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" Uerkwitz said, Products that saw revenue decline,S. Europe and Asia are asking us: What is the next populist step if these inequality trends are not reversed What kinds of candidates are we going to see"It’s very difficult to predict revolutions or social unrest Slok isn’t saying that will happen but he says it’s become a hot discussion topic in Wall Street circles in which many were caught off guard by Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory Before joining the investment bank Slok traveled the world for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the International Monetary Fund advising countries on how to solve problems including inequality He’s quick to say there’s no easy solution to a problem as complex as inequality"There is no Holy Grail There is no easy answer to inequality" Slok says Some say education and technology will solve the problems; others advocate raising taxes and redistributing wealth Slok says the reality is almost every major economy is getting worse right now so nobody seems to have the right playbookOne of the most alarming charts in the Deutsche Bank report shows how people under 55 have far less wealth at this age than past generations did in the 1980s or early 2000s It’s another reminder how much the middle class is falling behind even compared with their parents and grandparentsImproving the lives and finances of the bottom 90 percent is likely to take some dramatic changes which is why Slok was interested in hearing more about the Baby Bond ideaBaby Bonds have a lot of similarities to universal basic income which has generated a lot of buzz as a possible solution if robots cause mass job losses The idea is to pay everyone $15000 or so a year enough to prevent anyone from starving but still low enough to incentivize people to try to work or start companiesUniversal basic income and Baby Bonds are both ways of leveling the playing field but the key difference is Baby Bonds are cheaper because the money goes out only once to an individual not year after year In the United States a universal basic income would probably cost over $1 trillion a year compared with an estimated $80 million a year for Baby Bonds"Wealth gives you choice Wealth gives you freedom Wealth gives you opportunity" Hamilton says "But it takes wealth to beget more wealth"