Other, Red Rooster, Big Boss Man, Cumberland Blues, Casey JonesSet Two: Iko Iko, Deal, Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower > Drums/Space > The Wheel > Stella Blue > Sugar MagnoliaEncore: Brokedown PalaceDead & Company summer tour wraps up this week with a show on Wednesday, 6/28 at Blossom Music Center in Ohio before a tour-closing two-night run at Wrigley Field, home of the MLB’s Chicago Cubs, this weekend. For tickets and info, head to the band’s website.last_img read more

Dead & Company Closes LOCKN’ With Branford Marsalis For Final Performance Of 2018 [Full Video]

March 2, 2021

first_imgOn Sunday night, Dead & Company once again took the stage at LOCKN’ to close out the 6th-annual edition of the festival with a very special performance. The Grateful Dead spinoff band featuring bassist Oteil Burbridge, keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and lead guitarist John Mayer alongside original guitarist Bob Weir and drummers Mickey Hart and Billy Kreutzmann marked the end of their 2018 touring schedule by welcoming much-anticipated guest saxophonist Branford Marsalis for the entirety of their second set. Despite some rough edges early on, the show lived up to the high expectations set by Marsalis’ previous appearances with the Grateful Dead from 1990-94 and post-Jerry Garcia iteration The Dead in 2009.For the second straight evening, an extended line check of the band’s equipment delayed the start of Dead & Company’s set for roughly half an hour, but at 9:10 pm the band took the stage and launched right into one of Bob’s signature songs, “Playing In The Band”, which was played at a languid pace as the band got their onstage levels set. After the verses, the band moved into the first lengthy jam of the evening, which maintained the warming-up pace for several minutes. John and Jeff quickly made eye contact and began trading guitar and piano phrases. Billy then built a rhythmic foundation on which Mayer laid down particularly Garcia-like, Mutron-assisted runs, the crowd cheering as the evening’s full moon was projected on the video screens.“Uncle John’s Band” followed, and while the song is normally one of their best, its slower pace initially struggling to fire up the weary Sunday evening festival audience. However, the ending jam showed promise when John and Oteil locked eyes from across the stage for some stimulating musical conversation. The band skipped the final chorus of “Uncle John’s Band” and moved straight into “Loser”. While Weir delivered a well-timed vocal performance on the tune, its similarly slower pace maintained the placid vibe. The energy spiked, however, when the band finished the song by detouring straight back into a minute-long instrumental reprise of “Playing In The Band”.Next, Mayer switched to his silver PRS guitar for a fuller, dirtier tone before leading the band into “Mr. Charlie”, giving the set a much-needed shot of energy. John sang the bridge of this Pigpen-penned song twice, once before the solo and then again afterwards in its usual position. The rural Virginia setting felt right for this song, which was a welcome addition to the Dead & Company repertoire in 2018.After a quick stop, the band began a regionally-appropriate “Tennessee Jed”, as both the verses and choruses generated a much louder crowd sing-along than usual. John’s closing solo hit a nice peak as he jumped up and down in place while the video stream showed dozens of excited audience members jumping along with him. Let’s see if this trend sticks. If it does, will it be called Mayercise or Mayerobics? “Althea” came next, and the crowd buzzed as it started, as the Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter classic has become one of John’s signature Dead & Company tunes. However, despite Jeff’s strong piano solo, this version didn’t hit the heights it often does.“Sugar Magnolia” made for a nice surprise as the first set closer, but it was a shambolic version that got sidetracked early when Bob sang the wrong verse. He then backed off and sang the correct one, but the band didn’t follow his cue to go to the song’s bridge, narrowly managing to avoid a train wreck as they reconfigured themselves in real time. However, the momentum had been affected, and the ending jam never truly caught fire and it stumbled to a close, prompting a bystander to yell that the miscue “feels like the old days!” However, the “Sunshine Daydream” coda made for a strong finish to the set, particularly bolstered by several Oteil bass bombs.Once again, the intermission was reduced to 15 minutes, a third of the usual Dead & Company break. When the band returned, an extra microphone had been placed onstage between Bob and Oteil for their special guest, Branford Marsalis, who was celebrating his 58th birthday on this evening. The revered saxophonist emerged in a blue checked shirt that appeared decidedly dapper next to Weir’d cut-off D’Angelico tee.The tuning made it obvious that Shakedown Street was getting the nod as the opener, but it too got off to a rough start when Bob started the song’s the third verse instead of leading the band into the mid-song solo. John was able to alert Bob to the detour, and the band recovered as Marsalis took the first of many moving solos to come. As they moved into the song’s outro jam, Mayer started with a funky solo to get things going while Branford watched him and smiled. He joined in next over Weir’s tight, terse chords, before Oteil joined the party, his bass runs coming through much more prominently than usual. It all evolved into a game of lead, follow and chase between Oteil, Branford and John. Finally, Jeff came in over the top, propelling the story still further with thick triads.Rather than return to the final verse of “Shakedown Street”, the band slowed down and settled into “Bird Song”, the tune that started the timeline of Dead/Branford collaborations back on March 29, 1990. After gliding along for several minutes as the jam found its wings, the band hinted at a segue into “New Speedway Boogie”—as they’ve done on various occasions this year—before Mayer kept the song in its original lane with verse two. A faster, jazzy jam materialized next, as the band moved through numerous polyrhythms and tempo changes and further hints at “New Speedway Boogie”. By this point, it was already apparent that Branford was doing what he’s always done in the Dead arena—pushing the players around him listen and play to the absolute best of their abilities. The result: A truly distinct version of the song.“Eyes Of The World” started as Bird Song slowed down, and did not disappoint as the band plus Marsalis delivered a memorable reading. As it turned out, no one onstage meshed better with Branford than Oteil Burbridge. By the time they arrived at the solo after the second verse, Branford and Oteil were new best friends, with Oteil’s thick, nimble bass lines coming through loud and clear for Branford to wrap his horn tones around. Everyone onstage seemingly felt it happening, to the point where John and Jeff retreated into the background, leaving space for the Burbridge/Marsalis fireworks. After a brief Oteil solo, John and Jeff reved up another tag-team solo to the delight of the crowd.Rather than moving into the widely predicted (and hoped-for) “Dark Star”, “Eyes” instead moved into “Terrapin Station”. Branford switched to his soprano sax for the classic Dead opus, adding deft, delicate runs to the initial “Lady With A Fan” segment as Mayer delivered his customary vocals. As Marsalis tailed Mayer’s mid-song solo, it was abundantly clear that he was well-rehearsed for this engagement, helping push the band out into a spacey jam. The band had picked up palpable momentum as they moved into the song’s “Terapin Station” climax, Bob’s vocals leading the way as the powerful, dramatic section played through, helping realize the song’s ample emotional potential. The closing jam was forceful and bass-heavy, once again augmented by Oteil’s higher-than-usual seat in the sound mix.Next, Mickey and Bill retained Oteil’s services for some “Drums”, before Marsalis returned with his tenor sax to serve as the melodic mothership for a top-notch “Space” voyage. Hard to believe that what started 28 years ago in a concrete arena in Long Island lead to this beautiful scene in a field in Virginia surrounded by colorfully illuminated trees and tens of thousands of revellers.John kept his silver PRS on coming out of “Space”, indicating that something powerful was on deck. The opening notes of “Morning Dew” confirmed that suspicion. The well-rehearsed Marsalis offered up a harmonic counterpoint to Weir’s vocals before Mayer delivered his personal highlight of the evening with a searing mid-song solo that was long on tone and power and efficiently short on pyrotechnics and trickery. After all of the dipsy-doodling and stutter-steps and give-and-go’s all night, he zagged and laid down a powerful rock solo that sent chills up the spines everyone in attendance.The set came to a close with a light-hearted “Not Fade Away” victory lap highlighted by some exciting call-and-response mimicry by Mayer and Marsalis. Oteil popped some string funk-style on the fadeout, and the crowd made an attempt at starting the Not Fade Away chant and clap before Jeff and Bob announced that we should say thank you to Branford, prompting a crowd-sung “Happy Birthday”. Branford came back out with his tenor sax and blew a few motes to get the crowd synched back up with the “Not Fade Away” chant, while Bob grabbed a tambourine to help and John clapped along. This was just more instance of Marsalis fully inhabiting the Grateful Dead space. Sure, it’s great to celebrate birthdays, but when the Dead close with “NFA”, that chant should be pulsing straight through to the encore. Hats off to the man for keeping things on track.Marsalis switched back to his soprano sax for a “Brokedown Palace” encore opener, bringing the crowd comfortably back to Earth with an expected fare thee well singalong. The band wasn’t done yet, though, as they launched straight into “U.S. Blues”, much like they did last summer in Chicago. The crowd sang along with notable gusto, as relishing the song’s “summertime has come and gone, my oh my” refrain. However, still unwilling to cede the stage, Mayer grabbed an acoustic guitar and led the band into “Ripple”, completing the rarest of Dead show creatures: a three-song encore, Dead & Co’s first of its kind.After a somewhat shaky first set, the second set featured some of the year’s finest musical moments with the help of Marsalis. What’s more, Oteil was truly incredible on this evening, and everyone watching—from the crowd, from their couch, and especially from the stage—clearly felt him assert his mastery in tandem with Branford, and appropriately gave him space to shine. While Eugene retains the crown for best show of the year, tonight’s show ranked among the year’s most memorable outings, a wonderful exclamation point at the end of a fantastic LOCKN’ weekend.It was a strong year for Dead & Company by any standard. See you all in 2019.You can watch the full pro-shot video of Dead & Company’s LOCKN’ 2018 headlining performance with Branford Marsalis below:Dead & Company w/ Branford Marsalis – Full Show Pro-Shot [Video: Relix]Setlist: Dead & Company | LOCKN’ Festival | Arrington, VA | 8/26/18Set One: Playin’ In The Band, Uncle John’s Band, Loser, Mr. Charlie, Tennessee Jed, Althea, Sugar MagnoliaSet Two: Shakedown Street, Bird Song, Eyes of the World, Terrapin Station, Drums > Space > Morning Dew, Not Fade AwayEncore: Brokedown Palace, U.S. BluesEncore 2: RippleNotes: Entire second set featured Branford Marsalis on saxophonelast_img read more

Hildebrand sparks Saints to sweep of defending BCIHL champs

August 3, 2020

first_imgSmith finished the game with three points.Matt Bell, Brad Robinson and Evan Warner also scored for the Vikes.Stephen Wolff faced 32 shots to register the win in goal for Selkirk.Friday, Fidgett scored the winner midway through the third period giving the Saints the one-goal victory.Beau Taylor, Wood and Thomas Hardy also scored for Selkirk.Bell, Robinson and Mitch Beli replied for Victoria.Alex Sirard out dueled Sunny Gill in the nets to register the win for Selkirk.The Saints open the home campaign with a game against Trinity Western at the Castlegar Complex. Game time is 7:30 p.m. Okay, it’s time already to break up the Selkirk Saints.Defenceman Lucas Hildebrand scored at 33 seconds in the extra frame to give the visiting Saints at 5-4 B.C. Intercollegiate Hockey League overtime victory over the University of Victoria Saturday night at the Ian Stewart Complex in the provincial capital.The win was the second in as many nights at Selkirk opened the season Friday with a 4-3 victory over the same Vikes squad.Selkirk went through the preseason undefeated in three games.Dennis Palvina tied the game for Victoria with a goal in the final three minutes of the third period.The marker allowed the defending BCIHL champs to storm back from a 5-3 deficit after Jordan Wood scored early in the frame for Selkirk.Dylan Smith, Logan Proulx and Cody Fidgett also scored for the Saints.last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Nelson Italian Society Bocce winners

August 3, 2020

first_imgThe winners, in no specific order, include, A Division champs Renato Nicli and Joe Sacino of Cranbrook, A Division second place Joe Guerico and Nic Morano of Trail and Hans Barth and Peppi Bertuzzi of Nelson finishing third.B division champion Sergio Peloso and Guido Babuin of Trail, B Division runner up Nelson’s Cosimo Chirico and Dominic Cerone and Armando Savarin and Terry Tagami of Nelson third Bocce may be a two-man team game, but Sunday at the Lakeside Rotary Park a bigger team got together to compete in the Nelson Italian Society Bocce tournament.Mallard’s Source for sports would like to salute, just not the winners, but all the player who entered the one-day tourney as Team of the Week.last_img read more


December 27, 2019

first_imgDONEGAL-BOUND Neil Lennon could be forced out of Celtic Park as a result of a terror campaign reignited by the interception of a suspect package yesterday.First-team coach Alan Thompson last night admitted that, while Parkhead boss Lennon won’t leave before the end of the season, he is likely to reconsider his position in the summer.Lennon and his Celtic team are in Donegal this weekend for a charity match with Finn Harps – a testimonial for ex-Celt John Kennedy. The former Northern Ireland midfielder has been placed under 24-hour surveillance as a result of this most recent scare, which police later declared a hoax.Celtic are now seriously concerned that Lennon – who has received death threats and been sent live ammunition in the post – will put his family first by walking away after one full season in charge of Celtic.Asked if he thought his gaffer would review his future at the end of this campaign, Thompson said: “I would assume so, yes. We are in three domestic competitions, which we’re delighted with.“Wednesday night was a great feeling, getting through to the next round of the Scottish Cup. The league is still up for grabs and we have Rangers again in the Co-operative Insurance Cup Final later this month. “So I would be very surprised if anything happened between now and then. I think it will be something he will sit down and look at in the summer.”Lennon’s family are also under constant watch by police and Thompson added: “His family are first and foremost, both in Scotland, his partner Irene and his little boy Gallagher, as well as his mum, dad and sisters back home Co Armagh.“Only Neil and his family can make that decision (on his future). But I’d be surprised if he goes anywhere in the next nine or 10 weeks.”Lennon had a minder with him at training yesterday and was excused pre-match media duties following the latest incident surrounding his safety.A Strathclyde Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we are currently investigating a suspicious package intercepted at the Royal Mail sorting office in Saltcoats. The package was examined and it is being treated as a hoax. Police enquiries are ongoing.” In January, Lennon was the target of bullets intercepted at a postal sorting office outside Belfast.Ex-Derry City players Paddy McCourt and Niall McGinn were also sent bullets in the post.DONEGAL-BOUND CELTIC BOSS NEIL LENNON GIVEN 24-HOUR GUARD AFTER BOMB DEATH THREATS was last modified: March 5th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Eskom to tap into public expertise

December 18, 2019

first_imgCamden power station in Mpumalanga is one of the previously mothballed plants that Eskom recommissioned. (Image: Bongani Nkosi) Eskom is looking for innovative technology to reduce power consumption in residential areas. (Image: Solar Geysers Gauteng) MEDIA CONTACTS • Hilary Joffe Spokesperson Eskom +27 11 800 6993 or +27 79 697 9374 RELATED ARTICLES • Huge savings from green light bulbs • Eskom build programme powers ahead • Camden power station working again • Kusile power station to go aheadBongani NkosiUnder a newly launched open innovation pilot project, South Africa’s power utility Eskom has invited public proposals for innovative technology to help it reduce residential energy consumption by 700MW while improving its efficiency.A permanent 10% reduction in residential use is one of Eskom’s goals for the coming years, when it’s expected to add more power capacity to the national grid.The utility hopes that the open innovation challenge will produce the required, and sorely needed, technology.The scheme will open for submissions on 1 June 2011 via the new website Eskom urges innovators from South Africa and abroad to take part.The pilot project has other focus areas besides low energy consumption technology. Participants may also submit ideas for the design of early power failure detection machinery, as well as technology for effective water and waste management in industrial processes.Eskom also wants to find experts to participate in its peer review group, which focuses on methods used to measure the impact of power generation and distribution on the environment and economy.The new challenge is Eskom’s way of reaching out to the private sector and the public for new ideas. “By embracing inspiration and creativity both internally and from outside Eskom, we accelerate the discovery and implementation of innovative solutions,” said Eskom’s Innovation Circuit Manager, Kammy Dhaver.“Tapping into the knowledge of a global citizenship will accelerate the innovation cycle and help us find the missing pieces of the puzzle that much quicker,” said Barry MacColl, acting GM of Eskom Research and Development.“It is a key strategy in Eskom’s quest to meet the energy challenges we all face,” he added.Eskom said while it always outsources expertise which can’t be found within its ranks, the “concept of open innovation explores these possibilities on a much larger scale”.Techno companies Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability and NineSigma have been roped in to work with Eskom to assess potential innovation.  The two will also play a role in transforming ideas into viable and efficient tools.“Eskom’s open innovation program demonstrates their continuing commitment to their vision of empowering South Africa, its people and the economy,” said NineSigma’s vice president Skip Davis. “We are pleased to be working with Eskom.”Projects to avoid outageThe state-owned Eskom, which generates 95% of South Africa’s electricity, is on a campaign to ensure that the country does not experience power blackouts in future, as it did in 2008. The utility produces 45% of the electricity used in Africa, and several neighbouring countries also draw power from it.Besides building new power stations, Eskom has recommissioned power stations that were previously shut down in its bid to boost the national grid’s power generation capacity.Construction of Medupe power station in Limpopo restarted in mid-May after a protest by contract workers. The plant is expected to start supplying electricity in 2012, when its first unit is switched on. It will add 4 800MW to the power grid once it’s fully commissioned by 2015.Eskom wants to increase its capacity to 80 000MW by 2026.On 30 May the utility announced a US$805.6-million (R5.7-billion) loan from the Export Import Bank of the United States for the Kusile project, one of its major power stations currently under construction. The coal-fired plant in Mpumalanga will generate 4 800MW of power once complete.Eskom continues to urge South Africans to use electricity sparingly. It recently denied media reports that it was planning power cuts in parts of the country.last_img read more

Tech-based unit to improve quality of education

December 1, 2019

first_imgA virtual field support centre, launched as a tech-based unit at Shiksha Sankul here earlier this week, is set to promote the use of technology for extending the academic and administrative support to over 1,000 education officers in Rajasthan. The initiative will help impart education to children as per their needs and inclination.Minister of State for Education Govind Singh Dotasara, who inaugurated the centre, said it would strengthen the education system and create new opportunities for improving the quality, making new experiments and promoting leadership among the stakeholders. The centre has been launched in collaboration with the Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership.Mr. Dotasara said the data of the Education department’s work would be stored at the centre for the use of teachers and students. The data will also be utilised for devising strategies to meet new challenges in the academic and administrative fields.Rajasthan Council of School Education’s Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Borad said the State government would also obtain Piramal Foundation’s support for improving the quality of education in the rural areas. Piramal Foundation’s Manmohan Singh said the centre would provide assistance to education officers in the implementation of various programmes and campaigns through telephone calls.last_img read more


November 7, 2019

first_imgTFA would like to welcome two new members to our board, Peter Rooney and Paul Eggers.To read the profiles of our new and existing board members please click here.last_img