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The company’s portfolio of projects encompasses greenfield, he remembered about us, The new Uber app is designed to ‘learn from your routines’, which now gives predictions to users as to where they could be headed.“Re-engineered keeping in mind the changing needs of riders around the world the new rider app aims to recapture the clean and simple aesthetic of the original Uber experience – without sacrificing the choice the riders now expect – a faster smarter and more personalised rider app” the company said in a press statement The new Uber app also comes with a redesigned logo Here are the changes that you will find with the new Uber app: 1) Destination first – The company says the new app has been re-imagined around the principle of “Where to” which now tailors for a better journey by starting with rider destination 2) Shortcuts – The new app is designed to learn from the routine of users who will now see ‘shortcuts’ that will be able to predict where they are headed 3) Calendar Integration – The feature of integration of a user’s calendar to the Uber app will help create ‘shortcuts’ automatically when a meeting is scheduled to happen 4) People Search – This is one of Uber’s upcoming new features that will allow users to set destination to a person instead of a place by syncing their contact with the app Once the location has been shared by the person the Uber ride is ready to go 5) Choose car compare fare upfront – Uber will be making it easier to compare the fare of a different car services that it offers – UberGo UberX and Uber Pool Uber says that it will help users make the most out of their ride and will soon start offering functions for increased productivity for the rider The app will also help split fares and also share trip status with friends and family Read:Uber takes its app down new road with redesign A new feature will be coming to the app called Uber Feed according to TheVerge This feature will give users an even more tailored experience for the ride and will let them check upcoming departures of buses trains and subway There will also be a feature that will let users browse Yelp reviews right from the app which will also be bringing integration of Foursquare Users will also be able to order food on the way to work or home through the Uber Eatsfeature The new app has started rolling out to Android and iOS users and will be reaching the global audience over the next few weeks For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: Perturbed over the CBI raids at the office of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s principal secretary Delhi government on Friday charged the probe agency with conducting the searches under "undue political pressure" and "malafidely intruding" in its working The AAP government in its submission before Delhi High Court also accused CBI of raiding the office of Rajendra Kumar located next to the Chief Minister’s office in the Delhi Secretariat in "unprecedented haste" and "indiscriminately" seizing documents an act which smacked of "vindictiveness and arbitrariness" Representational image Ibnlive Opposing CBI’s plea seeking stay and quashing of a trial court’s direction to return some documents seized by it during the 15 December 2015 raid the AAP government said "CBI has filed the frivolous baseless vexatious and merit less petition with obtuse motives and the same is liable to be dismissed with heavy cost" The Delhi government’s affidavit which was filed after Justice P S Teji sought their stand on CBI’s petition said the raid at Delhi Secretariat was "not only devoid of merit but also smacked of vindictiveness and arbitrariness" "In the instant case CBI proceeded and acted with unprecedented haste for the obvious obtuse reason under undue political pressure in as much as CBI failed to requisition the relevant files to verify the allegation at first instance from Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the concerned department which were under scanner in FIR/RC (regular case) "If CBI was to follow the rules law and laid down statutory procedures and guidelines then there was absolutely no need to raid at the said premises and much less seize indiscriminately the documents unrelated to the case" the 38- page reply filed through Delhi government’s senior standing counsel Rahul Mehra and standing counsel Richa Kapoor said They said the petition filed by CBI was an "abuse of process of law not maintainable and is liable to be dismissed at the threshold" The trial court’s special judge on 20 January had also castigated the CBI for flouting its own manual by seizing documents without showing how they were related to the alleged graft case against Kumar CBI in its petition had claimed that the Special CBI Judge had failed to appreciate that the Delhi government has already obtained photocopies of the documents seized and thus the order of returning the documents was "wholly misconceived" CBI had claimed that the trial judge had also failed to appreciate that the right of investigation was its inherent right which cannot be curtailed by passing such orders On the contrary the AAP government said the agency has "miserably failed to explain the relevancy of the documents pertaining to Delhi government which are totally unrelated for the purposes of investigating either before the trial court or before the High Court seized indiscriminately by the CBI on 15 December 2015 from the office of the Chief Minister under the garb of search warrants" "In any event the Special Judge had granted liberty to the CBI if required to seize back any of released documents in original during the investigation in accordance with law" Maintaining that the sole object of the raid was to "malafidely intrude obstruct and dislocate" its working it said "that inspite of allegation in the FIR/RC being specific to department such as Power Delhi Jal Board Health and Trade & Taxes relating to limited period from 2007 till August 2014 CBI still intentionally carried out indiscriminate search firstly targeting the said premises and seized documents which were either unrelated to the case nor were connected with accused persons but rather pertained to Delhi government "Thus the order of 20 January 2016 being passed on sound reasoning is totally correct on law and facts requiring no interference Hence the petition is liable to be dismissed" the Delhi government said in their reply It said the functioning of the "democratically elected government was sought to jeopardised when on 15 December 2015 CBI arbitrarily targeted to raid the office of Rajender Kumar and "indiscriminately seized the documents unrelated for investigation into the allegation of case registered against Kumar and other" "It is highly improbable that a person accused of an offence relating to abuse of his official position while functioning as erstwhile postings on previous occasions in different other departments would carry with him all such files to the office of current posting where he is holding charges as principal secretary of Chief Minister" it said CBI had registered a corruption case against Kumar and others on the allegations that he had abused his official position by "favouring a particular firm in the last few years in getting tenders from Delhi government department Yesterday the High Court refrained from passing an order on CBI’s plea seeking stay of a trial court’s order and had listed the matter for further consideration on 25 January It had asked the Delhi government to file their response which they did today Now the agency will have to respond to the Delhi government’s reply by tomorrow The state government said the CBI petition was filed with "oblique motives in order circumvent the prescribed procedures of their own CBI manual which are binding in law with intention to arbitrarily target the functioning of democratically elected Delhi government is liable to be dismissed with heavy cost "That apart from vindictiveness and targeted decision to search the said premises raiding team of CBI in the instant case grossly misconducted themselves during the raid and caused indiscriminate seizure of documents which are totally non-essential for the purpose of investigation under the garb of search warrants" the reply said "CBI has thrown to winds all procedure safeguards while conducting raid. which it had blatantly violated the provision of its CBI manual which is binding in nature and have statutory force" it added PTI Consistency Mamata Banerjee could easily say is for losers So she could rush to the side of every rape victim and capitalise on their misery before she became Chief Minister but blithely dismiss such incidents as “cooked up” once she came to power So she could see no Maoists in Bengal in the run up to the elections but turn round and shoot them dead once she had the home ministry under her control But there are some things West Bengal’s Didi has been consistent about Her blue and white flip-flops for one (Hawai chappals as they are called in Bengali) Whatever her sartorial upgrades since becoming the CM and there are several her footwear has remained unchanged Even on her trips to faraway lands like London Chopping and changing political partners for another She has been with the Congress against the Congress with the BJP against the BJP at different times in her career with no apologies in between So her going over to 10 Janpath last week to wish Congress president Sonia Gandhi a happy 70th birthday after three years of icy aloofness and making common cause with the Congress over the National Herald issue is not that surprising really West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has outgrown her state AFP Whatever else she may do Mamata Banerjee never stands on ceremony When after the Lok Sabha elections last year the BJP appeared to have gained momentum in her state she went and invited her sworn enemies the Left to a meeting her first overture to the Opposition plied the leaders who attended with Bengali delicacies of “chop-cutlet” and urged them to be more active in energising their party The Left leaders left looking bemused Yet her meeting with Sonia Gandhi is not without import Whether she will really join hands with the Congress for next year’s assembly elections is still up in the air She doesn’t really need to After her rupture with the Congress in 2012 she has fought and won convincingly so more than one election all on her own so alliances are really not that essential for her Especially with a Left still suffering from “deficiencies in terms of strength” in taking on the Trinamool as former Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya himself conceded last week on the CPM website a BJP that is evaporating rapidly and a Congress that has been reduced to a rump losing voters and elected MLAs to the Trinamool Of course Didi is not complacently resting on her laurels Rather every election since 2011 even municipal elections have been marked by her party’s goons flexing their muscles opposition parties scurrying to the Election Commission crying “rigging” voters resigning themselves to the way things are If there is still a Congress-TMC alliance in 2016 as there was in 2011 it won’t be for the reasons that existed in the election that saw the end of 34 years of Left rule in Bengal Then there was uncertainty about the outcome an urgency to keep non-Left votes united an eagerness to project Mamata Banerjee as the undisputed leaders of all parivartan-seekers in Bengal This time round any tie-up even talk of a tie-up is being conducted with an eye to the political scene in Delhi True there are rumours of the CPM and the Congress coming together in Bengal that CPM’s Sitaram Yechuri is just as keen on making that happen as are some state Congress leaders that the Left is banking on the “Siliguri model” which saw them coming to the fore in local body elections there thanks to an unofficial alliance amongst anti-TMC forces But the likelihood of that happening across the state is really very slim Whatever little integrity either party has to its core voters and that is what they are left with now after having conceded huge swathes of their support base to the Trinamool will go up in smoke if such a strange coupling happens Yes the Left has extended support to Congress governments in the Centre but an alliance here will only confirm what Mamata Banerjee has always said that the Congress is the CPM’s B-team in this state No there is more to Mamata Banerjee’s open support of Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case or her instant tweet upbraiding the CBI raid of Arvind Kejriwal’s office than electoral reasons within the state Yes she too has her CBI angst with several of her loyalists including MPs and a minister in police custody or under investigation in the Sharada chit fund case A case which has not affected her electoral fortunes as yet but she is taking no chances “Modi government’s vindictiveness” will be a useful spell to ward off any malignant influences as and when But Mamata Banerjee wants more She wants a say in Delhi She has outgrown her state and wants to be a power at the Centre Her dalliances with Sonia Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal Sharad Pawar and other Opposition leaders in Delhi last week her presence at Nitish Kumar’s swearing in earlier are steps in that direction If she has to come to an electoral understanding with the Congress for that in her home state she loses little as it will only be on her terms By: Reuters | Updated: October 18 2017 2:58 pm Microsoft Corp’s secret internal database for tracking bugs in its own software was broken into by a highly sophisticated hacking group more than four years ago according to five former employees (File Photo) Related News Microsoft Corp’s secret internal database for tracking bugs in its own software was broken into by a highly sophisticated hacking group more than four years ago according to five former employees in only the second known breach of such a corporate database The company did not disclose the extent of the attack to the public or its customers after its discovery in 2013 but the five former employees described it to Reuters in separate interviews Microsoft declined to discuss the incident The database contained descriptions of critical and unfixed vulnerabilities in some of the most widely used software in the world including the Windows operating system Spies for governments around the globe and other hackers covet such information because it shows them how to create tools for electronic break-ins The Microsoft flaws were fixed likely within months of the hack according to the former employees Yet speaking out for the first time these former employees as well as US officials informed of the breach by Reuters said it alarmed them because the hackers could have used the data at the time to mount attacks elsewhere spreading their reach into government and corporate networks “Bad guys with inside access to that information would literally have a ‘skeleton key’ for hundreds of millions of computers around the world” said Eric Rosenbach who was US deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber at the time Companies of all stripes now are ramping up efforts to find and fix bugs in their software amid a wave of damaging hacking attacks Many firms including Microsoft pay security researchers and hackers “bounties” for information about flaws – increasing the flow of bug data and rendering efforts to secure the material more urgent than ever In an email responding to questions from Reuters Microsoft said: “Our security teams actively monitor cyber threats to help us prioritize and take appropriate action to keep customers protected” Sometime after learning of the attack Microsoft went back and looked at breaches of other organizations around then the five ex-employees said It found no evidence that the stolen information had been used in those breaches Two current employees said the company stands by that assessment Three of the former employees assert the study had too little data to be conclusive Microsoft tightened up security after the breach the former employees said walling the database off from the corporate network and requiring two authentications for access The dangers posed by information on such software vulnerabilities became a matter of broad public debate this year after a National Security Agency stockpile of hacking tools was stolen published and then used in the destructive “WannaCry” attacks against UK hospitals and other facilities After WannaCry Microsoft President Brad Smith compared the NSA’s loss to the “the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen” and cited “the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities” Only one breach of a big database from a software company has been disclosed In 2015 the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation – which develops the Firefox web browser – said an attacker had gotten access to a database that included 10 severe and unpatched flaws One of those flaws was then leveraged in an attack on Firefox users Mozilla disclosed at the time In contrast to Microsoft’s approach Mozilla provided extensive details of the breach and urged its customers to take action Mozilla Chief Business and Legal Officer Denelle Dixon said the foundation told the public about what it knew in 2015 “not only inform and help protect our users but also to help ourselves and other companies learn and finally because openness and transparency are core to our mission” The Microsoft matter should remind companies to treat accurate bug reports as the “keys to the kingdom” said Mark Weatherford who was deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity at the US Department of Homeland Security when Microsoft learned of the breach Like the Pentagon’s Rosenbach Weatherford said he had not known of the Microsoft attack Weatherford noted that most companies have strict security procedures around intellectual property and other sensitive corporate information After WannaCry Microsoft President Brad Smith compared the NSA’s loss to the “the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen” and cited “the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities” (File Photo) “Your bug repository should be equally important” he said Microsoft discovered the database breach in early 2013 after a highly skilled hacking group broke into computers at a number of major tech companies including Apple Inc Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc The group variously called Morpho Butterfly and Wild Neutron by security researchers elsewhere exploited a flaw in the Java programming language to penetrate employees’ Apple Macintosh computers and then move to company networks The group remains active as one of the most proficient and mysterious hacking groups known to be in operation according to security researchers Experts can’t agree about whether it is backed by a national government let alone which one More than a week after stories about the breaches first appeared in 2013 Microsoft published a brief statement that portrayed its own break-in as limited and made no reference to the bug database “As reported by Facebook and Apple Microsoft can confirm that we also recently experienced a similar security intrusion” the company said on February 22 2013 “We found a small number of computers including some in our Mac business unit that were infected by malicious software using techniques similar to those documented by other organizations We have no evidence of customer data being affected and our investigation is ongoing” Inside the company alarm spread as officials realized the database for tracking patches had been compromised according to the five former security employees They said the database was poorly protected with access possible via little more than a password Concerns that hackers were using stolen bugs to conduct new attacks prompted Microsoft to compare the timing of those breaches with when the flaws had entered the database and when they were patched according to the five former employees These people said the study concluded that even though the bugs in the database were used in ensuing hacking attacks the perpetrators could have gotten the information elsewhere That finding helped justify Microsoft’s decision not to disclose the breach the former employees said and in many cases patches already had been released to its customers Three of the five former employees Reuters spoke with said the study could not rule out stolen bugs having been used in follow-on attacks “They absolutely discovered that bugs had been taken” said one “Whether or not those bugs were in use I don’t think they did a very thorough job of discovering” That’s partly because Microsoft relied on automated reports from software crashes to tell when attacks started showing up The problem with this approach some security experts say is that most sophisticated attacks do not cause crashes and the most targeted machines – such as those with sensitive government information – are the least likely to allow automated reporting For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Paris | Published: June 22 2016 6:57 am 18 people arrested by French police for possession of smoke grenades five of which were in the stadium (Source: Reuters) Top News France deported Russian football fan leader Alexander Shprygin on Wednesday for the second time in less than a week over violence that marred the start of the Euro 2016 tournament a spokesman for France’s Interior Ministry said (RESULTS | STANDINGS) Police re-arrested Shprygin on Monday in the southwestern city of Toulouse where the Russian team was playing Wales He was deported onSaturday following violence before and during an England-Russia match in Marseille but came back to France “Alexander Shprygin was expelled from France The plane took off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport shortly after midnight for Moscow” Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said Anti-racism groups have accused Shprygin a self-described nationalist who was photographed as a young man making what looked like a Nazi salute of having links to Russia’s shadowy far-right movement He has dismissed the allegations Fan violence marred the opening days of the tournament and forced European football’s governing body UEFA to threaten England and Russia with expulsion from the championship Russia was eventually eliminated from the tournament on Monday after losing to Wales Disturbances have largely subsided in recent days but police used tear gas pepper spray and batons to break up fights between Polish football fans in the southern French city of Marseille on Tuesday detaining at least 12 of them ahead of Poland’s final Euro 2016 group stage match against Ukraine In the northern city of Lens which was otherwise quiet police arrested 18 people on Tuesday for possession of smoke grenades five of which were in the stadium local authorities said But in the southwestern city of Bordeaux Irish supporters who have endeared themselves to the French with their warm-hearted banter serenaded officers with chants of: “Stand up for the French police” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Chennai | Published: June 16 2015 5:29 pm Actor Amitash Pradhan will be making his Telugu debut in filmmaker Srinu Vaitla’s next-untitled outing with Ram Charan Related News Actor Amitash Pradhan will be making his Telugu debut in filmmaker Srinu Vaitla’s next-untitled outing with Ram Charan “Although he played a negative in his Tamil debut Amitash will be essaying a positive character in his Telugu film He will join the sets on June 18” a source from the film’s unit told IANS Amitash was last seen in actor Dhanush’s Tamil film “Vella Illa Pattathari” (VIP) Share This Article Related Article “Director Srinu Vaitla saw the dubbed version of VIP and decided to cast Amitash He felt his fresh look will appeal to Telugu audiences” he said The film also stars Rakul Preet Singh in the lead For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Updated: February 2 2016 5:34 am Related News The 64th Annual Armed Forces Medical Conference which would include the 54th Armed Forces Medical Research Committee (AFMRC) meeting is being organised at the Armed Forces Medical College from February 2-5 The conference is the largest gathering of armed forces medical personnel in the country Military medicine experts from academic institutions hospitals and field areas representing all specialties in medical science would meet and discuss a wide array of professional issues concerning the Armed Forces Medical Services This year AFMRC would focus on research and innovations aimed at improving the quality of healthcare provided by the Armed Forces Medical Services The conference would be inaugurated by Lt Gen BK Chopra Director General Armed Forces Medical Services on February 3 AFMRC would also deliberate on contemporary issues and challenges facing the healthcare establishments of the Armed Forces Medical Services On February 2 awards for academic excellence would be presented to personnel of the Armed Forces Medical Services This would be followed by a presentation of award-winning AFMRC projects This year more than 250 new research proposals will be discussed For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 24 2016 10:30 pm Actor Rishi Kapoor on Tuesday dispelled all rumours over the poor health of his uncle Shashi Kapoor He took it to Twitter to announce that his uncle ‘is doing well and hopes this puts an end to all speculations’ Related News Actor Rishi Kapoor on Tuesday dispelled all rumours over the poor health of his uncle Shashi Kapoor He took it to Twitter to announce that his uncle ‘is doing well and hopes this puts an end to all speculations’ The Kapoor clan is very close knit and Rishi Kapoor is one person in the family who is very quick to react to all rumours concerning anyone from his family When the actor read tweets of fans about Shashi Kapoor’s death he reacted quickly within minutes In pics:Shashi Kapoor Big B Honey Singh: Celebrities Who’ve Fallen Victims To Death Hoax Sharing a picture of his uncle Shashi Kapoor Rishi wrote “Uncle Shashi Kapoor is doing fine Hope this ends all the speculation about him Some rumour mongering is happening” Uncle Shashi Kapoor is doing fine Hope this ends all the speculation about him Some rumour mongering is happening pictwittercom/anycveT7b5 — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) March 23 2016 Reports of Shashi Kapoor being hospitalised were doing the rounds of the social media since yesterday morning When asked about his father being hospitalised in a critical condition Shashi Kapoor’s son Kunal also dismissed the rumours saying “He is at home…Stop spreading rumours He is (very much) alive and is doingfine” Shashi Kapoor is a leading actor of the 70’s and has worked with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan Rekha Jaya Bachchan and many other A-listed actors from the industry Shashi Kapoor He was conferred with the Padma Bhushan award in 2011 and won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award last year Apart from three National Awards he has been bestowed with many other honours (With PTI Inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News 80 kilometres from Varanasi." he said,com For all the latest Opinion News,a palliative. the Chandigarh electricity department has asked the Union Power Ministry to increase its share of the unallocated electricity quota from 4 per cent to 9 per cent. 1.

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