Junji Ito Returns to Scare Readers to Death With New Compilation Shiver

first_img The master of horror manga, Junji Ito, returns with a new compilation of stories that’ll chill you to your very core. While technically not a “new” collection per se since these stories have been published previously in Japan, Shiver gathers some of Ito’s best one-shots in this large, gorgeous volume for a cavalcade of creepy. These nine stories were hand-picked by Ito himself, with commentary following each story and bound together in one seriously attractive package.While the volume is overall excellent, there are more than a few standouts. They’ll stick with you long after you’ve finished the book, much like some of Ito’s most popular works, such as Uzumaki and Hellstar Remina. The party kicks off right with a particularly unsettling tale in the form of “Used Record,” where a record long thought to have been a myth is discovered by a student, who apparently stole it from a record store. Hardly any time passes before people are literally dying to get their hands on the record to hear it.The titular “Shiver” is one of the best selections in the book, recounting the story of a figure made out of jade that dooms anyone who finds it to see holes sprouting up all over their body. Eventually, there are so many holes in your body that you perish. With a terrifying doctor slinking around looking to get in your business and the bizarre disease going around that makes you look like Swiss cheese, it’s a bleak and fairly unsettling story, but even this isn’t the most terrifying story in the entirety of the volume. If you can believe that, there’s still more to be found throughout this tome that will shake you to your very core. Most of them aren’t as terrifying due to their content, but due to their accompanying artwork as well.Consider tales like “The Long Dream,” where a young girl is in the hospital, and she’s afraid to let go and die. There’s a male in the hospital as well who’s starting to experience bizarre dreams, and his body is changing as he deals with longer and longer dreams. It’s a particularly unsettling story, and if you weren’t already afraid of dealing with the hospital (like yours truly), you might find yourself with a strong aversion to them going forward.Shiver may not feature the most recognizable tales from Ito’s chronology, like the amazing one-shots that eventually spiraled into their own tales, but it’s a collection any self-respecting Ito fan (and those who make sure to collect all his works) add to their burgeoning bookshelves at once. There’s an awful lot here to digest, and you’ll want to make sure you do it on a bleak winter day, a delicious cup of hot chocolate at your side, and an open mind ready to devour some of the darkest stories this side of, well, the rest of Ito’s catalogue. Then move onto his meatier works, because you’re certainly going to want to. Stay on target Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘My Hero Academia’ Toys11 Manga Series That Should Never Be Live Action Movies center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img