Mourinho A player asked me to not criticize him in public

first_imgDuring his time as a pundit for BeIn Sports, Jose Mourinho revealed that a Man United player didn’t like it when he criticized him in public.Jose Mourinho’s ways with his players have always been pretty straight forward, his tactic is to push all the players to a point where they either break or become better footballers.Throughout Jose Mourinho’s career, there have been many players who had very public problems with him and many of them even went to war with the manager.The case of Iker Casillas at Real Madrid comes to mind, but the Portuguese manager became the enemy with many of those players and the whole situation ended in a very similar manner to the one at Manchester United.There is a clear pattern that emerged long ago, but manager Jose Mourinho seems to have understood the problem a little better.In his many revelations during his new job as a pundit for BeIn Sports, Jose Mourinho spoke about a mysterious player from Manchester United who approached him and very politely asked him to critique him in private rather than in front of all the other players.It’s hard to guess who this mysterious player is, but we have out money on either Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, or Luke Shaw.All of these players were publicly criticized by Mourinho, even in front of the cameras.Jose Mourinho on new generation of players. #MourinhoVia @beINSPORTS— Harry Minhas (@harrym20) January 18, 2019These revelations also brought up a certain learning experience from Mourinho, which he shared during this Saturday’s broadcast for BeIn Sports.“Recently, when I was coaching one player he told me and he was very polite, ‘please when you criticize me can you do it in private’,” he said as quoted by BBC Sport.“I told him why? ‘Because of my stature, in front of the other players when you criticize me I don’t feel comfortable’.”“Nowadays you have to be very smart in the way you read your players, and try to create the best situation.”“With Drogba, he is the kind of player that the more pressure from the manager, the more quality in his performance,” Mourinho added.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“There are some players where if you squeeze them they answer in the best way.”“There are other mentalities and personalities and the reaction is not the best. They were brought up in a different way, an easier social life, coming to the top level of football, everything came too easy to them.”“Some of them they don’t react in the same way. Certain moments, some strong public words, some of them have some risk,” he concluded.Jose Mourinho reveals one Man Utd player who did not respond well to criticism— Mirror Football (@MirrorFootball) January 19, 2019After three very difficult experiences in the last three clubs he managed, Jose Mourinho must have learned something along the way and there is a big chance that the last job at Manchester United will help him grow as a professional manager.There is no way that Jose Mourinho will approach to his next job in the same manner ever again, his last experiences at Real Madrid, his second spell at Chelsea and the Red Devils must have been enough for him to learn his lesson.However, if Jose Mourinho still feels that he is the one who is always right about his approach with the players, then he is the one in the wrong here.The man may never reveal who this player was, only he knows who asked him to change his tune and he may take this secret to the grave.It’s a little amusing that the man stated he wouldn’t talk about Manchester United, but he is spilling the beans about pretty much everything little by little.The journalists who are asking him these questions put him on the spot, but he could’ve easily refused to answer and yet he didn’t.Mourinho: “The phrase I kept with me, the biggest one in the Premier League, Sir Alex told – ‘the day a player is more important than the club, goodbye!’ – not anymore. The manager is there to coach them. Not to keep discipline at any cost.” #mufc [beIN]— United Xtra (@utdxtra) January 17, 2019Why do you think Jose Mourinho is revealing more secrets about his time at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img