9 people who need to stop using LOL immediately

first_img4. This mother5. ‘Literal’ lollersNulls the very existence of lol, but portrays that you definitely laughed, for real.So… LOLled, then.6. Those who overuse it“Lol that’s so funny, doing nm just sitting in lol, watch up to? Tomorrow will be fun lol.” 3. These parentsThere are 189 people in the United States named LOL according to WhitePages. Deeply unsettling.LOL INTERVAL, LOL Source: Roach Killa/Twitter Source: M.O.E/Twitter Mornin kind of cold in Amsterdam but nothing cAn stop me lol tome to explore some coffee shops lol who is coming?— Roach Killa (@roachkilla1) May 29, 2014 I Get Depressed Knowing I’m Gonna Die Someday…. And Idk Why Lol— Sprite Lee (@Athiaaaan) May 12, 2014 I’m gonna have to see the movie on my own lol bc no friends aw— laura (@welrdfIexbut0k) May 29, 2014 Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet LOL CELEBRATES ITS 25th birthday today. The first recorded use of the acronym was in May 1989.But admit it, you don’t even really LOL every time you use it. So, you’re number one on this list of people that need to stop what they’re doing with LOL immediately.1. YouLOL is not a conversational crutch, and you shouldn’t use it unless you actually make a sound of laughter. Lol.There was no laughter there. Source: WillAkanaVlogs/YouTube2. These twitter users Source: lil shit/Twitter 7. Trey SongzThe R&B singer thought that creating a whole song around LOL 🙂 was somehow a good idea. Bleak.Never say LOL out loud. Never. Shortening it to lawl is an even worse crime. Source: LouisHuynh24/YouTube8. David CameronThe British Prime Minister was known to sign off his texts to former Sun and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks with LOL until she explained that it meant Laugh Out Loud, not Lots of Love. Awkward. Source: Labourlist9. The person who made this sign Source: ImgurLol.Quiz: How Irish And Immature Are You?>This man failed the ‘don’t laugh’ challenge… can you do better?>last_img