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Tiffany Turner turned to the black market.Natalie Keyssar for TIME"I cant breathe" 71-year-old Joan Lantz told a 911 dispatcher in Rock Hill SC the night of Feb 7 2012 The emergency call taker asked for an address but Lantz who lived in a nearby apartment just repeated that she couldnt breathe The dispatcher told the woman to hold on while she tried to discern her location That would take more than 13 minutes and even then dispatchers could only narrow it to a broad area in Lantzs apartment complex Forty-four more minutes would pass before police officers kicked down the door of unit 101 They found Lantz on a couch dead from respiratory failurestill clutching her cellphone A tragic anomaly Not really Lantzs death is one of the more than 10000 a year that the federal government estimates could be avoided if dispatchers arrived just 1 minute faster But with more than 70 percent of 911 calls now coming from cellphones its become harder to find people Unlike landline calls cellphones often dont pinpoint exact locations because when calls are made from indoors or deep within cities walls and concrete skyscrapers frequently block the GPS signals typically used to locate callers Thats why the Federal Communications Commission years ago began looking at more promising location technologies including beacons that can locate callers on a specific floor and triangulation technologies that can penetrate walls to find a caller within a hundred feet Led by Chairman Tom Wheeler the FCC in February 2014 proposed tough new rules that would ultimately require carriers to locate most cellphone callers indoors But that didnt happen Carriers led by AT&T and Verizon organized a muscular year-long lobbying campaign that succeeded in weakening the rules When the FCC passed the final regulations this past January the percentages of calls that would have to deliver an accurate location were reduced from 67 percent in the first two years to 40 percent Removed from the rules: a requirement to deliver a location for callers in multi-story buildings In its place: a condition that carriers within three years propose a way to measure vertical location and deploy it by 2023 The carriers also got their way in pushing for a so-called Nationwide Emergency Address Database which will be designed to provide a dispatchable address that includes a street address apartment number and floor for just 25 percent of the population AT&T had called the tougher proposed timelines "wholly unrealistic" but critics claimed the FCC simply succumbed to well-funded spin The carriers solution said a former senior FCC official "means more people will die" Officials with AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile declined to comment The telecoms and ultimately the FCC ignored more than a dozen other associations representing first responders the elderly and the handicapped all of which supported the tougher proposals "The people going into fires risking their lives should be included in any negotiations." said Kevin OConnor of the International Association of Fire Fighters "But unfortunately in this case that didnt happen" Instead the telecoms teamed up with the nations two most powerful dispatcher associations the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Several carriers including AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile have collectively given hundreds of thousands of dollars to APCO and NENA The cash buys access to major conferences where corporate executives rub elbows with the associations senior 911 officials The sponsorships said Reed Hundt a former FCC chairman "create a serious conflict of interest" At a March APCO event held in Dallas AT&T held a reception at its corporate headquarters where APCO executives and policymakers had "opportunities to meet and greet with AT&T executives" APCOs program guide touted It is at such soirees that policies begin to be formed said James Thurber an American University professor who has studied lobbying for decades "These companies arent putting $100000 out there unless they see some return." he said "This isnt philanthropy" APCO didnt reply to requests for comment NENA chief Brian Fontes denies the corporate support influenced his associations position saying the money given by carriers about 4 percent of total annual revenues "is not going to make or break this organization" Fontes said the solutions encapsulated in the FCC rules make sense because it relies on commercially available technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices which have addresses But first responders and cellular technologists say this solution is flawed because Wi-Fi can fail when tornadoes hurricanes and earthquakes cause widespread blackouts Critics also charge that relying on Wi-Fi would leave many elderly and low-income households with no way of being located when calling 911 According to the Pew Research Center 48 percent of households that earn less than $30000 a year have no Internet connection meaning they have no Wi-Fi router Stephen Souder the head of public safety communications for Fairfax County Virginia and a widely respected expert said that while the politics of the FCCs rulemaking was "frustrating" he isnt nave to how Washington works Souder was part of the agencys first effort to write requirements for locating wireless callers in 1994 and several subsequent attempts All the while the system to locate callers "has gotten worse" he said That leaves him resigned to the fact that the latest rules arent likely to offer the best solutionand that more people will perish This story is from the Center for Public Integrity a nonprofit nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington DC Read more of their coverage of the telecommunications industry or follow them on Twitter Contact us at [email protected] case his seven Grammys and extensive luxury watch collection didn’t give him enough bling in his life and ballad singer extraordinaire John Mayer has taken it upon himself to design a jewelry line In partnership with New York jewelers George Frost the singer has launched a unisex jewelry collection that looks exactly like you might expect jewelry to look like when designed by a guy who sings songs with titles like “Your Body Is a Wonderland” and “Daughters” Case in point: there’s a pendant chain with the words “Love Is a Verb” inscribed on it and secret messages hidden on some of the beaded pieces in morse code The piece will be sold on Mayer’s website and range from $50 – $195 Write to Cady Lang at [email protected] His family claims he was simply visiting his grandmother in Tehran. who have lost two of the last four finals to city rivals Real Madrid, We had eight clean sheets and I hope we get that this time too. 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