Flappy Bird is now a competitve MMO

first_imgIn the wake of Flappy Bird being taken down from the App Store in a fit of what appeared to be unnecessary drama, roughly one billion clones and variations on the simple game — which in itself is a clone of roughly one billion games that came before it — have sprung up. A new variation on the game is FlapMMO, an online, competitive iteration of suddenly popular game.The basic — and only — mechanic in Flappy Bird is you tap the screen in order to raise the height of a little pixelated bird that automatically moves along a horizontal plane. Navigating the bird through gaps in vertical pipe columns — heavily resembling the warp pipes in Mario games — nets you one point per pipe. The game is quite difficult, but moves and resets quickly enough so the difficulty isn’t a deterrent to trying again.In FlapMMO, you’re in the familiar setting of the mobile game, but you aren’t the only bird. The game is more or less the same, but you’re competing against many other people controlling their own bird, represented all over the map as their own ghostly sprite.The game displays how many people are playing at any given time, as well as the maximum distance (pipes cleared) achieved. FlapMMO still appears to be a work in progress, as the load time is a little unbearable — just open it in a tab, and check back a few minutes later — and the gaps in the pipes were increased to make the game more fun than the difficult mobile progenitor. The server is also being upgraded, so the game may be inaccessible for a little while.You can play the game here, and due to the bigger gaps, see if Flappy Bird is any fun when it’s not based on difficulty.Some users in the comments below are suggesting the game is malware, but we just tested it out again (for science), and also perused the internet a bit in search of the malware claims, but have not turned up anything. The game seems to be malware-free, but this is the internet, so as always: click at your own risk.last_img