Microsoft expected to launch Google Glass competitor in 2014

first_imgBefore Google Glass was even being whispered about, a leaked document detailing the future of Xbox revealed that Microsoft had designs on building something similar. Late last year, a patent filing for such a device surfaced. Now, apparently, there’s a chance that Microsoft will actually bring the “Fortaleza” augmented reality eyewear to market as early as next year.That’s assuming that you’re willing to take an analyst’s word for it. Topeka Capital Markets’ Brian White dropped a note to investors yesterday that included a predication that Microsoft will indeed challenge Glass in 2014.Wearable computing has been predicted by many to be the next big thing. Samsung is nearly ready to release a smartwatch and rumors persist about Apple having an iWatch ready to sell later this year. Google Glass is being tested extensively in the real world and is already being banned by bars and businesses.If Microsoft wants to be relevant in this space, it’s going to have to make a move soon — otherwise it’ll end up having to dig itself out of a hole like it’s been doing with Windows Phone.There’s no doubt Microsoft will offer something up. Will it be a Google Glass-like set of specs, and will it arrive next year? That’s a possibility, but you certainly can’t call it a lock because of White’s speculation.This is the same analyst who recently predicted that Apple’s not only going to ship its long-rumored HDTV this year, but also include a “9.7-inch mini iTV” that buyers can use to stream content from the set itself. White never addressed the fact that this mini iTV sounds a heck of a lot like an iPad, which can already stream content from other Apple devices.Now, last June White did correctly predict that Apple would launch the iPhone 5 in September. However he also said we’d see refreshed iPad and iPad mini models last month, and, well, that didn’t happen.White’s making an educated guess based on discussions with his industry sources. But today’s Microsoft is a very different beast. The company managed to keep Surface a secret until the launch was imminent.For all we know, Microsoft could have an Xbox Monocle to show off at Build this year ahead of a retail launch this holiday season.last_img