1×1 of Real Madrid: Vinicius against all

first_imgAREOLAIn his competition, the Cup, he got into trouble. His failure in the goal of Odegaard is the bad clearance to Isak’s previous shot. The Frenchman left the ball dead and centered, instead of sending it to the side as mandated by his profession. In the last one he also had some soft hand. The Real made him lose credit.NACHOHe had to repeat as ‘two’ and this time it did not go well. Barrenetxea made him a seven in the 0-2. A black night for the Complutense despite the goal he scored in the addition.MILITAOHorrible Brazilian match. He deviated a bit the shot of Odegaard that was 0-1, was almost never where it should in the brands, it was soft at times and makes Varane undisputed absolute.RAMOSThe first time he was seen was when he received a kick in the shin that cost yellow to Odegaard. Then they saw their two faces: a shot to the crossbar (canceled out of play that was not) and a huge risk. He went too happily to the attack and caused an error of his one occasion of Isak in the 45 ’that could cost Madrid dearly. At no time did he give a minimum of solidity to a defense with three substitutes.MARCELOTry to rehabilitate with the Cup, but can not. And what did the 1-3. He is still breaking in defense with an amazing facility, that when it does not happen directly to defend. Thus came 1-4, where Isak did what he wanted.VALVERDEPivoting as Casemiro, he was unable to stop the swarm proposed by Alguacil (Merino, Odegaard, Oyarzabal …) or give solutions when he had Modric close in the second half. He ended up being replaced in 75 ’to enter, desperately, Jovic.KROOSHarmless and harmless. JAMESIt started cold, out of control with some late entry and his first chance, in the 20 ’, was a high foul throw. The second was much better, with a shot of firsts with a malicious donut that forced Remiro to a great stretch. Only that. Zidane dispensed with him at rest. The train escapes, or has definitely escaped, the coffee … VINICIUSThe best, long, of Madrid. He tried to peel off the stickers to Gorosabel whenever he could. It was dizzying and crushing and almost made the goal of his life after a double cut that ended with the ball coming inches from the squad. They annulled him a goal for offside, he gave Rodrygo 2-4 … Vini against everyone.BENZEMAOne of the most spooky French parties in the last two years. Little mordant, did not read Vinicius and hardly had chances.BRAHIMAs before Unionists, Zidane gave him a chance, although this time from the start. He gave the assistance of 1-3, but never conveyed feelings of headline potential.MODRICThe Croatian left just after the break to give Madrid another air but the team fell apart.JOVICZizou gave him the final 15 minutes to be one more battering ram, but he had an almost zero incidence again.RODRYGOHe scored 2-4 in a great play by fellow countryman Vinicius. Little else could contribute.last_img