Yannick Carrasco: Atlético’s motives for replacing him

first_imgAthletic could not get the arrival of Cavani closed to add the gunpowder that is missing so much in what march of season. However, he has resorted to the winter market on the horn to reinforce his attack. Not with a tip, but with an end that can also play as a second forward and whose name is already known: Yannick Carrasco. The Belgian militated for two and a half seasons at Atlético and with his departure to China in the winter market of 2018 the team was weakened. At 26, he is at the peak of his career, and although he has competed for two years in a minor league, his young march to an exotic destination He has been able to serve to mature, one of his duties in Atlético. But Carrasco knows the club, Simeone and its methods and it was always an important piece for the Argentine coach. The Atleti needs immediate performance and that can be given by someone who is advanced in many kinds of cholismo. If any player has a hard time reaching the team, the Belgian can skip that acclimatization process. Carrasco The extreme is motivated, he wants to show that he deserves to return to Europe, to a leading club like Atlético and that must be in the European Championship with Belgium. As a rojiblanco, in his first season he achieved five goals in 43 games, one of them in the final of the Milan Championships against Real Madrid, where his entry to the field was a revolution for the team. But his face-to-door explosion came in his second course as a rojiblanco with 14 goals in 53 appearances. Figures that no other player away from the area and Griezmann has returned to get on the team. His departure came when he added four goals in 28 games, pushed by the arrival of Vitolo once the FIFA sanction ended. But neither the canary nor Lemar have managed to have continuity of the Belgian in the band, both starting and leaving the bench to become a reference in the athletic attack. In China accumulates 17 goals in 26 games in the course of the year and from the Dalian Pro were flexible on arrival, something very important when it comes to meeting the financial fairplay. Keep in mind that Atlético is going through an offensive crisis with little imagination above and very predictable attacks, something that can break Carrasco. Dalian Yifang Midfield playerBelgium Pure nerve and sometimes excessively individualistic, the Belgian combines dribbling and much overflow. He has complete confidence in his dexterity and perfectly manages both legs, preferring to start from the left band with exit to shoot with the right. A player who He grew up under the command of Simeone and who seeks to be an important player in Europe again under his command. Carrasco’s dive in China comes to an end and for all parties it would have been no better than seeing the fast, powerful and decisive player of the 2016-17 season.last_img