17 Whisper confessions that every mess of a human being can relate

first_imgWHISPER IS A social media app that lets users post their secrets, anonymously, and talk about them.A lot of it is angsty teenagers and creepy men hitting on younger women. (Welcome to the internet, stranger.) But among them are some people who have nailed the absolute, essential truths of existence.Like these ones, for example:1. Source: Whisper2. Source: Whisper3. Source: Whisper4. Source: Whisper5. Source: Whisper6. Source: Whisper7. Source: Whisper8. Source: Whisper9. Source: Whisper10. Source: Whisper11. Source: Whisper12. Source: Whisper13. Source: Whisper14. Source: Whisper15. Source: Whisper16. Source: Whisper17. And finally: Source: WhisperThat’s it. Life, summed up.last_img