Farrell invited to China

Thomas S. C. FarrellAn Applied Linguistics professor has been invited to lead a series of workshops at a prestigious research centre in China.Thomas S. C. Farrell has been invited by the National Academic Training Programs for In-service EFL Teachers in Tertiary Education in China. He will lecture and lead workshops on reflective teaching practice in July 2012. The audiences for the workshops are university English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers across China who want to improve their competence in EFL research and teaching capabilities.Reflective teaching means that teachers subject their beliefs and practices to critical reflection, take full responsibility for their actions in the classroom, and continue to improve their teaching. As part of professional development, reflective teachers engage in various activities to systematically assess their own practices.“I am delighted with this invitation as they only invite world -renowned scholars in their field for these workshops,” Farrell said. “I’m happy to be considered for my work in reflective practice.”Farrell’s visit will be at the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education of Beijing Foreign Studies University and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press centre.Farrell has written several books on reflective practice. Another, Reflective Writing for Language Teachers, is due next year.