‘Give Me Justice’

first_imgMadam Comfort Zayzay, the woman whose pregnant daughter, Victoria Zayzay’s lifeless body was discovered in a police cell in the Hotel Africa Community, met Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor on Wednesday and begged him to help her get justice.Victoria was found dead in the Hotel Africa Zone One Depot of the Liberia National Police (LNP) on October 20.The deceased’s mother, who was among a group of women that sat in front of the Temple of Justice building during a protest demanding justice over recent waves of killings in the country, tearfully begged Chief Justice Korkpor, “Your Honor, I am desperately in need of justice against those who are responsible for the death of my pregnant daughter.”Though the Chief Justice did not promise her justice, he persuaded them to go to the Ministry of Justice, whom he said, was responsible for giving them justice.“They are responsible to ensure that people get justice by providing strong evidences to the court,” Chief Justice emphasized. “This is a place of justice for all, the accused and the complainant. We are not here for a particular group, instead we are here for everybody.” Speaking to the gathering, Chief Justice Korkpor assured the group that he was prepared to listen to them if they agreed to channel their grievances in an organized manner, instead of using a protest.He, however, advised the protesters not to use the judiciary for political purposes.“This is not a political ground and we will not tolerate people holding protest as a means of getting justice. This is not the purpose of the Judiciary. We are a not a party to any case; we are only here to make sure everybody gets justice,” he advised.Explaining her ordeal to journalists at the Temple of Justice, Madam Zayzay claimed that since the news broke out about the death of her daughter, government has not done anything to ensure that her daughter gets the required justice.“I need the Chief Justice’s intervention because the government informed me that they brought a pathologist, who had performed an autopsy on the body, but up to present they have failed to show us, the family, the results, and it has taken over a month. The Liberia National Police announced in a statement yesterday that the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Justice, brought into the country a foreign Pathologist from the Republic of Ghana to conduct an autopsy to establish the cause(s) of death. “We have been informed by the Ministry of Justice that the autopsy has been completed and are waiting the findings,” the statement, delivered by police spokesman Sam Collins, said. “Even if the result comes out,” Mrs. Zayzay said, “I won’t get that justice because there is nowhere to preserve her body; and by this time, her corpse may have been decayed. So what kind of result will I get?“Before the pathologist came her body may have been damaged and the evidence would have been destroyed because there is nowhere to preserve it,” she said in tears.“Her two year old child and I will never rest until Victoria can get justice so that she can rest in peace. I need justice for my daughter and other kids who died under similar circumstances. This is why I joined this protest. “I am tired. I want justice. Why can’t I get justice? They killed my daughter in the cell.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img