Activision may attempt acquisition of GTA publisher TakeTwo Interactive

first_imgAre you a fan of Activision? EA is always held up as the games publisher to hate, but I don’t think there’s many people out there who are fans of Activision and the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick, especially following the treatment of Infinity Ward’s original president and CEO. Don’t forget Kotick/Activision is also credited with adding premium online features to Call of Duty and believing that gamers would pay $30 for StarCraft cutscenes repackaged as a movie.If you have a favorite gaming IP then I doubt you’d welcome Activision taking control of it. However, that may be about to happen for a lot of gamers out there. Both Take-Two Interactive and Activision have seen their share prices spike on a rumor that Activision is going to attempt to acquire Take-Two.Such a takeover makes a lot of sense for Activision. Take-Two has around $1 billion in cash, operates relatively cheaply, and controls some of the most important gaming IP out there right now. That includes Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, BioShock, and Civilization to name but a few. Who wouldn’t want to take control of those gaming series?The rumor has stemmed from a note made by Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey last Friday. He stated Take-Two is a “no-brainer” acquisition for Activision, mainly because of the IP it controls and the development talent it has on its books.Looking at this from the other side, I think Take-Two is doing fine on its own and they know it. This is more of a case of Activision seeing a clear advantage to owning what Take-Two has, but what would Activision offer Take-Two? Other than a very high price per share, I don’t see the appeal of agreeing to be acquired right now. And let’s not forget Take-Two has already rejected one acquisition attempt when EA approached them with $2 billion ready to spend.last_img