You Should Try Shotsgiving, an Entire Thanksgiving Meal in Shots

first_imgTurkey: Wild Turkey Rare BreedWe’re cheating a little here and going with the name. That being said, there’s nothing better to anchor a meal than a good shot of bourbon. In the case of Rare Breed, this bourbon is barrel proof and rich in tobacco and oak flavors that are perfect to sip on all night long.Desserts Cranberry sauce: Koval Cranberry Gin LiqueurMade with thirteen botanicals sourced from local, organic farmers in the Midwest, Koval’s cranberry gin liqueur is a sweet yet tart take on cranberry spirits. The gin botanicals round out the flavor profile, offering a depth that is akin to digging into grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce.Mashed potatoes: Grand Teton Potato VodkaWhat kind of Thanksgiving meal would it be without mashed potatoes? Grand Teton steps in here with a spirit made from, you guessed it, potatoes. Distilled to the equivalent of 20 times and polished with charcoal and garnet crystal, this vodka is flavorful and smooth, with or without ice.Rolls: Templeton RyeWith so much gravy and other good things in need of being sopped up on a Thanksgiving plate, you can’t not have bread of some sort. To solve that problem, we’ve gone with Templeton Rye, which exudes the spicy notes that rye lovers look for. It also has just enough sweetness to balance these notes out, making it great to stuff yourself on when Grandma takes too long to get all of the appetizers out in time.Side salad: La Quintinye Vermouth RoyalWhile a salad should probably be a shot that contains multiple different spirits, we’ve gone with a flavorful, aromatic vermouth that incorporates 28 different plants and spices — enough greens go into this vermouth that the Jolly Green Giant would think it’s a long lost kid.Side salad part 2: Prairie Organic Cucumber VodkaA runner-up in Best American Flavored Vodka category of The Manual Spirit Awards 2018, Prairie Organic’s cucumber vodka is made from English cucumbers and is fresh, light, and full of real cucumber flavor. Paired with the vermouth, you’ll have yourself a smorgasbord of salad flavors.Carrots: Boardroom Spirits CarrotMade from 100 percent carrots that are processed and distilled, this is literally a side dish made into alcohol. The fragrance is like shaved carrots with a flavor reminiscent of coleslaw. All you’re missing is a little bit of butter.Stuffing: Modern Spirits Celery Peppercorn VodkaThis vodka tastes exactly like it sounds. It’s best served in a drink like a Bloody Mary, but the flavors of celery and peppercorns work perfectly here for a nice stuffing. For those that want a different kind of stuffing or dressing, try substituting an apple brandy such as Laird’s for an apple stuffing-flavored side.Sweet corn: Glen Thunder Corn WhiskeyFor sweet corn, you want an unaged whiskey that really brings those sugary corn flavors to the forefront. Glen Thunder from Finger Lakes Distilling in Burdett, New York, captures that essence, with a fresh corn nose and great smoothness on the palate.Main CourseLauri Patterson/Getty Images 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market Editors’ Recommendations This year, whether you’ve got a four-hour drive to your parents’ house followed by awkward conversations with your step-siblings or if you’re staying home and doing a Friendsgiving, consider adding another level of fun by introducing Shotsgiving to your loved ones. What is Shotsgiving, you ask? Only the best Thanksgiving meal possible: one made entirely of shots.Tinpixels/Getty ImagesWe say that you should introduce them because if you’re planning on doing Shotsgiving, it’s not advisable to do it by yourself. What better way to get grandma to stop asking why you haven’t settled down with a nice girl than to offer her a shot of ginger liqueur?If you prefer wine or cocktails, we’ve got suggestions for those too. But first, shots.Side DishesFunwithfood/Getty Imageslast_img