Cousins drown following fatal plunge at Mahaica seawall

first_imgThe search for the bodies of two cousins came to an end on Tuesday afternoon when they were pulled from the Hope Koker, East Coast Demerara (ECD) after taking a plunge at the Mahaica Unity seawall on Monday and did not resurface.The boys – 14-year-old Timothy Robinson, called “Dadoo”; and 10-year-old Timothy Yearwood – reportedly drowned after swimming at the seawall’s jetty around noon.According to reports, the families of the boys became alarmed when the clothing of Robinson was found on some rocks at the said jetty.Upon enquiring, the families of the boys were told that the two were seen swimming when Yearwood began to experience difficulties in the water which prompted Robinson to jump in to save him but both failed to resurface.However, that was one theory told to the boys’ families. Another theory indicated that the two were gambling in a boat when they fell overboard.Another theory indicated that two older boys were seen with the missing boys. They were reportedly seen running from the said jetty just before the clothing of Robinson was found.Donna Scotland, the mother of Robinson, said she last spoke to her son at around 11:00h on Monday. She was getting dressed for a funeral when she instructed Robinson to clean her shoes and to later clean the yard.Scotland noted that Robinson was supposed to pick her up from the funeral later that day with a bicycle but by the time she was ready, she could not find him and as such, she took a car instead.The woman related that upon reaching home, Robinson still could not be found thus prompting her to send a nephew in search of him.“After a while, I saw my nephew coming back with he (Robinson’s) clothes in he hand; he pants, he jersey and he hat. After he give me he clothes I started to cry and I call my neighbour them out and show them and I told them that something wrong,” the woman relayed in tears.Scotland related that she and others went to the seawall where they were told that Robinson and Yearwood were seen earlier.“When we reach, they said that Timothy and Daboo all of them went out at the beach (seawall) together and then we realised that is both of them we couldn’t find,” she explained.However the mother of Yearwood, Norma Singh, said she last saw her son on Monday morning when she left for work.According to the distraught woman, while at work, she received a call from someone informing her that Yearwood and Robinson went out to the jetty and only the clothing of the older boy was found.As such, she quickly went home where she was further informed that the young men were feared dead. Singh told the Guyana Times that the news was surprising as the boys were not in the custom of going to the jetty.“I was shocked because them boys don’t go there, it got a culvert in front here and them does usually go there,” Singh explained.The woman added that her son is a very mannerly child and she is in disbelief while noting that the different story they were told left some loopholes.The Police were informed and visited the scene but subsequently told the families to call them when the bodies of the boys were found. After intense search, the bodied of the boys were found. Post-mortem examinations are expected to be conducted on their bodies. (Kizzy Coleman)last_img