Site of the Shanghai dragon should do most of the local optimization

first, optimizing the structure of the site, is the first to consider many factors, because in the beginning of the construction site, the site structure will need to consider in Shanghai Longfeng in, the structure of the site more is to optimize JS code into consideration, when building a website, the website code can not be too long or over, and the site not filled with a large number of JS code or iframe frame structure, a large number of JS code will reduce the frequency of the website index, and iframe frame structure, it will reduce the frequency of search engine index.

Optimization of the


website, those who need to do, in fact, these are also part of the site optimization, has a good structure, no layout not good, has a good layout, no good content, too, in short, website optimization overall, which is more than the knowledge content the amalgamation, only taking all factors to good use, can make the website optimization degree has.

Optimization of hierarchical structure of the

again, the content of the majority is here said the page click frequency, three clicks which we often say to see the final page, of course this is just under the ideal condition, and some sites may sometimes need to be four or five times the click to see the final page, this page have influence to the search engine, but it is not very big, but when your website hits to reach five times, also do not have to go ahead, it will increase the difficulty of the search engine index, then the spiders index the entire site, is very troublesome.

go to the forum, will see a lot of people are asking, the optimization of the web site, where the need to consider, for the site itself, there are a lot of content is to be taken into account, and to consider the optimization of information also have to pay attention to the site optimization need to consider those information and the information content? The best is that? Here is simple to talk about:

secondly, consider the content of the page elements, content elements of the page, more is to optimize the key words, pictures, A label content, when the web page optimization, pay attention to the reasonable distribution of key words in the title or content of the page, and the page appears if the picture, A tag content, also to do ALT and title attributes related to the page content in the original article is always get search engine favorite, so write the content of the website, is also a necessary step for page optimization.

finally, the station link building, if you can put into consideration in the construction of the link station at the beginning of the whole site, this is very good, it would be easy to make your website content in a network structure, it also increases the search engine’s index, on the other hand, outside the chain construction site is not at all times less, therefore, consider the construction of the chain within the chain, the weight of the earlier, for the optimization of the site itself, is also very good.