Buffalo sauce latte 5 outthere food and drink concoctions from big chains

VANCOUVER — Tim Hortons is drawing inspiration from chicken wings for its newest latte flavour: Buffalo sauce.The limited-edition drink, available only in two Buffalo, N.Y.-area restaurants, contains both Buffalo sauce syrup and seasoning — hold the blue cheese dip.Here’s a look at some other interesting concoctions from big chains in recent years:——–Starbucks: Unicorn FrapuccinoAmerican coffee chain Starbucks launched a limited-edition drink named after a mythical creature in April that caused a social media frenzy.The Unicorn Frapuccino capitalized on millennials’ collective obsession with the single-horned creature. Customers flocked to Starbucks to order the pink-and-blue drink sprinkled with “fairy powders” and post photos of the beverage.Some Starbucks baristas struggled with the drinks’ popularity, taking to social media to complain about the sticky ingredients and lengthy process involved in making each order.——–Burger King: Coloured bunsBurger King put a spin on its classic Whopper burger by changing up the colour of its buns from classic beige to black and later red.The burger chain released a black-bunned Whopper for Halloween in 2015, which had the side-effect of turning some diners’ poop green.The following year, the company released the “Angriest Whopper.” The burger bun was bright red and infused with hot sauce.——–Taco Bell: Chicken taco shellTaco Bell reinvented the classic taco shell by replacing it with a piece of crispy chicken.The Naked Chicken Chalupa launched across the U.S. this January after being tested in select markets over the previous two years.The chicken taco shell comes years after Taco Bell spiced up the topping-carrier by turning a Doritos nacho-cheese flavoured chip into a shell.——–Pizza Hut: Hot-dog stuffed crustIn 2012, Pizza Hut launched its hot-dog bites pizza in Canada and several years later started selling it across the U.S.It called the creation with its hot-dog stuffed crust “arguably the most American of pizzas.” By the time it launched in America in 2015, the company gave diners the option to upgrade the crust to a pretzel finish.——–KFC: Chicken bunsIn 2010, Kentucky Fried Chicken released its double-down sandwich in Canada. The bunless sandwich came served between two slabs of seasoned fried chicken.The sandwich’s sodium and calorie count raised eyebrows among nutritionists, and the parent company’s chief marketing officer said at the time they wouldn’t recommend consumers eat this all the time, but rather think of it as an occasional indulgence.——–Follow @AleksSagan on Twitter.