Sinodinos to the rescue

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram John Howard’s former right-hand man, Arthur Sinodinos, has sent a clear message to Federal Liberal party leader Tony Abbott to stay firm, do the job he is doing and not to “look over his shoulder”. Sinodinos has recently been elected as standard-bearer to the NSW Liberal party in an overwhelming show of support by Liberal party delegates, and promises to make sense of a party that has been dogged by indecisive candidate decisions. Sinodinos hopes to bring honesty to the NSW Liberal party that is currently broken by factions. Known as a consertative, Sinodinos is not overtly aligned to any factions but remains steadfast in his want to end the constant infighting that has plagued the Liberal NSW party since the 1970’s. He is a politician who openly admits factions exist. “Groupings do exist and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if it cuts down some of the transaction costs of getting things done internally,” Sinodinos told the Sydney Morning Herald.last_img