Press release: It’s ofFISHal – 2019 Fishing licences feature bream, mirror carp and sea trout

April 20, 2021

first_imgRenowned angling and wildlife artist David Miller painted the images which will appear on the new Environment Agency issued fishing rod licences with the bream on the 2 rod coarse and trout licence, a mirror carp on the 3 rod licence and a sea trout on the salmon and migratory trout licence.Angling is one of the most popular participation sports in England. A million fishing licences were sold in 2017/2018 raising £23 million. In this last full year, sales of fishing licences funded 350,000 fish being restocked into rivers, responding to 797 fisheries incidents and installing 37 fish passes amongst other things.Bream is a fish which shoals in large numbers which makes them a traditional favourite of match anglers and can often make the difference between a poor and a good day for match anglers and pleasure anglers alike.Carp is now one of the most popular species amongst anglers and the mirror carp is actually the same species as the fully scaled Common Carp and its unusual scale pattern is the result of selective breeding over a considerable period of time.Sea trout is a migratory form of the native Brown Trout. Like the salmon, it migrates to the sea where it grows quickly before returning to spawn. A great many sea trout will survive spawning to return to the sea before coming back to its home river to spawn. It is not known why some trout migrate and others don’t.Kevin Austin, Deputy Director of Fisheries at the Environment Agency, said: Annual fishing licences are available from only £30 with fishing licence income used to fund work to maintain, improve and develop fisheries, fish stocks, fish habitats and angling. We’re delighted to reveal these new images as part of our continued drive to encourage people to give fishing a go. They celebrate three of our much loved fish species and we know that many anglers enjoy collecting these wonderful images. To enjoy fishing and make sure you fish legally just go to Gov.uklast_img read more

News story: NCGI success at the GSE Geography in Government Awards 2019

April 20, 2021

first_imgDGC’s personnel embedded within Defence Intelligence HQFor identifying the potential for bespoke very small-scale 3D perspective maps to provide MOD senior officers and Ministers with enhanced situational awareness for planning and policy purposesWhat is GSE Geography?In early 2018 a new cross-government geography profession was created within the family of the GSE profession, headed by a Senior Civil Servant supported by 11 deputy heads across the public sector.The MOD’s existing civilian Geospatial Analyst profession was aligned and renamed as the Defence Geography profession in April 2019. Most of its members work within the NCGI and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), and are being encouraged to also join the broader GSE Geography profession. Military personnel who are in geospatial-related roles are also eligible to join the new profession.GSE Geography has reached over 850 members in little over a year and is rapidly becoming a significant contributor to the development of the public sector’s new Analysis Function.Ian Spencer (NCGI Deputy Head for Foundation (NCGI-F) and Director Defence Geographic Centre (DGC) is one of the deputy heads of GSE Geography and is its lead within MOD.Job opportunities within NCGI can be found on Civil Service Jobs and Service Recruiting websites.Related Information Learn more about GSE Geography on their blog Follow GSE Geography on Twitter At the inaugural Government Science and Engineering (GSE) Geography in Government Awards on 25 April 2019, six nominations from the National Centre for Geospatial Intelligence (NCGI), part of Defence Intelligence (an organisation within the Joint Forces Command), were shortlisted. This is a notable recognition of our geospatial skills and contribution in a field of over 40 nominations from across the public sector.As part of the NCGI, the Defence Geographic Centre’s Learning and Development Team were announced as the winners of the award for “Contribution to the Profession”.The team has been instrumental in formulating and redesigning the MOD Geospatial Analyst Function Competence Framework, rebranding and enhancing it to align with the GSE Geography profession.The team also designed and delivered the Geospatial Managers Development Programme; a tailored course, designed to support the growth of GSE Geography within MOD by delivering development and professionalisation interventions for staff across a range of grades.Other NCGI successes in the shortlist were:Service personnel from 42 Engineer Regt (Geo) (part of the NCGI)For dedicating considerable personal time to teaching and inspiring the next generation of geographers at Comberton Village College through the ESRI Geo Mentoring Scheme.A team from Defence Geographic Centre (DGC)For developing and sustaining an international network of experts engaged in spatial socio-cultural developments, promoting the contribution of the profession, geospatial information principles and analysis techniques to understand and respond to complex problems.A team from DGCFor developing a “Country Insight” product, which is a country-wide situational awareness product providing foundation geospatial information about a range of key themes to provide context and understanding to defence users. It consists of a geodatabase of fully attributed data which can be manipulated or incorporated with other datasets to support wider analysis and assessment activities.A joint team from DGC and No 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit (No 1 AIDU) (also part of NCGI)For producing the first two Low Flying Charts to standardise the symbology across the 1:50,000, 1:250,000 and 1:500,000 scales to improve flight safety. Pilots and navigators now see standardised symbology across this range of air charts as they zoom in and out on their cockpit tablets, making the identification of obstructions and air space clearer. Join GSE Geography (select ‘geography’ in question 11)last_img read more

No. 29 Truck Series team penalized

March 3, 2021

first_imgPenalties come on the heels of events occuring at Texas Motor Speedway DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Penalties have been issued to the No. 29 team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as a result of violations following the June 7 event at Texas Motor Speedway.The No. 29 truck was found to have violated Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4J (any determination by NASCAR officials that the race equipment used in the event does not conform to NASCAR rules detailed in Section 20-B of the rule book) and 20B-12.8.1A (The roof failed to meet the minimum height requirement during post-race inspection) of the 2013 rule book.As a result of this violation, crew chief Doug Randolph has been fined $5,000. The team has also been docked six championship driver (Ryan Blaney) and six championship truck owner (Brad Keselowski) points. FULL SERIES COVERAGE• View all articles • View all videos • View all photoslast_img read more

The Marcus King Band Performs ‘Carolina Confessions’ Track “Homesick” On World Cafe [Watch]

March 2, 2021

first_imgThe Marcus King Band has been touring non-stop this fall in support of their latest release, Carolina Confessions. In addition to a constant stream of ticketed shows, the soulful young singer/guitarist Marcus King and his psychedelic southern rock outfit have completed a variety of high-profile promotional appearances, including making their late-night TV debut as one of the final musical guests on CONAN.On November 15th, Marcus King and company stopped by World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for a live, in-studio performance of Carolina Confessions track “Homesick”. Today, World Cafe has finally shared the footage for fans everywhere to enjoy. Check out the video below:The Marcus King Band – “Homesick” – World Cafe[Video: World Cafe]Earlier this week, The Marcus King Band announced a new crop of early-2019 tour dates, confirming that they will continue their road warrior ways into the new year.The new dates are far from the only shows on the docket for The Marcus King Band. The six-piece still has 11 more full-band dates on their calendar for the remainder of this year, and King is scheduled to appear as a guest at The Allman Family Revival in San Francisco on December 8th. To ring in 2018, Marcus King will once again join As The Crow Flies for a two-night run at The Capitol Theatre. In addition, amidst the new 2019 dates, the band will join Umphrey’s McGee as support for a pair of shows at Milwaukee, WI’s Riverside Theater.For a full list of The Marcus King Band tour dates, head to the band’s website here.last_img read more

A powerful convergence

March 1, 2021

Every 12 years, where the Ganges meets the Yamuna River in Allahabad, India, a city of millions appears, made entirely of just six things: canvas, corrugated metal, bamboo, nails, screws, and rope.It is a massive undertaking, one whose impermanence is underlined by the fact that the site is inaccessible just months before, claimed by the river during monsoon floods, and dismantled shortly after.The city is the site of the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu religious festival at which millions of pilgrims bathe at the confluence of two physical rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna, and one spiritual one, the Saraswati.At the last Kumbh Mela, in 2013, among the pilgrims was a team of some 50 people — faculty, students, and researchers — from Harvard. The team was making an in-depth study of a gathering that is not only a remarkable religious experience, but also a remarkable exercise in urban planning, public health, government administration, security, and commerce.On Thursday, the Harvard Kumbh Mela team gathered at Loeb House to reflect on the experience and to launch a book on their findings, “Kumbh Mela: Mapping the Ephemeral Megacity,” as well as an exhibition by the same name.Professor Diana L. Eck, who attended the 2013 festival, shared her experience. Also on the panel was Jorge Dominguez, Antonio Madero Professor for the Study of Mexico. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff PhotographerTarun Khanna, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at Harvard Business School and director of the South Asia Institute, which sponsored the Harvard investigation, said he was struck by the general feeling of happiness and peace at the Kumbh, despite having so many people jammed into one place.Khanna, born in India, set aside his professorial mien when he took his parents to the festival and took a ritual bath in the river water. His experience was echoed by others who were touched in different ways, even as they conducted their research.“I can’t say it was clean,” Khanna said of the dip in the river. “It was clearly not clean. But people lost themselves in the moment. I just loved it. Loved it.”Harvard President Drew Faust hailed the effort as an example of interdisciplinary collaboration and the cooperative spirit embodied in the University’s emphasis on One Harvard. So many of today’s most intractable — and most interesting — problems, she said, are complex and require the insight and expertise of people in several different fields. The Harvard team at Kumbh Mela included faculty and students from the Divinity School, the Graduate School of Design, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Business School, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.Harvard’s efforts, Faust said, made the temporary city a permanent addition to our body of knowledge and, in addition, gave her an answer to several common questions people ask about Harvard.“Kumbh Mela has … been an extraordinary gift, because for the last two years it has informed so many answers I’ve given in response to questions about what matters at Harvard University,” Faust said. “They want to know how the shape of knowledge is changing. They want to know how we can bring people together around issues regardless of their fields and disciplines. They want to know how we’re rethinking how we teach and learn. They want to know how we see our global presence. And they want to know, ‘What is this thing you keep talking about, One Harvard? What is that?’ And I keep saying, in answer to all those questions: ‘Kumbh Mela, let me tell you about it.’”The Thursday event featured a panel discussion by faculty leaders on the project: Khanna; Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies and Frederic Wertham Professor of Law and Psychiatry in Society Diana Eck; Professor of Urban Design and Planning Rahul Mehrotra; and François-Xavier Bagnoud Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights Jennifer Leaning.During the Kumbh Mela, the Harvard teams fanned out, exploring different aspects of the megacity, from religious practices to public health to environmental impacts. They brought the data back with them and have been analyzing and publishing the results since. The exhibition, whose descriptions and large, striking images are displayed on collapsible frames, was created in the spirit of the city it describes, Mehrotra said. It was designed to be stored in six boxes and will travel for the next couple of years, he said.A lot of work remains, panelists said. A key area of exploration, Mehrotra said, involves the inclination of problem-solvers to seek permanent solutions to what may be temporary problems. Mehrotra said the research is continuing, looking at other types of temporary gatherings, from the celebratory, like Nevada’s Burning Man, to those of refuge, as in camps for the displaced.“There are many lessons,” Mehrotra said. “We’re just beginning this research.” read more

Ecuadorean and Colombian Ministers of Defense Meet in Bogotá

December 20, 2020

first_img Ecuadorean Minister of Defense María Fernanda Espinosa met with her Colombian counterpart, Juan Carlos Pinzón, on March 19 in Bogotá, to review the agreements signed by both countries to guarantee security on the binational border, the Ecuadorean government reported. As part of this meeting, the Ecuadorean Air Force and its Colombian counterpart signed an agreement on “operational procedures for information transfers about targets of interest and unidentified trafficking,” the Ecuadorean Ministry of Defense said in a statement. Both officials evaluated the agreements signed by Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa and his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos during a meeting held with their respective cabinets in the Ecuadorean city of Tulcán on December 11, 2012. Some of these included “the control of illegal activities on the border, the development of binational civil-military actions, the strengthening of border security, the operation of the Border Binational Commission and the cooperation among institutions,” the Ministry said. During the meeting in Tulcán, Correa and Santos expressed their “strong commitment to security” of the 720 km border area, where Colombian illegal groups, such as the FARC guerrillas, operate, the Ecuadorean government said. Likewise, the Armed and Police Forces were encouraged to “continue efforts to strengthen security and control in the area, with the aim of protecting citizens of both countries. Ecuadorean Army commander, General Jorge Peña, said on March 14 that a decrease in the presence of Colombian armed groups was noted by the Ecuadorean Military on the border, which extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle. By Dialogo March 20, 2013last_img read more

3 ways to think like an entrepreneur

December 18, 2020

first_imgYou have competition on every corner. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to think innovatively. Thinking like an entrepreneur will help you find new and creative ideas to solve your everyday problems. Here are 3 ways you can develop an entrepreneurial mindset.Dream big, creative thoughts: Doing things the way they’ve always been done won’t get you ahead. In fact, it may not even keep you afloat. When it comes to problem solving, stop following the rules. Consider the ideal outcome and then brainstorm ways to make that outcome come true. Not every idea will work, but if you want to innovate, you have to take risks and be passionate about them.Focus on the right things: Far too often, we get distracted by things that don’t matter in the big picture. Spend your time focusing on ways you can improve yourself and your product. If there’s something holding you back in your career, change it. If something isn’t working in your business, change it. Innovation is about hustle and hard work. Don’t get complacent, but keep reaching higher and higher towards your goals.Put your heads together: Surround yourself with a team that has a desire to be successful. Looks for employees with a fiery drive. Once you’ve assembled your team, share your ideas and passions. When you have an awesome team, use them. Take everyone’s input, separate the good ideas from the bad ones, and use that collaboration to create next-gen products and services. 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Another credit union-bank deal, another misinformed complaint

December 17, 2020

first_imgEditor’s note: The following is a letter from Scott Earl, president and CEO of the Mountain West Credit Union Association, in response to an article published in American Banker.As president and CEO of the Mountain West Credit Union Association representing 117 credit unions, I would like to clear the air about a recent American Banker article predicting a slowdown in the number of credit unions purchasing banks.The article quoted Christopher Williston, president and CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, regarding Alaska USA Federal Credit Union’s recent deal to buy bank branches in Phoenix. Williston questioned what reason an Alaskan credit union would have for being in Arizona.I’m hoping to clear up some details regarding the credit union and its growth plan in the Phoenix-metro area. Alaska USA currently has eight operating locations in Arizona. Those locations serve an estimated 61,000 members. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Thousands on virus lockdown at China-backed plant in Indonesia

October 19, 2020

first_imgMore than 40,000 workers at a vast Chinese-controlled industrial complex in Indonesia have been quarantined over fears about the spread of a deadly coronavirus strain which has killed more than 200 people in China, it said Friday.PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park has sealed off its nickel mining hub on Sulawesi island and is barring any of its 43,000 staff from entering or leaving without written permission.There are some 5,000 guest workers from mainland China at the sprawling site which hosts nickel ore smelters and stainless steel production. Employees at the 2,000-hectare (5,000 acre) facility, majority owned by China’s Shanghai Decent Investment Group, are undergoing medical tests and none has been found to be infected so far, said company spokesman Dedy Kurniawan.The firm has also imposed a ban on employees or guests from overseas entering the complex and installed thermal scanners at its entrance, he added.”We have identified and screened foreign workers from Wuhan,” Kurniawan told AFP on Friday.”We also stopped accepting foreign workers.” Indonesia has not reported any confirmed infections so far.Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, is at the centre of the outbreak which is believed to have originated in a market that sold wild animals.The city of 11 million has since experienced an unprecedented lockdown, preventing residents from leaving in a bid to stop the deadly virus from spreading further.The lockdown at the Indonesian plant, which started at the weekend, comes as Indonesia said Friday it was preparing to evacuate more than 240 nationals stranded in China near the epicentre of the virus within the next 24 hours.Indonesia, a Southeast Asian archipelago, attracts more than one million Chinese tourists annually to Bali and other holiday hotspots, and also hosts thousands of guest workers from major investor China.Topics :last_img read more

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil attracting interest from clubs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar

October 18, 2020

first_img Metro Sport ReporterMonday 31 Aug 2020 7:00 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link3.9kShares Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil attracting interest from clubs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar Advertisement Comment Ozil has been frozen out (Picture: Getty Images)Arsenal are desperate to offload Mesut Ozil and clubs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have registered their interest in signing the midfielder, according to reports.The 31-year-old has been frozen out of squad and didn’t feature once after the Premier League restart last season.Ozil was again nowhere to be seen for the Gunners’ Community Shield victory over Liverpool on Saturday, despite Mikel Arteta’s claims that ‘everybody starts from zero’ for the new campaign.The German has made clear that his plan is to see out the remaining year of his contract at the north London club.ADVERTISEMENTReports in Turkey say that Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr are ready to tempt him away with an annual salary of around £15million, while the Telegraph claim that an unnamed Qatari club are also interested in signing the playmaker.AdvertisementAdvertisementOzil’s exorbitant wages of £350,000-per-week have proven to be a burden that the north London club no longer want to take on. Advertisement Ozil didn’t feature after the restart (Picture: Getty Images)Speaking in an explosive interview with the Athletic earlier this month, the midfielder reinforced his stance that he is looking to stay at the club until the end of his deal next summer.‘My position is clear,’ Ozil said. ‘I’m here through to the last day of our agreement and I’ll give everything I have for this club.‘I’ll decide when I go, not other people.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘I didn’t sign for two or three years, I signed for four and that should be respected by everyone.‘Things have obviously been difficult but I love Arsenal, I love to work there, I love the people in the club — the real people, those I’ve been with for a long time — and I love London, it’s my home.‘Whatever happened in the last two seasons, I’m happy and very strong mentally. I never give up on anything. I want to help my team and I’ll fight for it. If I’m fit, I know what I can do on the pitch.’MORE: Emiliano Martinez or Bernd Leno? Kevin Campbell picks who should be Arsenal’s No.1 for the upcoming Premier League seasonMORE: Arsenal make u-turn on Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ future after Wolves talksFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramFor more stories like this, check our sport pagelast_img read more