Heres to 101 Years of Bucky Barnes

first_img101 years ago James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes appeared in our lives, and we were shook. Well, a select group of my friends and I were. The love and reverence I have for one Bucky Barnes is pretty well-known and well documented at that. I’ve even been dubbed a ‘Bucky Babe’ by our own Insha Fitzpatrick.Comic Bucky is a little different from MCU Bucky. He’s more of a kid sidekick to Cap than a ride or die bestie, at least that’s how he starts out. For one, this version of James is born in Shelbyville, Indian not Brooklyn. He makes is debut alongside Steve in Captain America Comics #1 (1941) via the creative talents of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. From here Buck makes the long and arduous journey into The Winter Soldier in the early 2000s. The way Ed Brubaker writes this character still blows my mind. If you haven’t read his run on Captain America: Winter Soldier please promise me you’ll grab a copy and report back. And Steve Epting’s art compliments every turn Brubaker plots. And not only is TWS the strongest film in the MCU but it’s probably one of Marvel Comics strongest entries in their entire catalog. Barnes goes on to fill Rogers’ very big boots in Captain America #34. He does it quite well.Bucky’s had partnerships and trists with many of our comic favorites…well and not so favorites (suck it Hydra). But we know deep in there is the heart of a loyal, brave, and confident soldier. Happy Birthday Buck. This girl is with you til’ the end of the line, ‘White Wolf’ and all.If you’re looking for some great current Bucky reads I highly Matt Rosenberg’s run on Tales of Suspense. He is absolutely nailing our boy’s demeanor and dialogue. I never want this book to end.So as your resident expert in Buck-tent here at Geek I pulled some favorite pieces from my curated collection. This includes a few commissions I’ve gotten from some of my fave artists. I could fill a mansion with Winter Soldier art and I might have to soon as Con season just started. But don’t stop sending me stuff. I’ll never complain!Here’s hoping the next 101 years is more peaceful for James.View as: One Page Slides1. Nan Lawson2. Xanseviera3. Nice Day Bucky4. Arne AKA Ratscape5. Abby Shaffer6. Joe Mulvey7. SandraG.N.8. Dean Draws9. Aaron Lambert10. Michi11. Elithien12. Kris Anka13. Nathan Greno14. Nicoise Salad15. Kevin Wada16. Becc Johnson17. Sleii18. Sara P. Selvik19. Arielle Jovellanos20. Celine Chapuslast_img