Despite server issues SimCity already has over 38 million buildings

first_imgEA is continuing to wrestle with server issues and frustrated gamers attempting to play the newly released and always-connected SimCity. But a post on the SimCity forums by developer Maxis has promised things will get better very soon.Maxis has stated it is upset by what has happened during the first few days of the game’s launch due to there being too much demand for the servers EA allocated for the game. But the situation has been made worse because of a number of unexpected server architecture problems. This is why bugs such as save games being reverted back to earlier versions are probably occurring.The solution is to add a lot more servers, which is happening over the next couple of days. Maxis is also fixing bugs as they get reported, with several major updates already deployed. If the additional servers come online, then hopefully the game will be a lot more stable before Saturday is over.With all the problems you’d think nobody was playing the game, but that’s not the case according to the stats Maxis is collecting. Taking a single 24 hour period of game time, players managed to create over 38 million buildings, 7.5km of roads, and started 18 million fires. What’s a little worrying is they also know that 40 million pipes full of “poop” exist in the world.Regardless of how impressive those stats are, you do have to wonder how much higher they could have been if the launch had been provisioned properly. Hopefully by this time next week thousands more gamers will be building and burning things without having to wait 30 minutes to do so.last_img