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according to Politico. needed to restrict the content of the prayers before monthly town board meetings or take special measures to ensure that a broad range of faiths were represented in prayer In another sharply divided 5-to-4 opinion the court’s conservative justices with the help of longtime swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy ruled that as long as the prayer preceded the start of official government business there was no need for additional precautions under the First Amendment “Ceremonial prayer is but a recognition that since the Nation was founded and until the present day many Americans deem that their own existence must be understood by precepts far beyond the authority of government to alter or define” Kennedy wrote in his decision “It is not an unconstitutional establishment of religion” Indeed the US Constitution makes no mention of God or Jesus Christ but throughout American history the government it established has not refrained from evoking those names before events The four dissenting justices in this case did not dispute the role of ceremonial prayer They did however disagree about just what sort of prayer should be allowed and the proper process for selecting the prayers In his dissent Justice Stephen Breyer chastised the Town of Greece for selecting “nearly all of the prayers” to reflect a single denomination and not doing more to reach out to other denominations “During more than 120 monthly meetings at which prayers were delivered during the record period (from 1999 to 2010) only four prayers were delivered by non-Christians” Breyer wrote “And all of these occurred in 2008 shortly after the plaintiffs began complaining about the town’s Christian prayer practices” Writing for all four dissenting justices Elena Kagan expanded upon this complaint “I think the Town of Greece’s prayer practices violate the norm of religious equalitythe breathtakingly generous constitutional idea that our public institutions belong no less to the Buddhist or Hindu than to the Methodist or Episcopalian” In response to this complaint the majority of the court decided that the Town of Greece had done enough to find diversity in a relatively homogenous part of the country “The town made reasonable efforts to identify all of the congregations located within its borders and represented that it would welcome a prayer by any minister or layman who wished to give one” wrote Kennedy who noted that houses of worship had been invited from inside the town’s borders “That nearly all of the congregations in town turned out to be Christian does not reflect an aversion or bias on the part of town leaders against minority faiths” The dissenting justices also complained about the specificity of the Christian prayers delivered in the Town of Greece “No one can fairly read the prayers from Greece’s Town meetings as anything other than explicitly Christian” wrote Kagan noting repeated references to Jesus Christ the resurrection and the Holy Spirit “The prayers betray no understanding that the American community is today as it has long been a rich mosaic of religious faiths” The court did not review demographic statistics for the Town of Greece But Monroe County which includes part of Greece and the nearby city of Rochester show a large Christian majority Only 3% of the county identified as Jewish and other non-Christian faiths were represented by smaller percentages There were no synagogues located within the borders of the Town of Greece Contact us at [email protected] calling presidential elections two years ahead of schedule Mahinda Rajapaksa consulted his astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena who foresaw not just a third but also a fourth term in office for the Sri Lankan strongman "The President has great inborn power" Abeygunawardena said recently anticipating an "easy victory" for his 69-year-old client "According to his luck this is easier than the first and second presidential elections" Sri Lankan voters who turned out in high numbers to participate in the ballot on Thursday had other ideas Early returns on Friday spectacularly showed up that "inborn power" spelling triumph for Maithripala Sirisena a 63-year-old former Rajapaksa ally and Health Minister who announced a surprise run for the presidency a day after his ex-boss called the snap election in November Shortly before declaring his hand Sirisena had dined with the former President who after bringing a long-running civil war with Tamil separatists to an end in 2009 had secured a second term in office with a landslide victory in 2010 (Both sides are accused of human-rights abuses in the conflict which lasted 26 years) At the time Rajapaksa who followed up his re-election with measures to remove presidential-term limits and concentrate executive authority in his office seemed assured of another victory with his grip over the machinery of government tighter than ever His brother Gotabaya looked after the defense department; another sibling Basil was responsible for economic development; and a third Chamal oversaw the Sri Lankan legislature as Speaker The opposition accused the President and his clan of abuses of power and plundering the nations wealth But Rajapaksa confidently shrugged off such allegations safe in the knowledge that whatever opposition parties might say they did not have a viable alternative candidate for the January race That changed with the arrival of Sirisena who like Rajapaksa belongs to the countrys Sinhalese majority His emergence from within the Presidents fold turned what looked set to be a coronation for Rajapaksa into a gripping contest as opposition groups including the countrys main Tamil party backed Sirisena’s candidacy (Rajapaksas isolation came into sharp focus earlier this month when he sought the support of the Tamil minority by asking them to vote for the "devil you know" over an "unknown angel") From the start Sirisena took aim at Rajapaksa’s accumulation of power "One family has taken control of the economy power and the party" he said when he defected "The country is moving toward a dictatorship" Voters responded to his promise to reverse this trend and dismantle Rajapaksas executive presidency "This [result] shows that autocracy is not something that Sri Lankans will accept" Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu executive director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives a Colombo-based think thank tells TIME after Rajapaksa conceded defeat in an early morning meeting with opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe Congratulating the new Sri Lankan leader US Secretary of State John Kerry said he looked forward to working with Sirisena as his government "works to implement its campaign platform of a Sri Lanka that is peaceful inclusive democratic and prosperous" Kerry went on to commend Rajapaksa for conceding defeat following a largely peaceful ballot Ahead of the vote there were fears of violence as the country geared up for what looked like a close contest between the President and Sirisena But with the opposition candidate clearly in the lead the violence did not materialize "At the end of the day what clinched it was the writing on the wall that there was a generalized desire for change and that any attempt to cling on to power wouldnt have support from within government itself" says Saravanamuttu Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also quick to congratulate Sirisena Under Rajapaksa New Delhi had been left on the sidelines as Sri Lanka built stronger ties with China Beijing stepped up its economic involvement in the country becoming a major investor investor and trading partner The two countries also strengthened their military ties and last year India expressed concern at the docking of Chinese submarines in Colombo With Sirisenas election New Delhi will be watching closely to see if he keeps his campaign promise to build bridges with not just China but also India and other Asian powers His election manifesto assured voters that "cordial relations will be strengthened with India China Pakistan and Japan the principal countries of Asia" noting that Sri Lankas "image has been destroyed due to its incompetent and naive foreign policy and strategies" "They [Sirisena and his supporters] are concerned about balance in Sri Lankas international relations" says Saravanamuttu expecting the new government to look beyond Beijing Contact us at [email protected] the Supreme Court ruled Monday. 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