Rhyming with a reason let the reason be love

A pen is mightier than the sword, and who would agree more than Amit Dahiyabadshah, ideator of the movement called Delhi Poetree Association which encourages and nurtures all budding poets across different walks of life.‘DelhiPoetree is a movement with three measurable objectives apart from the love for poetry- First to promote the hosting of 30 poetry readings across the National Capital region of Delhi every month. Second, to honour 100 contemporary poets as the living treasure of Delhi and to obtain this honour from the government, society at large and the local community of the poet including his/her neighbourhood and to facilitate 100 poets to earn a taxable income from poetry alone by the year 2018,’ says Amit. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Divided into two major parts called Dilli Kavita Kumbh and The Thousand Poets Reading, the association believes that poetry can save society and revive the sense of community.‘Many people mistakenly call Delhi Poetree a club or a group. It isn’t some society, it’s a movement aimed to bring about a revolution through words and not blood,’ he adds.Speaking about its reach, Delhi Poetree is widely recognised and respected as the most active poetry movement now. Its regular well organised readings feature poets in the age groups 6 to 93 and so does its audience that gathers regularly to witness a wide range of poetry for all age groups. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixDelhi Poetree has featured over 1300 poets in the last 9 years since its advent in 2003 and is touted as the biggest poetry event of its kind now.‘We are looking for original talent in the city. Everyone is welcome to visit and read out their poetry. Refine the crude and rootless population of the city, identify and edify their latent poetic talent and, finally, help them get published and sold. Besides the fact that there is no other open platform for original poetry in Delhi, the Poetree also brings together enthusiasts and gives everyone a chance to shine,’ Dahiyabadshah says. Agrees Manu Sharma, a regular at such events: ‘Poetry is the next big thing and forums like these give a platform for like minded people to reconnect and share their thoughts.’‘I narrated a self creation titled ‘Suno Krantiveer’ which was a satire on three most well known aspects of life which are abused the most- love, religion and revolution.Today everyone wishes to revolutionise the world, be it the Kejriwals or the Moists. But deep down no one really cares for the universal good rather have their own vested interests mostly about aquiring power. My poetry intends to aware people and educate rather than titillate,’ Manu signs off.