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” says Svante P?bo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig Germany who was not involved with the research Archaeologists have found many distinct cultures in the New World Arctic’s past that belong to the Paleo-Eskimo tradition First came the Saqqaqs people who lived in tent camps and chased caribou and seals about 4000 years ago Succeeding them were the Dorsets walrus hunters whose culture went through three distinct phases 2800 years ago Finally came the Thules ancestors to modern Inuits who sailed in large skin boats and hunted whales 1000 years ago What puzzled scientists was the relationship between these cultures Did they belong to one people or distinct groups Did they represent one migration into the Americas from the Old World or multiple waves To answer these questions biologist Maanasa Raghavanof the University of Copenhagen and her colleagues collected bone teeth and hair samples of 169 ancient humans from different time periods in the New World Arctic region The team generated mitochondrial DNA and low-coverage whole genome data from these samples They also sequenced genomes from present-day Inuits and Native Americans—the latter marked a first in research as Native Americans often refuse DNA testing The team obtained tribal permission with help from an indigenous woman After comparing the ancient and modern genetic data the researchers found that the Saqqaq and Dorset cultures belonged to one Paleo-Eskimo people whose genetic lineage continued in the region for more than 4000 years from 3000 BCE to 1300 CE, "He was psychic. I would say 10 more points than we have. The Kremlin has previously warned Washington against abandoning the landmark 2015 deal, The White House did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment.-Mexico border wall,[email protected]

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