GameStop runs out of unlimited PS4 preorders

first_imgWhen the PlayStation 4 became available to pre-order last month, you may have heard that GameStop was able to place an unlimited amount of pre-orders. Well, if you took that to mean that GameStop had an unlimited amount of pre-orders, you’d be sorely mistaken, as the company just announced that it has run out.While it is pretty silly to announce anything as unlimited when there’s a limit to how unlimited it can be, the memo from Sony to GameStop did state that the pre-orders would be unlimited “until further notice,” which certainly means they could stop being unlimited whenever that notice is given. So, this is one of those rare times when you probably shouldn’t blame GameStop for doing GameStop-like things.You also can’t get around the brick-and-mortar pre-orders running out by placing one on the company’s website, as those have also run out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have missed your chance to nab one of the first PS4s, as there are still other retailers in the world where you might be able to find a console at launch. There is also a chance that Sony will find a way to accomodate the high demand, and allocate GameStop — and other retailers — more units. Until then, though, you’ll have to do your pre-ordering elsewhere.It is a little strange that GameStop has cut off pre-orders, especially considering the chain is notorious for placing more pre-orders than units it’ll receive at launch. Usually, the chain fulfills the orders whenever the units trickle in, whether or not that is right at launch like a pre-order traditionally suggests. Perhaps Sony is somewhat emulating what Nintendo seemed to try with the Wii U, and is generating some kind of artificial scarcity in order to drum up even more excitement for the product.If you’re suddenly freaking out about not necessarily being able to pre-order a PS4 because you are unafraid of launch hardware or really want to own NBA 2K’s first game with LeBron James on the cover, add yourself to GameStop’s pre-order notification list. Or, head on over to Amazon.last_img