E Division rolls out Christmas policing plan

first_imgE Division (Linden-Kwakwani) has rolled out its 2017 Christmas policing plan, with major emphasis on reducing heightened crime which usually occurs during the festive season.Divisional Commander Fazil Karimbaksh presented the Division’s plans and successes in the presence of regional and policing officials at the Linmine Constabulary Hall in Linden. In his presentation, Karimbaksh noted that annually, there was usually an increase in social, cultural and economic activities during the Christmas season, resulting in an increase in shopping and visitors for the holidays. This in turn leads to the increase in activities in business areas and road traffic. Against this backdrop, the Divisional Commander noted that there would likely be an increase in opportunity crimes around this time. As such, he noted that the intention was to minimise possible criminal activities as well as traffic congestion and road accidents. He also pointed out the Division’s intention to provide a safe and secure environment for citizens, visitors, businesses and shoppers.According to plans, E Division will be divided into three sectors, which will be commanded by an inspector and adequate ranks. Sector One will include Amelia’s Ward, while Sector Two will include Mackenzie and Sector Three, the Wismar area. Karimbaksh said checkpoints would be established at Bamia, Tri Junction and Mabura.There will be an established presence of the anti-crime, beat, bicycle and marine patrols, in addition to road blocks and cordons and searches. According to Karimbaksh, other methods that will be used are intelligence gathering, profiling of known criminal characters and an increase in traffic patrols (Operation Safeway).Additionally, there will be monitoring of the Post Offices at Mackenzie, Wismar, Ituni and Kwakwani during the payout of Old Age Pensions as well as the monitoring of key and vulnerable points, including businesses, commercial banks and other financial institutions. Community Policing Group (CPG) members and Neighbourhood Police will be deployed in various communities, alongside uniformed ranks. Karimbaksh said CID Patrol will also be operating out of Mackenzie, Linden. He further promised networking along with Police in A, B and F Divisions (headquarters). There will be the presence of anti-crime motorcycle, ATV, vehicle, bicycle and beat patrols. The Linden Highway is slated to have a four-wheel traffic patrol. Areas of focus at Mackenzie are the Mackenzie Market Square, Retrieve, Republic Avenue, Co-op Crescent, Green Heart and Pine Street. The Mackenzie area will also see the deployment of an anti-crime four-wheel vehicle patrol, anti-crime, beat, motor cycle and bicycle patrols, motorcycle traffic patrols and motor car traffic patrols. Meanwhile, areas of focus at Wismar will include the Wismar Market, One Mile, Half Mile, Block 22, Wisroc and Blueberry Hill with traffic block spots at the One Mile Public Road.  Karimbaksh said foot and bicycle patrols will be conducted. Riverine patrols (Marine) will also be conducted in the Demerara River between Kairuni and Coomacka Mines, according to the Division’s Commander.last_img