Muhammad Syarifuddin elected new Supreme Court chief justice

October 19, 2020

first_imgMuhammad Syarifuddin has been elected as the new Supreme Court chief justice, replacing Muhammad Hatta Ali who previously served two terms and is due for retirement in May.Syarifuddin, formerly the judicial division deputy head at the country’s highest court, won the majority vote during an election held in a plenary meeting attended by 48 justices on Monday.The meeting was live-streamed on the Supreme Court’s official YouTube channel, allowing other officials and members of the public to witness the proceedings amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, he has served as the deputy head of Muara Bulian District Court in Jambi, the head of Padang Pariaman District Court in West Sumatra, the deputy head of Bandung District Court in West Java and a judge at the Palembang High Court in South Sumatra.He became a Supreme Court justice in February 2013 and was elected as the court’s judicial deputy head in May 2016.Following the election on Monday, Syarifuddin thanked his colleagues for the trust given to him to lead the Supreme Court for the 2020-2025 period.“I would like to sincerely thank my colleagues who have been moved to pass the leadership baton on to me. I hope that, from this day on, we will be united and work hard together so that the Supreme Court and other institutions under it may improve,” he said during his speech.Hatta congratulated Syarifuddin, as well as expressing his hope that the policies implemented during his term would continue in effect under the newly elected chief justice.“I thank every element of the Supreme Court and every legal institution under it for their support during my tenure as chief justice for eight years and two months. I hope every policy we have implemented will continue to take effect under the newly elected chief justice,” Hatta said.Topics : In addition to Syarifuddin, other candidates for the top judiciary post included Supreme Court spokesperson Andi Samsan Nganro and the court’s nonjudicial division deputy head Sunarto.Sunarto lost the first round of the election, leaving only Syarifuddin and Andi vying for the top post in the second round. Syarifuddin ultimately garnered 32 votes, surpassing Andi’s 14 votes.Former chief justice Hatta refrained from casting a vote as he said he was already due for retirement next month.Born in Baturaja, South Sumatra, on Oct. 17, 1954, Syarifuddin has been a career judge since being appointed to Banda Aceh District Court in 1981.last_img read more

Air Canada to rehire 16,500 workers laid off due to pandemic

October 19, 2020

first_img“Subject to its adoption into law substantially as announced, Air Canada intends to adopt the CEWS for the benefit of its 36,000 Canadian-based employee workforce,” the company said in a statement.Trudeau also warned Canadians to brace for painful monthly unemployment figures to be released Thursday.Read also: Q1 passenger traffic at Ngurah Rai falls 15%, but worst yet to come”It’s going to be a hard day for the country,” he said. “But I know that if we pull together, our economy will come roaring back after this crisis.”More than four million people have applied for emergency aid offered by the government since mid-March, about one fifth of the country’s active population.The figures point to an explosion in the unemployment rate for March from 5.6 percent in February.Canada on Wednesday had more than 19,000 officially declared cases of coronavirus, and 456 deaths.Topics : Some 16,500 Air Canada employees who were laid off because of the coronavirus pandemic will be rehired under a government relief package for businesses, the airline said Wednesday.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during his daily news conference that the program would now be open to companies that suffered a drop of more than 15 percent in their revenues in March, against 30 percent previously.Air Canada furloughed nearly half of its Canada-based workforce of 36,000 on March 30 after seeing business abruptly dry up by more than 90 percent as country after country imposed travel restrictions and people stopped flying. Read also: Airline employees worried about job security as COVID-19 takes its tollThe Canadian government stepped in April 1 with the emergency wage subsidy plan designed to help employers keep their workers or bring back ones that were laid off because of the pandemic.It is retroactive to March 15 and the government will pay 75 percent of hard-hit companies’ payrolls through June 6.Air Canada said that under the “CEWS” relief package it will bring back the people it had furloughed.last_img read more

Indonesia celebrates 75th Independence Day with subdued virtual ceremony amid pandemic

October 19, 2020

first_imgPresident Joko “Jokowi” Widodo presided over a 75th Independence Day ceremony along with a handful of state officials and dignitaries at the Presidential Palace in Central Jakarta on Monday morning.In stark contrast to previous Independence Day ceremonies, Monday’s commemoration was a relatively subdued affair as most of the event took place digitally due to concerns over COVID-19.Jokowi – clad in traditional East Nusa Tenggara attire embroidered with the nunkòlo motif symbolizing national unity – was one of the few state officials who physically attended the flag-hoisting ceremony, along with First Lady Iriana and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and his wife Wury Estu Handayani. The commemoration also featured pre-recorded musical performances that paid tribute to the nation’s heroes.In one video segment, singer Raisa performed the song “Indonesia Pusaka” against the backdrop of footage depicting a number of health workers on the frontline of the country’s ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.Unlike past ceremonies, this year’s commemoration did not feature a complete line-up of the national flag-hoisting team, in compliance with the health protocols.The majority of invitees, including Megawati and former vice presidents Jusuf Kalla, Try Sutrisno and Boediono, witnessed the ceremony separately via video conference.Several foreign officials – including the Dutch, Ukrainian, Thai and Nigerian ambassadors to Indonesia – also attended the video conference. Topics :center_img Other officials who were physically present at the event include Religious Affairs Minister Fachrul Razi and People’s Consultative Assembly Speaker Bambang Soesatyo.Presidential Secretariat deputy head of protocol, press and media Bey Triadi Machmudin said the number of physical attendees was limited to 20 this year to minimize the risk of coronavirus contagion.“There are usually hundreds of attendees, but now there are only 20 ceremony participants, as well as 14 [officials] on the stage of honor,” Bey said at the start of the live broadcast.The broadcast of the flag-hoisting ceremony, which ran from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., was preceded with pre-recorded clips of interviews with former presidents Megawati Soekarnoputri and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.last_img read more

Economist, epidemiologist slam government over COVID-19 response

October 19, 2020

first_img“We have not reached the peak yet, and there are a lot of economic policies already, so I think [that explains] why the funding needs keep rising,” Hendri said in a virtual talk on Friday. “This is of particular [concern] because our response is not timely and lacks focus. Moreover, the financing is very costly.”While trying to re-emerge early from its pandemic restrictions, Indonesia is seeing an upward trend in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases without any signs of slowing down on top of the deepest economic slump since 1999.On Sunday, the government reported 2,037 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to more than 153,500. As many as 6,680 people have died because of the virus, while 107,500 people have recovered.The pandemic caused the economy to contract by 5.32 percent year-on-year (yoy) in the April-June period with household spending falling 5.51 percent yoy and investment plummeting 8.61 percent yoy. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration formed a national committee to handle both the pandemic and its economic impact. The government has allocated more than Rp 695 trillion (US$46.8 billion) in stimulus funds to handle the pandemic and shore up the economy.Vietnam’s economy still managed to grow slightly, by 0.36 percent annually, in the second quarter of the year, while South Korea booked a contraction of 3 percent yoy, both performing better than Indonesia.Separately, an epidemiologist from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Bayu Satria Wiratama, said Sunday that Indonesia’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak had not been successful. He cited two main factors for this conclusion: a lack of discipline in following health protocols and a failure to improve testing capacity.”Despite the government continuously urging the public to wear masks, maintain physical distance and wash hands frequently, many government-organized events failed to enforce such protocols,” Bayu told also: Discourse: Not just about pouring out money: Sri Mulyani discusses pandemic responseThis situation, he added, set a bad example for the public, causing many to ignore health protocols. He said it was important for the government to deliver a consistent message to the public by setting a good example.Besides the lack of discipline, Bayu also believed the government had failed to improve testing capacity, patient quarantine measures and contact tracing.”Previously, the government said it would increase its testing capacity to 10,000 per day, but to this day it has not been able to meet that target,” he said.”Singapore for instance, got COVID-19 under control by conducting massive and quick testing and tracing. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the government has done little contact tracing for each confirmed case,” he added. (nal)Topics : The government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic front is not timely and lacks focus compared with other countries that fare better, like South Korea and Vietnam, an economist has said.Hendri Saparini, founder of the Center of Reform on Economics (CORE) Indonesia, said Friday that both South Korea and Vietnam had been focused on flattening the curve prior to the peak of the pandemic, including by enforcing a lockdown or strict physical distancing. The two countries focused on economic policies only after checking the virus spread.Read also: Nine reasons you can be optimistic that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be widely available in 2021last_img read more

El Gobernador Wolf destina $15 millones para conectar a los alumnos a Internet de alta velocidad, aprendizaje remoto

October 16, 2020

first_img Education,  Español,  Infrastructure,  Press Release Para continuar ayudando a los alumnos a aprender durante la pandemia, el Gobernador Tom Wolf destina $15 millones de dólares a las escuelas para asegurar el acceso a banda ancha, puntos de acceso móviles y otras plataformas que aumentan el acceso igualitario al aprendizaje remoto.“La pandemia de COVID-19 ha forzado a nuestras escuelas a repensar y reelaborar la manera de brindar instrucción a los alumnos que están aprendiendo solamente en casa o en un modelo híbrido”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “A medida que las escuelas reabren este otoño, los alumnos necesitan conectividad a Internet, computadoras y otra tecnología, así como el acceso a las plataformas de aprendizaje remoto. Estos fondos ayudarán a nuestros alumnos mientras comenzamos el nuevo año escolar”.La Ley de Ayuda, Alivio y Seguridad Económica por el Coronavirus (CARES, por sus siglas en inglés) autoriza a los gobernadores a determinar el uso educativo de los Fondos de Ayuda Educativa de Emergencia del Gobernador (GEER, por sus siglas en inglés).La iniciativa empleará un enfoque múltiple que incluye el uso de redes de bibliotecas estatales y otras alianzas, incluida la Red de Entrenamiento y Asistencia Técnica de Pennsylvania (PaTTAN, por sus siglas en inglés).Específicamente, los fondos se utilizarán para:Permitir que las bibliotecas públicas coordinen el trabajo con el Centro de Recuperación ante Desastres de Internet para expandir la conectividad de Internet en áreas geográficas de servicio específicas de cada condado identificadas como las más necesitadas. Ampliar el inventario de puntos de acceso a Wi-Fi y tecnología prestable a través de bibliotecas públicas y abordar el déficit de tecnología de las bibliotecas (estimado en $1.4 millones de dólares).Fortalecer y expandir la ayuda existente con las tareas escolares en Internet las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, a través de POWER Library Chat con un servicio de bibliotecario y recursos electrónicos adicionales (estimados en $100,000 de dólares).Crear y desplegar Recursos Educativos Abiertos (OER, por sus siglas en inglés) para alumnos y educadores (estimado en $500,000 dólares). Los OER brindan a los alumnos acceso a una gama más amplia de materiales educativos, que incluyen libros de texto, videos e investigación sin cargo.Establecer una iniciativa de difusión de datos a nivel estatal con Pennsylvania PBS para conectar a los alumnos que no tienen acceso a Internet con el contenido de aprendizaje (estimado en $8 millones de dólares). La difusión de datos utiliza señales de televisión por aire para presentar contenido educativo que se puede utilizar en computadoras sin tener que acceder a Internet. Con una antena de transmisión de datos, los alumnos pueden descargar planes de lecciones, videos y hojas de trabajo de sus escuelas.Distribuir dispositivos que se utilizan junto con la tecnología de transmisión de datos para hogares sin conexión a Internet (por ejemplo, antenas de transmisión de datos, computadoras portátiles) y brindar la asistencia técnica y el desarrollo profesional para conectar a los alumnos con el aprendizaje (estimado en $3 millones de dólares).Distribuir tecnología accesible/asistencial, que incluye, entre otros, software, tablets, soportes para tablets, pantallas, bolígrafos inteligentes, puntos de acceso, dispositivos para alumnos de K-12 con excepcionalidades en colaboración con el sistema PaTTAN (estimado en $2 millones de dólares).“En respuesta a la pandemia, el PDE y otros organismos han creado nuevas alianzas y fortalecido las existentes con el fin de garantizar que los alumnos de Pennsylvania continúen recibiendo servicios, ya sea a nivel académico, nutricional, social o emocional”, dijo el Secretario de Educación Pedro A. Rivera. “Esta nueva iniciativa es otra manera en que las comunidades están trabajando juntas para beneficiar a nuestros alumnos”.Esta iniciativa se basa en las iniciativas del Departamento de Educación para apoyar las medidas de las escuelas para implementar la continuidad de los planes de educación durante el año académico 2019-20 cuando las escuelas cerraron inesperadamente como resultado de la COVID-19, que incluyó Equity Grants y una asociación con las estaciones PBS de Pennsylvania para transmitir programación alineada con los estándares en todo el estado.Hasta la fecha, la Administración Wolf ha otorgado $102.5 millones de dólares en fondos GEER para ayudar a mantener seguros a los alumnos y educadores, y enfrentar los retos únicos de la COVID-19. Además de los $15 millones de dólares para la conectividad, la Administración Wolf ha destinado $17 millones de dólares a las escuelas designadas para recibir Apoyo adicional específico y mejoras según la Ley Cada Estudiante Triunfa; $15 millones de dólares para la educación especial; $28 millones de dólares a instituciones de enseñanza superior y proveedores de educación básica para adultos; $14 millones de dólares a escuelas K-12 para apoyar la equidad en la continuidad de la educación; $10.5 millones de dólares a centros de educación profesional y técnica; y $3 millones de dólares a programas preescolares de intervención temprana.View this information in English. September 10, 2020 SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img El Gobernador Wolf destina $15 millones para conectar a los alumnos a Internet de alta velocidad, aprendizaje remotolast_img read more

WHO CARES? Media Coverage

September 27, 2020

first_imgNewstalk ZB with Mike HoskingInterview with Dr Sigman  LISTEN HERE or HERERadio Live with Marcus LushInterview with Dr Sigman   LISTEN HERE or HEREClose Up Rhema Breakfast with Aaron IronsideInterview with Bob McCoskrie   LISTEN HERETV3 SunriseInterview with Bob McCoskrie PostCritics dispute Family First findings on day care Daily TimesMums ‘harming their kids through daycare’ ‘undervalued’ for childcare contribution dubs childcare report ‘oversimplified’ group defends hard hitting childcare report ZBChildcare report misses economic reality NewsDaycare detrimental to kids – Family First report—Family-First-report/tabid/423/articleID/242141/Default.aspx#ixzz1ljN5WgAvDaycare study ‘dangerously alarmist’ – ECC—ECC/tabid/423/articleID/242172/Default.aspxNZ HeraldMums harming kids through daycare – report NZDaycare use comes under fire Daily PostPoll: Is Daycare harmful? Newswire / Yahoo NewsDaycare use comes under fire Childhood Council ResponseFamily First study ‘misleading’ question for the ECC is – why don’t they report or even acknowledge the growing amount of bioscience research which is finding high cortisol levels and other negative outcomes of long and early childcare.SKY News Unavailable onlineMaori TV Tomorrow!last_img read more

‘At least 5 killed, 43 others injured in Cotabato quake’

September 25, 2020

first_imgPresidential Spokesperson SalvadorPanelo said the Palace was assessing the damage and closely monitoring thesituation, calling on the public to remain calm and vigilant. At least 30 other individuals inKidapawan City and 13 in M’lang North Cotabato were injured, according to theNational Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). The worth of damage caused by thequake was not immediately established as of press time. “All responsible government agenciesand local government units are currently undertaking rapid damage assessmentand needs analysis of affected areas and communities in order to properlyassess the situation and coordinate rescue and relief operations,” headded.  Two others were found dead in BarangayLanao Kuran in Arakan town, Cotabato, the Municipal Disaster Risk ReductionManagement officer Weng Gafate said.  Portions of a concrete wall collapse on the second floor of the Marbel Evangelical Church Ministry Inc. in Barangay General Paulino Santos, Koronadal City, South Cotabato after a magnitude 6.6 earthquake rocked parts of Mindanao on Tuesday. PNA/Allen Estabillo A 15-year-old also died due to thequake, said Magsaysay, Davao del Sur mayor Arthur Davin. The latest fatality – a 23-year-oldpregnant – was in Tulunan, Cotabato province confirmed by Tulunan mayor ReuelLimbungan.       The NDRRMC said a total of 23 localgovernment units have suspended their classes as aftershocks are expected.                    The earthquake, which was tectonic inorigin, occurred around 9:04 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the PhilippineInstitute of Volcanology and Seismology. Its epicenter was traced 25 kilometerssoutheast of Tulunan, Cotabato.    According to the Office of CivilDefense-Region 12, one of the fatalities was 66-year-old Nestor Narciso ofKoronadal City in South Cotabato.            MANILA – At least five persons werekilled while 43 others were injured following a 6.6-magnitude earthquake thathit Tulunan, Cotabato, authorities said.            “Citizens should also remain calm butvigilant and refrain from spreading disinformation that may cause undue alarm,panic and stress to many people,” said Panelo.(With CNN/PN)last_img read more

Tricycle vs cargo van: 3 dead, 1 injured

September 25, 2020

first_imgAll the victims were in the tricycledriven by Sina-on. From Santa Barbara, they were bound for Zarraga town. “The tricycle was running fast. Itspassengers and driver got thrown out of the tricycle. Their bodies wererecovered a few meters away from the tricycle,” said Aquidado. The following died of fatal head andbody injuries on Tuesday night: Victor Sina-on, Armando Mondero and ReynaldoConsorio. The cargo van, on the other hand, wasdriven by Gorgonio Saban. ILOILO City – A tricycle crashed against a cargo van in Barangay San Vicente, Leganes, Iloilo. Three died while one was wounded. Sina-on and Consorio died while beingtreated at the Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center in Barangay Tagbak,Jaro district while Mondero died at the Western Visayas Medical Center inMandurriao district.center_img Survivor Julie Sison of Santa Barbara,Iloilo was confined at the Metro Iloilo Hospital and Medical Center. The tricycle hit the rear of the cargovan, according to the police. The vehicular accident happened ataround 7:30 p.m., according to Leganes police station traffic investigator,Police Master Sergeant Willy Aquidado. The cargo van driver was taken to theLeganes police station./PNlast_img read more

Aguero sends warning to Barca

September 21, 2020

first_img Aguero needed just 50 seconds to get back on the scoresheet as he returned from injury in City’s 5-0 thrashing of Championship side Blackburn at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. After eight games out, the Argentinian was introduced as a 72nd-minute substitute in the FA Cup third-round replay and less than a minute later he was celebrating his 20th goal of the season. Fit-again Manchester City star Sergio Aguero has warned Barcelona he will soon be back up to top speed. “I hope I can play a little bit longer on Saturday and take it step by step.” Aguero sat on the bench as the City attack was again led by Alvaro Negredo and Edin Dzeko, who have both thrived in his absence. But a City side showing eight changes – the two strikers and Fernandinho being the only survivors from the weekend win at Newcastle – initially found the going tough against Blackburn, as they had at Ewood Park earlier in the month. City were subdued and the match was evenly contested until Negredo headed the opener on the stroke of half-time. The Spaniard then clipped in his second, his 21st of the season, early in the second half to put City in command. Rovers rallied and twice went close through Josh King but Dzeko ended all doubt with the first of his double after 67 minutes. The Bosnian wrapped up the scoring after Aguero had made his dramatic entrance. James Milner almost scored City’s 100th of the season with a late free-kick that flew wide, but the century seems likely to be reached as Cardiff visit Eastlands in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday. City, a point off the top, have won all 10 of their home league games to date, scoring 38 goals in the process. Aguero said: “I think we are doing very well. We have improved a lot since the beginning of the season. “We must keep working like that. We are all playing very well. “We are building a great team and we need to continue trying to score more goals.” City will play another Championship side in Watford in the fourth round on January 25, by when they are likely to have confirmed their place in the Capital One Cup final. They travel to West Ham for the second leg of their semi-final next week leading 6-0 after the first meeting. Manager Manuel Pellegrini has made clear he does not intend to slacken off in any competition and Aguero insists Watford – beaten by City in the third round last year – will not be taken lightly. He said: “Every team is difficult. Now we must play against Watford so we must prepare for that game well and try to go through to the next round, which is the most important thing.” Milner was not surprised Aguero was quickly back into his stride. He said: “That is him all over. He is a quality player and it is great to have him back. It didn’t take him long. “Hopefully that run of form keeps up for the next few games.” Press Association His return slightly ahead of schedule adds further strength to a City side already in fearsome form and firing in four competitions. City are unbeaten in 16 games – 14 of them victories – and have already scored a remarkable 99 goals in all competitions. The domestic events may be the immediate priority but it is only a month before the Champions League campaign resumes with a glamour tie against Barcelona and Aguero is relishing the prospect. The 25-year-old told City TV: “I’m very happy. I couldn’t wait to come back. It’s been a great recovery. “I trained with the team on Monday for the first time and here I played some minutes to start bringing myself back on form and to find my pace to play in such a fast football game. “Maybe in a week I’ll be on top form. Obviously the more you play the better you feel. “Against Barca I will be ready. “But we still have time and first we need to think about the next Premier League games, which are very important, and then we’ll think about Barca. last_img read more

UCLA faces tough test vs No. 23 Arizona

September 19, 2020

first_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditUCLA (12-11, 5-5) vs. No. 23 Arizona (16-6, 6-3)McKale Memorial Center, Tucson, Arizona; Saturday, 10 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: No. 23 Arizona presents a tough challenge for UCLA. UCLA has won one of its three games against ranked teams this season. Arizona is coming off an 85-80 home win against Southern California in its most recent game. Associated Press February 7, 2020 UCLA faces tough test vs No. 23 Arizonacenter_img FABULOUS FRESHMEN: Arizona’s Zeke Nnaji, Nico Mannion and Josh Green have collectively accounted for 53 percent of the team’s scoring this season, including 53 percent of all Wildcats points over the last five games.SOLID SMITH: Chris Smith has connected on 31.1 percent of the 45 3-pointers he’s attempted and has made 2 of 10 over the last five games. He’s also made 85.3 percent of his free throws this season.SLIPPING AT 74: UCLA is 0-11 when it allows at least 74 points and 12-0 when it holds opponents to less than 74.STREAK SCORING: Arizona has won its last four home games, scoring an average of 82 points while giving up 64.5.DID YOU KNOW: The Arizona offense is rated 16th in the nation by scoring 80 points per game this year. UCLA has only averaged 69.6 points per game, which ranks 208th.___ For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more