Moroccan Government to Form Vigilance Committee to Monitor the Labor Market

Rabat – As unemployment rate in Morocco is still high, Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani announced that the government will set up a “vigilance committee” designated to oversee the job market and study the unemployment-related challenges faced by Morocco.Responding to the challenges,  El Othmani said that the new committee, which will operate nationally, regionally, and sectorally, will evaluate how well policies, strategies, plans are implemented, according to a government statement.The decision aims to “put into place Morocco’s national plan” regarding the creation of job opportunities as outlined in the operational program 2018-2021, which the Ministerial Committee on Employment ratified in 2018. One of the tasks of the committee would be to run “periodical monitoring” of the outcomes achieved by the sectoral plans and strategies in terms of job creation and loss, and to pinpoint setbacks against the strategy targets. It will also work on anticipating future job opportunities as well as developing ways to reach employment targets.Read also: Survey: 57% of Moroccan Employees Say Ramadan Does Not Impact ProductivityAccording to the same statement, this committee will also undertake to develop and unify new approaches, as well as “putting forward practical measures to increase the chance of harmony between the sectoral plans and wider policies.”The committee will be comprised of a number of representatives of various sectors and institutions, who will examine the quantitative and qualitative data on the labour market, from economic sectors, projects that are faced with employee-related issues. The committee will also find ways to bridge gaps in the job market.The committee will involve over 15 government ministries. The number of job opportunities the government created in the public sector has increased, amounting to 138,791 within the last three years.