Kid Icarus Uprising to ship with 3DS stand

first_imgWhen Nintendo released the Wii it offered something new in the way of motion gaming. The best compliment Nintendo received was both Sony and Microsoft copying it with their own versions of motion control for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii did have its negatives though, and one of those was the slew of plastic peripherals that appeared on the market. Nintendo’s latest hardware, the 3DS, hasn’t seen that many peripherals released, but it seems more of them are starting to appear. Nintendo is launching an official peripheral to add a new circle pad to the right side of the handheld. It actually seems useful, even if it should have been something included from the start as part of the machine. But what has me scratching my head is news that the game Kid Icarus: Uprising will ship with a stand for the 3DS.This black plastic stand folds out to allow your 3DS to sit at around a 60 degree angle. You can then access the controls without having to hold the 3DS. This suggests that the controls for Kid Icarus: Uprising require constant use of the stylus at the same time as the thumbstick. In other words, you can’t play the game properly while holding the 3DS.Rather than overcoming that problem by changing the control system, it seems the game’s designer Masahiro Sakuri decided to just ship this stand instead. Kind of defeats the whole portable gaming aspect of the 3DS, doesn’t it?It’s unlikely Nintendo would allow a game to ship that can’t be played without a stand, but then why else would they put one in the box?via Kotakulast_img