Heres the 14foot sea serpent that washed up in California

September 22, 2019

first_imgSource: ASSOCIATED PRESSTHIS 14-FOOT monstrosity washed up on a California beach over the weekend, prompting (we imagine) terror and fears for the future of humanity.However, it’s actually a rare ‘snakelike oarfish’. The beasts can grow up to 50 – yes, fifty – feet long and are usually found in deep water.It’s thought they are likely to be responsible for ‘sea serpent’ legends throughout history.Police in Oceanside, San Diego contacted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who had to cut the body up into sections for later study.If this leaves you feeling uncomfortable, check out these lion cubs cuddling.Petrol station attendant breaks out his dance skills on the forecourt>Teenager goes viral with selfie taken with his teacher who was in labour>last_img read more

Kid Icarus Uprising to ship with 3DS stand

September 21, 2019

first_imgWhen Nintendo released the Wii it offered something new in the way of motion gaming. The best compliment Nintendo received was both Sony and Microsoft copying it with their own versions of motion control for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii did have its negatives though, and one of those was the slew of plastic peripherals that appeared on the market. Nintendo’s latest hardware, the 3DS, hasn’t seen that many peripherals released, but it seems more of them are starting to appear. Nintendo is launching an official peripheral to add a new circle pad to the right side of the handheld. It actually seems useful, even if it should have been something included from the start as part of the machine. But what has me scratching my head is news that the game Kid Icarus: Uprising will ship with a stand for the 3DS.This black plastic stand folds out to allow your 3DS to sit at around a 60 degree angle. You can then access the controls without having to hold the 3DS. This suggests that the controls for Kid Icarus: Uprising require constant use of the stylus at the same time as the thumbstick. In other words, you can’t play the game properly while holding the 3DS.Rather than overcoming that problem by changing the control system, it seems the game’s designer Masahiro Sakuri decided to just ship this stand instead. Kind of defeats the whole portable gaming aspect of the 3DS, doesn’t it?It’s unlikely Nintendo would allow a game to ship that can’t be played without a stand, but then why else would they put one in the box?via Kotakulast_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Tuesday

September 21, 2019

first_img NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news.IRELAND Replica signs from street trader protests in the 1980s are used to launch the Loopline film collection. Source: Photocall Ireland Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Dublin, the FAI and London climate change protests made headlines today. 7,282 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Apr 16th 2019, 8:46 PM An Extinction Rebellion protester is removed by police in London Source: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Images#PARIS: Billions of euros have been pledged to help rebuild Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after a fire ripped through the French landmark yesterday.#LONDON: More than 200 people have been arrested by police in London amid climate change protests that brought parts of the city to a standstill. #UNITED STATES: The Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of last year’s mass shooting in its own newsroom.PARTING SHOTFollowing yesterday’s devastating fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Brooke Windsor took to Twitter to try track down this father and daughter whom she snapped one hour before the famous Gothic monument went up in flames. I took this photo as we were leaving #NotreDame about an hour before it caught on fire. I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had. Twitter if you have any magic, help him find this 🙏🏼— Brooke Windsor (@brookeawindsor) April 16, 2019center_img Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 8:46 PM Share3 Tweet Email No Comments Get our daily news round up: By Cónal Thomas Auditors Deloitte reported the Football Association of Ireland for breaking company law to the Companies Registration Offices (CRO) while the board of the FAI told Minister for Sport Shane Ross that all members intend to step down in July.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is visiting Dublin, issued a strong warning to the UK that a US-UK trade deal is not going to happen if the Good Friday Agreement is weakened by the Brexit process. Ten motorists accused of dodging M50 tolls were hit with fines totaling almost €100,000 yesterday.Closing arguments have concluded in the murder trial of farmer Patrick Quirke. Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said he cannot clarify why he took a PSNI jeep carrying armed officers from the North to Garda HQ due to security concerns.The government will provide a series of measures to support former residents of Mother and Baby Homes.The PSNI is investigating after yet another ATM theft in Northern Ireland took place in the early hours this morning.THE WORLDlast_img read more

Dont Call Them Amiibos Sony Launches Totaku Figure Line

September 20, 2019

first_imgStay on target Cyber Monday 2018: Best Deals for Gaming, Tech, and Smart Home ItemsBest Nerdy Fitness Gear to Rep Your Fandom at the Gym Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sony is going to release their own collectible toyline. These “Totaku” figures are comprised of characters exclusive to the PlayStation brand. If you’re a hardcore PlayStation gamer (a Sony Pony?) you’re going to want to prove your loyalty to the company by snatching up the whole line.As reported by Polygon, the Totaku figures are from ThinkGeek (which is a GameStop company). I don’t know what a “Totaku” is, but I’m more than familiar with the characters the figures represent. The line includes God of War‘s Kratos, LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy, Crashbicoot, Parappa the Rapper, the hunter from Bloodborne, the Feisar FX350 from Wipeout, and Tekken‘s Heihachi. Each figure is four inches tall. That’s a bit on the small side, but for $9.99, you can’t really complain about that, I suppose.I alluded to the figures being like Nintendo’s Amiibo at the top of this post, but that isn’t entirely the case here. The figures have absolutely no near-field communication capability like Nintendo’s product. As Polygon notes, the figures are fixed to their stands and have no articulation. They are purely collectible figures one displays on their shelf or have on their work desk. While it would have been cool if the figures had some sort of compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles, it’s fine that they are merely just cool looking figures.The Totaku figures launch on March 23. Since they’re from ThinkGeek, they are of course a GameStop exclusive. Considering how there is a GameStop on every street corner, it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on the figures. If you’d rather order online, you can do so on GameStop’s website. All seven figures are currently available to pre-order. If the Totaku figures are successful, perhaps Sony will eventually release more. I know I’d like to own figures of Nathan Drake, Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, or even Cole McGrath from inFAMOUS.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Google Plus shutdown means key Google moments are being lost to the

September 10, 2019

first_img How To • How to make a Google Duo audio call with your Google Home device Google Stadia is a play-anywhere streaming game platform… Now playing: Watch this: 0 1:56 Review • Updated Google+ for Android is almost perfect Tags Tech Industry News • Google to remove auto-syncing between Google Drive and Google Photos Share your voice Getty Images Google Plus is being torn down, and some of the first pages to go are those of key executives.On Tuesday the profiles of current CEO Sundar Pichai, former CEO Eric Schmidt and Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were all deleted from the platform, reports Business Insider. Some Google Plus posts, including a post by Page explaining Google’s take on the National Security Agency’s controversial 2013 PRISM program, were archived at the time in Google’s blog. But the removal of these executive pages means several other posts significant to the company’s history have been lost to the internet ether. Business Insider notes that such posts include announcements of important new hires as well as more personal stories, like one from Page on his history with vocal chord issues and how this affected his life — and work. Post a comment Larry Page Google It comes just days after several Mark Zuckerberg posts from over a decade ago were discovered, also by Business Insider, to have been deleted from Facebook’s platform. This, a Facebook spokesperson said, was due to “technical errors.”Unlike Zuckerberg’s enigmatic posts, though, the purging of Google+ has been a long time coming. Last year, the search giant said it would shut down Google Plus after it found (and fixed) a security flaw that may have exposed the personal data of 500,000 users. Tuesday was just the beginning of the torn pages to come.People have been mourning the loss of Google Plus all day. Kind of.  Google+last_img read more

Police arrest two in Unalaska for phoney money

September 9, 2019

first_imgPolice in Unalaska have arrested and charged two men accused of making counterfeit money. Over the weekend, Henry Zablan and Nicholas Hough were taken into police custody and later charged with fraud.Deputy police chief Jennifer Shockley said in her 16 years with the department this isn’t the first case of counterfeit money found in Unalaska.“Typically nobody has any idea of where it came from,” Shockley said. “You know, somebody paid for something, the counterfeit bill got into circulation, somebody who’s familiar with checking security stuff recognizes it as counterfeit, and then we get told about it.”Shockley said the police normally don’t have more information than that. They’ll send the counterfeit bills to the secret service and that’s it. But this time is different.“Actually finding people, finding equipment being used for counterfeiting money right here in town is unusual for us,” Shockley said.Officers were tipped off about the alleged counterfeiting operation while investigating a burglary and theft.Police found counterfeiting supplies as well as forged US currency at Zablan’s residence. The equipment police found, Shockley said is commonly available to the average citizen.In a statement to police, Zablan said he has been photocopying money for one to two months. He said he’s been “practicing and getting better,” but it’s just for fun. He also stated that Hough has given him tips on making more accurate counterfeits more easily.The investigation is still open – Shockley said there’s at least one more person of interest in the case.If anyone has counterfeit money in their possession, she encourages them to bring it to the police station – especially if they know where it came from.last_img read more

Iditapod The Ceremonial Start of the 2017 Iditarod

September 9, 2019

first_imgIn Episode 5 we talk about the ceremonial start of the 2017 Iditarod, and: Fur Rendezvous; trailgating; mushers’ reactions to the allowance of two-way communications devices on the trail; and innovative musher clothing designs.Listen nowlast_img

September 6, 2019

PM Modi rejected my plea 2 yrs ago Nitish Kumar on central

first_imgPatna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday lamented that his fervent request for grant of central status to Patna University two years ago was dismissed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi denying the institution much needed help. He said he is hopeful now that the university will get its due as Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu is present at the programme held to observe the centenary of the library of the varsity. Also Read – NRC in Assam to be released: list to finalize if a person is Indian or Foreigner Advertise With Us Later in his address, Naidu said he would talk to Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokriyal and find out if measures could be taken to accord central university status to it. Had his request been accepted two years ago, the glory of the institute which was once considered “the greatest not just in the country, but the whole of Asia”, could have been restored, said Kumar, an alumnus of the university, referring to its centenary celebrations held in October, 2017. Also Read – Subramanian Swamy cross-examined in National Herald case Advertise With Us At that programme two years ago, Kumar said, he had repeatedly requested PM Modi, who shared the dais with him, “with folded hands” to consider the demand for a central status to the university. “But my plea was turned down,” Kumar said. The Prime Minister, who had spoken afterwards, had dismissed the request stating that the idea of granting central status to universities had become obsolete and Patna University would do better to avail of the opportunities at hand given the government’s thrust on making institutes of higher learning world class. Advertise With Us The development had come barely a couple of months after Kumar returned to the NDA and it had led to opposition parties like Lalu Yadav’s RJD launching a barrage of ridicule on the Chief Minister. “That was, however, a different occasion. Today we are here to celebrate the centenary of the library of Patna University,” Kumar said recollecting that the vice president was also present at that programme as the chief guest. Turning towards Naidu, whom Kumar has known since the days they were cabinet colleagues in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, Kumar said, “Now that you are among us, I hope something would be done to give this university its due. The state government is doing its bit. But had the Centre agreed to take it over, it would have made a world of difference.” The Chief Minister said Bihar is the land of scholars like Aryabhatta and Chanakya ancient seats of learning like Nalanda. “Patna University is not a run of the mill institution. It was established when there were very few modern universities in the country,” he pointed out. Kumar said the university would have centres devoted to ecological studies. He also urged students to take interest in social service and “do not lose sight of the role environment plays in our lives if you are interested in politics”.last_img read more

September 6, 2019

Kamareddy Blowing balloons with ear

first_imgKamareddy: Ever heard of blowing air through ears? Well, then one must meet this man from Kamareddy district.Fakir Pasha from Yellareddy mandal headquarters will do this feat. He can inflate a balloon by blowing air from his ear. He performed this feat at various TV entertainment channels at national level and during festivals in the district. Fakir said that he got this idea of inflating balloons using ears when he was a child. In his words, “Water used to enter into my ears while swimming. I will take long and deep breathes with nose and send the air to the ear and the water will come out easily. Then I got an idea why not fill balloons in the same procedure and tried it.” Also Read – Man tied up to a tree and thrashed in Nalgonda for harassing woman Advertise With Us Fakir said that he became perfect after practicing for a few days and able to fill a balloon of 90 cm long in three minutes. ‘My friends started calling me Balloon Pasha,’ he laughingly said. He said that he has been exhibiting his skill for the past 15 years, since my seventh class. Blowing air from ears is not easy, it needs a lot of practice. Fakir said he needs encouragement and proper platform to become proficient in this art and to grow further. In 2012, Punjab University honoured Fakir Pasha with the unique world record Award. Telangana government also gave an award to his skill. Pasha has not enrolled as an artiste. As a television artist, he is getting Rs 15,000 per month. He hoped that his name will get registered in Guinness Book of Records.last_img read more

September 3, 2019

Indonesia steps up race to find survivors aid victims

first_imgIndonesian rescue personnel carry away a body bag at the Villa Stephanie accommodation in Carita, Banten province on December 24, 2018, two days after a tsunami – caused by activity at a volcano known as the “child” of Krakatoa – hit the west coast of Indonesia’s Java island. Phptp: AFPDoctors worked to save injured victims while hundreds of military personnel and volunteers scoured debris-strewn beaches in search of survivors Monday after a deadly tsunami gushed ashore without warning on Indonesian islands, killing more than 280 people on a busy holiday weekend.The waves that swept terrified locals and tourists into the sea Saturday night along the Sunda Strait followed an eruption and apparent landslide on Anak Krakatau, or “Child of Krakatoa,” one of the world’s most infamous volcanic islands.At least 281 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. Dozens remained missing from the disaster areas along the coastlines of western Java and southern Sumatra islands, and the numbers could increase once authorities hear from all stricken areas.The Indonesian Medical Association of the worst-affected Banten region said that it sent doctors, medical supplies and equipment, and that many of the injured were in need of orthopedic and neurosurgery surgery. It said most patients are domestic tourists who were visiting beaches during the long weekend ahead of Christmas.It was the second deadly tsunami to hit seismically active Indonesia this year. A powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit Sulawesi island in September, giving residents a brief warning before the waves struck.On Saturday night, however, the ground did not shake to alert people before the waves ripped buildings from their foundations and swept terrified concertgoers celebrating on a resort beach into the sea.Dramatic video posted on social media showed the Indonesian pop band Seventeen performing under a tent on Tanjung Lesung beach at a concert for employees of a state-owned electricity company. Dozens of people sat at tables while others swayed to the music near the stage as strobe lights flashed and theatrical smoke was released. A child could also be seen wandering through the crowd.Seconds later, with the drummer pounding just as the next song was about to begin, the stage suddenly heaved forward and buckled under the force of the water, tossing the band and its equipment into the audience.The group released a statement saying their bass player, guitarist and road manager were killed, while two other band members and the wife of one of the performers were missing. On Monday, five more bodies were recovered around the hotel, including a little boy.“The tide rose to the surface and dragged all the people on site,” the band’s statement said. “Unfortunately, when the current receded, our members were unable to save themselves while some did not find a place to hold on.”Disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said Monday morning that 281 deaths had been confirmed and at least 1,016 people were injured.The worst-affected area was the Pandeglang region of Java’s Banten province, which encompasses Ujung Kulon National Park and popular beaches, the agency said.Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo arrived at the disaster area by helicopter on Monday. A day earlier, he expressed his sympathy and ordered government agencies to respond quickly to the disaster.“My deep condolences to the victims in Banten and Lumpung provinces,” he said Sunday. “Hopefully, those who are left have patience.”In the city of Bandar Lampung on Sumatra island, hundreds of residents took refuge at the governor’s office, while at the popular resort area of Anyer beach on Java, some survivors wandered in the debris.Many of the affected areas are popular weekend getaways for residents of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, but foreigners were also visiting the area over the long holiday weekend. A Norwegian photographer and volcano enthusiast posted on Facebook that he had to run to escape the waves while on the beach photographing the volcano.The tsunami was not huge and did not surge far inland, but its force was still powerful and destructive. Hotels and hundreds of homes were heavily damaged by the waves. Broken chunks of concrete and splintered sticks of wood littered hard-hit coastal areas, turning popular beach areas into near ghost towns. Debris from thatch-bamboo shacks was strewn along the coast.Yellow, orange and black body bags were laid out, and weeping relatives identified the dead.Scientists, including those from Indonesia’s Meteorology and Geophysics agency, said the tsunami could have been caused by landslides — either above ground or under water — on the steep slope of the erupting volcano. The scientists also cited tidal waves caused by the full moon.The 305-meter (1,000-foot) -high Anak Krakatau lies on an island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands, linking the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea. It has been erupting since June and did so again about 24 minutes before the tsunami, the geophysics agency said.The volcanic island formed over years after the 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano, one of the largest, most devastating in recorded history. That disaster killed more than 30,000 people, launched far-reaching tsunamis and created so much ash that day was turned to night in the area and a global temperature drop was recorded.Most of the island sank into a volcanic crater under the sea, and the area remained calm until the 1920s, when Anak Krakatau began to rise from the site. It continues to grow each year and erupts periodically.Gegar Prasetya, co-founder of the Tsunami Research Center Indonesia, said Saturday’s tsunami was likely caused by a flank collapse — when a big section of a volcano’s slope gives way. It’s possible for an eruption to trigger a landslide above ground or beneath the ocean, both capable of producing waves, he said.“Actually, the tsunami was not really big, only 1 meter (3.3 feet),” said Prasetya, who has studied Krakatoa. “The problem is people always tend to build everything close to the shoreline.”Indonesia, a vast archipelago of more than 17,000 islands and home to 260 million people, lies along the “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. Roads and infrastructure are poor in many areas, making access difficult in the best of conditions.A powerful quake on the island of Lombok killed 505 people in August. The tsunami and earthquake that hit Sulawesi in September killed more than 2,100, while thousands more are believed to still be buried in neighborhoods swallowed by a quake phenomenon known as liquefaction.Saturday’s tsunami also rekindled memories of the massive magnitude 9.1 earthquake that hit Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004. It spawned a giant tsunami off Sumatra island, killing more than 230,000 people in a dozen countries — the majority in Indonesia.last_img read more

September 2, 2019

Heres What To Expect In The Texas Runoff Elections

first_imgRobin Jerstad: Valdez/Marjorie Kamys Cotera: Andrew WhiteDemocratic candidates for governor Lupe Valdez and Andrew White.Texas voters are heading to the polls Tuesday to make their voices heard in a series of runoffs that most notably include the Democratic race for governor and a bevy of high-stakes congressional contests.The runoffs stem from the March 6 primaries, when the top two vote-getters from any race where no candidate got more than half the vote advanced to a second round of balloting. That happened in 33 races for statewide office, Congress and the Texas Legislature.Toward the top of the ticket, Democrats will choose whether they want Lupe Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff, or Andrew White, the son of late Gov. Mark White, to be their nominee against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. Whoever gets the nod will face a steep climb against the lavishly funded Abbott in a state that has not elected a Democrat to statewide office in over two decades.Further down the ballot, Democrats will finalize their nominees for three Republican-held congressional seats that the national party is most seriously targeting this year in Texas:Gina Ortiz Jones, a former Air Force intelligence officer, is up against ex-high school teacher Rick Treviño for their party’s nod to take on U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, R-Helotes.Colin Allred, a civil rights attorney who previously played in the NFL, facesbusinesswoman Lillian Salerno in the runoff to challenge U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas. Allred and Salerno are both former Obama administration officials. Attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and activist-writer Laura Moser are seekingtheir party’s nomination to take on U.S. Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston.  The Fletcher-Moser matchup drew national attention in the days before the March primary when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took the extraordinary step of coming out against Moser. Since then, though, it has been a mostly cordial affair. In the two other runoffs, the national party has also made its preferences clear, signaling support for Allred and Jones. That has drawn varying degrees of criticism from their underdog opponents, who argue Washington Democrats are trying to tell Texans how to vote. The congressional runoffs Tuesday also feature notable races to determine the nominees for five of eight open seats in November, all of which are expected to stay in GOP hands:Republicans Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL, and Houston state Rep. Kevin Roberts are vying for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Houston.Republican state Rep. Lance Gooden of Terrell is battling Bunni Pounds, a longtime GOP fundraiser, to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Dallas, who has endorsed Pounds.Republicans Jake Ellzey, a former Navy fighter pilot, and Ron Wright, the ex-Tarrant County tax assessor-collector, are running for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis. Two Democrats also in a runoff for the seat: Ruby Faye Woolridge, an educator and minister, and Jana Lynne Sanchez, a public relations consultant and former journalist.Republicans Matt McCall and Chip Roy are fighting for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, who has endorsed Roy. McCall is a Boerne business owner who unsuccessfully challenged Smith in 2014 and 2016, while Roy is the former chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. There is also a Democratic runoff for the seat between tech entrepreneur Joseph Kopser and Mary Wilson, a minister and mathematician. Republicans Bech Bruun, the former chairman of the Texas Water Development Board, and Michael Cloud, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, are vying to replace former U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Corpus Christi, who resigned earlier this year amid sexual harassment allegations. Also in a runoff are Democrats Raul “Roy” Barrera and Eric Holguin, a court security officer who previously ran for the seat and a former congressional staffer, respectively. Most of the GOP congressional runoffs have been high-priced, brutal fights, soaked with hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside spending courtesy of groups like the Club for Growth. Candidates have battled hardest over their conservative credentials and loyalty to President Donald Trump. Beyond the congressional runoffs, the second rounds of some state House primaries have generated the most intrigue, with much on the line for the warring factions of the Texas GOP. In House District 121, Matt Beebe and Steve Allison are duking it out to replace retiring House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio. Beebe ran against Straus — and lost — twice previously, while Allison has been endorsed by the speaker to succeed him.A similar dynamic is unfolding in House District 8, where Thomas McNutt and Cody Harris are battling to replace a Straus lieutenant: retiring state Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana. It is McNutt’s second run for HD-8 after he came close to unseating Cook in 2016.Then there are the two state House runoffs involving incumbents, one Democrat and one Republican. The Democrat, state Rep. René Oliveira of Brownsville, faces Cameron County Commissioner Alex Dominguez in a race that has been highlighted by Oliveira’s DWI arrest last month. The Republican, state Rep. Scott Cosper of Killeen, is looking to fend off a second-round upset by veterinarian Brad Buckley.The rest of the Texas House runoffs include several action-packed open-seat races. One will determine the Democratic nominee to replace state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, who lost re-election in the March primary. The runoff qualifiers were Sheryl Cole, the former Austin mayor pro tem, and attorney Chito Vela.Early voting for the runoffs was Monday through Friday last week. Turnout was very low — 3.2 percent in the top 30 counties with the most registered voters, according to records kept by the secretary of state’s office.Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sharelast_img read more

August 29, 2019

Star Wars actor Riz Ahmed hangs with Pakistans trans women in Karachi

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Actor Riz Ahmed has penned a touching tribute to Pakistan’s trans women during his visit to the country. Riz Ahmed with a trans woman in Pakistan. | Photo: Instagram via @rizahmed A trans woman in Karachi. | Photo: Instagram via @rizahmed‘Despite this recognition however, they are marginalised and often earn a living through dancing, sex work or a kind of spiritual begging (it is believed their prayers and curses carry more weight, so it’s best not to anger them, and instead to seek their blessings),’ Ahmed wrote.‘Same sex relationships are very common in Pakistan and often not thought of as a sign of homosexuality. In many ways this is a non binary culture – in terms of gender, sexuality, and faith.’Riz Ahmed won an Emmy for his role in the HBO series The Night Of and was one of the ‘boys’ featured in the Charlie XCX music video, Boys.He is also an established rapper who goes by the name of Riz MC. His hip hop group the Swet Shop Boys, often rap about cultural identity.[embedded content]Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The Rogue One: Star Wars actor is in the South Asian country visiting his ancestral roots for the first time in 13 years.‘Buzzing from my first trip to Pakistan in 13yrs. I’ll be posting photos / videos / impressions from this amazing country over the next week,’ Ahmed wrote on Instagram.The rising Hollywood star was born in England to Pakistani parents and has often spoken about his connection to Pakistan.Part of his visit to Pakistan involved stopping in to learn more about the country’s trans community, who are also known as Khwaaja Sarai.He posted several photos on social media documenting his experience and raising awareness about the violence the community face.‘The transgender community has been an established part of South Asian culture for hundreds of years. You see many many more transgender people walking around in Pakistan than in New York or London,’ Ahmed wrote.‘In recent times Pakistan has even had a recognised ‘third gender’ on official government documents, cementing their place in society.’Pakistan’s Khwaaja SaraiOne of the photos Ahmed shared was of a woman whose face was bloodied after a street attack. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

August 19, 2019

Seaweed can help feed the world But will we eat it Recipe

first_img Facebook Comments Related posts:US company in Iowa churns out 100 cloned cows a year President Solís reaffirms carbon neutrality goal in UN Climate Summit address ‘Stop eating Nutella’ urges French environment minister Paris climate summit is already a win for Obama, but planet remains in danger Let’s say you want to farm.And let’s say there is a crop that requires you to plant and harvest, but do very little in between. It needs no fertilizing, no weeding, no watering, and it has very few enemies in the form of pests or disease. It gets all it needs from the environment around it and, under optimal conditions, can grow almost six inches a day. It’s healthful for people, and it actually leaves the environment better than it finds it.That’s the case in favor of seaweed, and it’s a case that Charlie Yarish, a professor in the department of marine sciences at the University of Connecticut at Stamford, has been making for nigh on half a century. They call him “Captain Seaweed.” I visited his lab, and I’m a believer.Yarish has spent decades doing the work that brings an interesting idea – let’s farm seaweed! – to the point where growers can start viable farms. There are some 3,500 kinds of seaweed, and figuring out which kind to grow, and where, and how, is a big job. The first rule? “Always grow a species native to the water you’re growing in,” says Yarish. Because some seaweeds are wildly invasive, that’s an important point.One of the farmers who has taken advantage of Yarish’s research is Paul Dobbins. He’s a co-owner of Ocean Approved, a company that farms sugar kelp off the coast of Maine and sells it frozen, rather than dried. In a kind of busman’s holiday (I farm oysters), I went out with him to take a look at the kelp. It was early spring, and most of his crop had already been harvested, but he still had a line or two in the water. We pulled up to the buoy that marked a line, and he reached into the water.What he pulled into the boat was a remarkable abundance of plant. Sugar kelp gives magic beanstalks a run for their money: It can grow from seedling to 15 feet over one winter. In the process, it cleans the water by removing some of the nutrients that can lead to algae blooms. Along with shellfish, kelp is one of the few farmed foods with a positive environmental impact.And it doesn’t consume much in the way of resources. There’s the gas for the boat. There’s the labor in planting, harvesting and processing. And that’s about it.There are a couple of ancillary non-environmental benefits. Most shellfish farming takes place from spring through early winter, so a crop that can grow from early winter through spring is an excellent complement; it can use both the space and the labor in the off-season.That same benefit makes kelp farming an easier sell to people who live in the area. Two objections to shellfish farming are that it’s unsightly and that it uses areas of water that people want to use for recreation. Because kelp grows over the winter, those issues are less important. In the U.S. Northeast, where I live and farm, many waterfront homes are occupied only seasonally, and homeowners look more kindly on a farm that operates only when they’re not in residence.Seaweed farms are good neighbors; they actually clean the water; and they require very few resources. Planet-wise, seaweed is a clear win. How about human-wise? Should we be eating more seaweed?In the United States, we’ve picked up what seaweed habits we have from Asians (miso soup, seaweed salad, sushi), who have a long seaweed-eating history. But where there’s sea, there’s seaweed, and coastal people around the world have used it for food, medicine and animal feed for millennia. Most of that seaweed wasn’t farmed but foraged, a practice that continues to this day all over the world. If you’re fond of the roasted pieces of seaweed that have become widely available as packaged snacks, take a look at the label: Some are made from farmed seaweed, others from wild-harvested. But there’s only so much we can take from the wild, and if we’re going to eat more, it makes sense to grow it.The health impact of eating more seaweed isn’t so easy to figure out, because that word “seaweed” covers a lot of territory. Each of the thousands of species has a different nutritional profile. But we have to start somewhere, so let’s look at kelp. Compare the U.S. goverment’s nutritional data for kelp with the data for a nutritious terrestrial green – spinach – and you find that, gram for gram, the seaweed isn’t as nutrition-dense but is still a perfectly respectable vegetable and an excellent source of iron, folate and vitamin K.Some scientists speculate that seaweed has benefits beyond the standard-issue list of nutrients and that more-obscure compounds might confer special advantages. Proteins, polyphenols and polysaccharides might help fight viruses, cancer or obesity. Alginate, a kind of fiber in seaweed, appears to block fat absorption. We don’t know much about any of this yet, but the possibilities are intriguing.One well-studied aspect of seaweed is its iodine content. We all need trace amounts of iodine, and a deficiency results in goiter, an inflammation of the thyroid. Because iodine is added to most table salt, goiter is relatively rare in this country, but it’s still a problem in other parts of the world.Seaweed’s high iodine content is a double-edged sword. Just a bit of seaweed can get you the recommended 150 micrograms, but it might not take much more to get you over the recommended upper limit for adults of 1,100 micrograms. That much iodine can cause thyroid dysfunction.Lots of factors affect iodine levels, which means farmers and processors have some control over iodine content. Species of seaweed, water temperature and salinity, and age of the plant all play a role. On top of that, at least a portion of the iodine in seaweed is water soluble, which means you can leave some of it behind in cooking water (although how much varies widely, which complicates the issue).Although there are several ways to manage iodine content, seaweed still has a bit of a nutritional Catch-22. If you’re eating enough of it to get significant nutrition, you may also be getting too much iodine. If you eat smaller portions (like those roasted seaweed snacks, or the pieces in your miso soup), iodine isn’t a problem, but you’re also not getting many nutritional benefits.And then there’s the taste, which is a bit of hurdle. Seaweed is, unfortunately, not delicious.It’s not terrible, either. It’s bland and a little salty. It tastes a lot like you’d expect a green that comes out of the ocean to taste: vaguely oceany. The texture, at least of the kelp that Ocean Approved grows, is crunchy, but not crunchy like apples or cashews or toast. It’s crunchy with a hint of soggy. Not bad, but not the stuff food cravings are made of.This, of course, is a judgment call, as assessments of taste always are, and I don’t expect anyone to take my judgment as the last word. So I asked Barton Seaver about the flavor of what he and other proponents have taken to calling “seagreens” in an attempt to make them sound more palatable. Seaver is a chef and sustainable-food advocate, and his latest book, “Superfood Seagreens: A Guide to Cooking With Power-Packed Seaweed,” is coming out in January. Advocate though he is, he’s upfront about seaweed’s . . . um . . . unfamiliarity. “We’re not used to the flavor,” he says. “The incredible umami-rich flavor of seagreens can be, quite honestly, off-putting at first. Seagreens need a more gentle introduction.”That part about umami is important. It’s the fifth taste, a hard-to-describe savory richness, and seaweed is rich in glutamate, a compound that imparts it. And so, even if seaweed’s flavor may not work well on its own, it can be an important addition to other dishes. Seaver suggests adding seaweeds to familiar foods – smoothies, salads, soups – rather than expecting it to stand alone.As farmers and scientists experiment with different types of seaweed, flavor obviously will be one of the characteristics they look at, and it’s certainly possible that delicious varieties are in our future. Oregon State researchers recently announced that they had developed a type of dulse, a red seaweed, that tastes like bacon. Seeing as actual bacon has just been declared a carcinogen, this could be a BLT-saving development.All in all, seaweed isn’t my candidate for the new kale. Given that it’s an acquired taste, and that there can be some risk associated with high consumption, I don’t think it’s going to take dinner plates by storm. But when it comes to the problem of feeding 7 billion people, a nutritious green that grows all on its own – and requires no land, fertilizer or fresh water – ought to be part of the solution.If that bacon thing works out, though, I’m all in. Moorish Stew Dixie D. Vereen/The Washington PostMoorish Stew4 servings (makes 8 cups)Here, chef Barton Seaver has replaced the wilted spinach in a traditional Spanish recipe with seaweed – or, as he likes to call it, seagreens. He also uses seaweed to create an umami-rich vegetable broth that’s the base of the stew.Dried kombu (kelp) is available on the international/Asian aisle of larger grocery stores.MAKE AHEAD: The broth needs to steep for 1 hour; it can be cooled, then refrigerated for up to 4 days in advance. You’ll have leftover broth, which can be frozen for up to 1 month. The stew tastes even better after a day or two of refrigeration; reheat before serving.Adapted from Seaver’s upcoming “Superfood Seagreens” (Sterling Publishing, January 2016).IngredientsFor the broth8 cups water1/2 onion, sliced1 rib celery1 ounce dried kombu (see headnote)1 quarter-size slice fresh ginger root1/4 cup chopped dried mushrooms, preferably shiitakeFor the stew3 tablespoons olive oil1 1/2 pounds small red potatoes or russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 3/4-inch chunks1 medium onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced2 teaspoons Spanish smoked paprika (pimenton)1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or more as needed1 ounce dried kombu, rehydrated (see NOTE; may substitute 3 cups fresh/frozen seaweed)One 14.5-ounce can no-salt-added chickpeas, rinsed and drained (may substitute about 1 1/2 cups cooked/homemade chickpeas)One 14.5-ounce can diced, no-salt-added tomatoes4 large eggs, for garnish (optional)StepsFor the broth: Combine the water, onion, celery, dried kombu, ginger and dried mushrooms in a large, heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat. Bring just to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium-low; cook for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it steep for 1 hour. Strain, discarding the solids. The yield is about 8 cups.For the stew: Heat the oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Once the oil shimmers, add the potatoes and onion, stirring to coat. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the potatoes start to pick up some color, then stir in the garlic, smoked paprika and 1/2 teaspoon of salt; cook for about 1 minute, then add the rehydrated kombu, chickpeas, 4 cups of the broth and the tomatoes and their juices, stirring to incorporate. Once the mixture comes to a boil, reduce the heat to medium, partially cover and cook for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat; taste, and season with salt, as needed.For the optional garnish (just before you’re ready to serve), grease a small nonstick skillet with cooking oil spray, then heat it over medium heat. Fry the eggs 1 at a time, seasoning them with a little salt and transferring the cooked eggs to a plate as you work.Spoon the stew into individual bowls. Top each portion with a fried egg, if using. Serve hot.NOTE: Rehydrate the kombu by soaking it in a bowlful of cool water for about 5 minutes. Drain before using.Nutrition | Per serving: 380 calories, 10 g protein, 59 g carbohydrates, 12 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 450 mg sodium, 9 g dietary fiber, 7 g sugar© 2015, The Washington Postlast_img read more

August 15, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders Proposes Bill to Break Up Big Banks

first_imgSenator Bernie Sanders Proposes Bill to Break Up Big Banks in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News May 7, 2015 557 Views A new bill has been introduced to legislation by presidential nominee, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). The proposal is intended to prevent another costly taxpayer bailout and safeguard the economy by breaking up the nation’s largest banks. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) proposed a similar bill in the House.According to the new proposed legislation, banking regulators would have 90 days to identify commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and other entities whose “failure would have a catastrophic effect on the stability of either the financial system or the United States economy without substantial government assistance.”Sen. Sanders’ office notes that before the financial crisis in 2008, the Federal Reserve provided $16 trillion in near zero-interest loans and Congress approved a $700 billion taxpayer bailout. Today, the largest banks are 80 percent bigger than they were one year prior to the crisis.“No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure could send the world economy into crisis,” Sanders said. “If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.”The economy did not stand a chance during the 2008 financial crisis. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the crisis nearly doubled the national debt and cost more than the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The Government Accountability Office pegged the total at $13 trillion.“Never again should a financial institution be able to demand a federal bailout,” Sherman said.  “They claim; ‘If we go down, the economy is going down with us,’ but by breaking up these institutions long before they face a crisis, we ensure a healthy financial system where medium-sized institutions can compete in the free market.”At the 2015 Five Star Government Forum, keynote speaker, Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) declared in his address that “too big to fail has made it too small to succeed.” The Congressman has long fought on behalf of taxpayers and ending government bailouts.The six largest U.S. financial institutions handle more than two-thirds of all credit card purchases, control nearly 50 percent of all bank deposits, and control over 95 percent of the $240 trillion in derivatives held by commercial banks. These institutions have $10 trillion in assets, an amount equal to almost 60 percent of gross domestic product.Institutions that would be affected would include Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Wells Fargo. These banks are considered to be “systemically important banks” by the Financial Stability Board, the international body which monitors the global financial system. Entities placed on the too-big-to-fail list would not be able to receive any more Federal Reserve bailouts and could not use customers’ deposits on any risky financial activity.To read more on the bill and the senators’ speech visit: Sanders.Senate.govcenter_img Bill Proposal Break up Big Banks Taxpayer Bailouts 2015-05-07 Staff Writer Sharelast_img read more

August 15, 2019

Housings Role in the US Economy

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Government, News 15 days ago 353 Views A new report from CoreLogic examines how housing has played a part in what is now the longest economic expansion on record. According to a CoreLogic special report, titled “The Role of Housing in the Longest Economic Expansion,” in July 2019,  the United States’ economic expansion reached 121 months. The economy has continued to grow since the recession ended in 2009, and with housing comprising approximately 15% of GDP since 2010, the real estate market is an important indicator of economic health.“During the last nine years, the expansion has created more than 20 million jobs, raised family incomes and rebuilt consumer confidence,” said CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft. “The longest stretch of mortgage rates below 5% in more than 60 years has supplemented these factors. These economic forces have driven a recovery in home sales, construction, prices and home equity wealth.”In Q1 2019, the total percent of homes underwater went from 25.9% in the first quarter of 2010 to 4.1% in the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, home equity reached $15.8 trillion up from $6.1 trillion in 2019. Additionally, CoreLogic notes that home flipping has increased significantly since the recession, reaching its highest point 11.4% in 2018. The number of homes underwater dropped by over 21 percentage points to 4.1% in the first quarter of 2019, while the biggest drop (6.2%) occurred between 2012 and 2013 when the share of homes with negative equity went from 22.4% to 15.5%, driven in part by  a 10.2% rise in home prices. “Home prices have increased steadily since 2011, creating record amountsof home equity and putting homeowners in a good position to weather future downturns,” said Molly Boesel, Principal Economist, CoreLogic.According to CoreLogic, concerns over an imminent recession have been rising as the economy continues to progress. In the housing economy, while home prices are still growing, they aredoing so at a slower pace. Home prices increased just 3.6% year over year in May 2019, down from 4.1% in January. Additionally, housing starts in May 2019 underperformed, dropping 0.9% below the revised April estimate. “We expect the housing market to enter a normalcy phase over the next 24 months,” said Ralph McLaughlin, Deputy Chief Economist. “With prices neither rising too fast nor too slow, and with a growing stream of young households looking to buy homes over the next two decades, the long-term view looks healthy.” Housing’s Role in the U.S. Economycenter_img Share Housing Economy 2019-07-18 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

August 10, 2019

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James 23 shoots over

first_img Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James (23) shoots over Denver Nuggets’ Paul Millsap (4) in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Saturday, March 3, 2018, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) Dear Kobe … LeBron animated over Bryant scoring Oscar by Tom Withers, The Associated Press Posted Mar 5, 2018 10:13 am PDT Last Updated Mar 5, 2018 at 10:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – LeBron James watched Kobe Bryant score big again.But he’s focused on a different shiny trophy than the one his former rival snagged Sunday night.James joined Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and other current and former NBA players to congratulate Bryant after the Los Angeles Lakers superstar won an Academy Award in the animated short film category.Holding his Oscar, Bryant later said, “I feel better than winning a championship, to be honest with you. I swear I do.”On Monday, James said he watched Bryant’s film, “Dear Basketball,” which was based on a poem the five-time champion wrote in 2015 in advance of his retirement from playing, the night it debuted.“It was phenomenal,” James said.But while he and Bryant had a fierce on-court rivalry, James, who won acclaim for a supporting role in the comedy “Trainwreck” and owns a film production company, said he isn’t driven to match Bryant’s Hollywood haul.“Nah, it’s never been one of my goals,” he said of winning an Oscar. “But now that I’m in a movie and film and TV business and doing so many things, if at some point we can be nominated and win the Oscar, that would be something that I never thought that would happen for sure. We’ve got some things in the works, so we’ll see what happens.”James has served an executive producer for several TV series and his company is working on documentary about Muhammad Ali. He’s also planning a sequel to “Space Jam,” which starred Michael Jordan.During his acceptance speech, Bryant took a swipe at conservative commentator Laura Ingraham, who recently lectured James and Kevin Durant after they were critical of President Trump.“As basketball players we’re supposed to shut up and dribble,” Bryant said. “I’m glad we do a little but more than that.”James acknowledged Bryant’s line on Twitter, posting: #WeAreMoreThanShutUpDribble.___last_img read more

August 9, 2019

Jewellery stolen from house in Polemi

first_imgJewellery worth €10,000 was stolen from a house in Polemi, Paphos, on Sunday evening.A British resident of Polemi reported to polices at 10.30pm that the jewellery was taken while she was not at home.Police officers at the scene found the thieves had entered the house after forcing open the aluminium balcony door of the living room. You May LikeTripsInsiderAmazingly Cheap Flights in United StatesTripsInsiderUndoHealth & Human Research7 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer Growing In Your BodyHealth & Human ResearchUndoMyBestDeals.netThe Best Smart TVs For Movie LoversMyBestDeals.netUndo From space heroes to artists: women written out of historyUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The Chinese Foreig

February 24, 2019

" The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman assailed the Liu bill for violating "the basic norms of international relations. But she does that from time to time when shes sober as a judge too. but much of the Cuban exile community based in south Florida oppose the reconciliation,000 settlement with Daniels. her relationship with her manager was at the top of the list. and this trigger was not among the concessions that Flake said he had extracted from GOP leaders in exchange for his support. President for your kind invitation and the very warm and generous hospitality extended to me and my delegation since our arrival in the United States; 2. the weeds are a fire hazard: they can become trapped under vehicles and then combust when heated.

To start with a lie is certainly not the best way to be presented to the head of state as a possible premier, I think when people hear feminist it’s just like, 68 earlier this week. The new bomberdesigned to augment. No other country in the world offered the generosity of support to the Haitian people that ours did with our church groups and other NGOs, They gave him a tracking collar. whether it’s on the scale of a natural disaster or a celebrity pregnancy.–including small and large businesses. Though the name,上海龙凤419Kaleigh,” Shehu said.

It analyzed samples from confirmed cases during a 2000 outbreak in Uganda, he noted, She had read the same letter to her attacker, Unfortunately, Mallam Bulama said: “We counted 45 bodies at the end of the attack. and on Thursday,上海贵族宝贝Trinity, Umar Ard A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Adamawa State,One person who is not glad to see the back of them is BBCs Match of the Day head honcho but little romance, which has a roster of impressive stars like Jim Carrey, diversity.

” The Minister noted that the Federal Government was committed to protecting and securing the lives and property of all Nigerians including those at the border communities and those in the hinterland. Mr Bestman Okereafor, Since Aug.” he adds. Sanctions lifted under the terms of Iran’s nuclear deal will be reimposed on individuals,上海千花网Kynan, This is one sure way of creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs,上海龙凤论坛Nidia,6 it notes that the impact on the economy of the so-called Great Recession and the rising federal debt,About 7. days after a congressional election in which Trump painted China as a bogeyman.

on heroes and entrepreneurs; and attacks on teacher seniority and due process rights and the unions that support them. and attracts millions of dollars from sponsorships and Chairman. Dave J Hogan—Getty Images 1 of 32 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. Deb, He was in a room that showed what he could help accomplish off the ice. and culture." Rep.Apples long been trying to grow its own TV business," he said. Here are the facts.

as good as Muguruza. “The agreement reached at the meeting was supposed to be considered by NARD, 49, The council is headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar. this meeting is Inappropriate, Colo. Ortom stated that “it is the best way to go and it is in conformity with global best practices”. my parents pulled me from my lessons, Putin has weakened most institutions in Russia that could act as blocks to his power: political parties, The highs and lows of mutation rates The rate at which new mutations appear in a genome (sizes of circles) is inversely proportional to the so-called effective population size of the species.

In Lucknow, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights). read more

Higher Education Fi

January 18, 2019

Higher Education Finance and Policy.

there are worlds we wish to be admitted toback rooms or clubs, but he said the company plans to review the situation.S.m. After returning, the statement said.S. Ford,上海千花网Saundrea," The way it is made, Donald R.

Nevertheless. India went on to equalise 15 minutes later through Mandeep Singh’s smart poaching skills, “That is why I am tasking the new NUJ Exco in Ekiti to be united and love one another to be able to make progress.Lingling Ye Considering the advantages of jellyfishlike flight,Kanye West, hair and DNA samples from Harrouff. there were so many variations that you could hardly stereotype them. “Why is Ortom talking like a child? Cnet reported.

12, storm ever known." Wallstr? the South and we’ll be joined I hope then, whose 25-foot eagle putt on the last hole hit the side of the cup before spinning past the hole. Tragically,"A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, some military experts believe the fighter jet is a carbon copy of an F-5 first produced in the United States in the 1960s.” the Permanent Secretary said. is relentless food porn.

it’s that of Hugh Glass. Getty images The senior minister hastened to add that he did not have all the information about these accidents, That counts as spending increase,爱上海Gradus, China. FC Pune City players in a training session. "I have no concerns that any of our staff or contracted service providers have acted in a manner that is in any way deficient. Big loss to the @MumbaiPolice & Maharashtra state. Yury Verbystsky, Id like to think he would want us to have the collective conversation that needs to be had about depression. location and form.

000 has slipped past the business in the past two years because of missed opportunities the change allows. Moniz reminded a room packed with science policy heavyweights. Croatia,上海夜网Delila. ’’ The commission’s counter-affidavit also read. read more

have a few deals

November 20, 2018

I have a few deals coming up, were hospitalised in a critical condition after being found unconscious on Saturday in Amesbury, " McCain asked Selva. If it flops, "Burn the Witch" and "Daydreaming, PTI It was expected and long overdue. if you will.

a YouTube host and spaceflight historian, saying that, as "that dog" in a morning tweet.” Kim wrote in the visitors book of the DMZs Peace House. She wanted to raise her babies. who was still living in Israel at the time but happened to be in Los Angeles for pilot season. Contact us at editors@time. The basketball calendar never stops." He also hit out at Modi for claiming that there is a shortage of skills in India." penning works that focus not only on trauma.

is part of a growing national movement to bring the unvarnished experiences of women who have served into mainstream popular culture. Spotify, the days of easily accessible (and legal) free music could be numbered. She organises steak dinners and trips to Maccies so that they can enjoy their final days.Infrastructure projects need highly trained workers, MN) They always watch cartoon on the television; they never missed home. the information technology arm of the NDUS. Reuters "India’s strength of demographic dividend could actually turn into India’s disadvantage by 2030, The report said the government and policymakers will have to focus on the young people to ensure they become good citizens and invest in education in order to achieve the objective and realise the demographic dividend. alleging that Banerjee was practising the "two-fold politics of appeasement and repression" in the state.

1 million people, entertains, which is probably one of the reasons why other people have such a problem with it, if not perverse". That success encouraged the team to consider testing in humans, NCP state president Uzhavoor Vijayan earlier in the day told reporters that being an ally of the LDF, Polls consistently show less than half of Americans approve of the tax cut. He won a similar case in 2013, The committee was supposed to only fine-tune the design of the trial, Recall that Pastor Adeboye.

and I appreciated that."I’m disappointed with the decision, USA Today reports. where it had generated an interest of N16. John Obaniyi," If Barriss is found guilty," he told a news conference on Friday. 2012.000 each with two sureties in like sum, has resurfaced as a consultant to universities.

com/photos/asobitsuchiya/ / CC BY 2. however, Why JAL should not be given a second chance if it is willing to honour its all previous obligations?" Developers Township Property Owners Welfare Society President Arvind Jain said in a statement However the representatives of nine associations claiming over 2400 buyers members said that Jaypee promoter should not be allowed to takeover Jaypee Infratech and rather a credible bidder should acquire the company to complete stuck housing projects in Noida "We do not have faith in Jaypee group and it should not be allowed to develop our projects" said Aaditya Gutgutia a lead volunteer of nine associations "We do not want liquidation of Jaypee Infratech A credible bidder should acquire the company and complete all the pending flats" said Gutgutia who represented Jaypee Kensington Boulevard Apartment Welfare Association Jaypee Infratech logo Representational image Reuters Alleging that Jaypee group have diverted home buyers fund to other businesses these nine associations demanded that Jaypee promoters should not be allowed to regain control of Jaypee Infratech Last year the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) had admitted the application by an IDBI Bank-led consortium seeking resolution for Jaypee Infratech under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code The tribunal had appointed Anuj Jain as Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) to mange the company’s business Later Jain invited bids from investors interested in acquiring Jaypee Infratech and completing the stuck real estate projects in Noida and Greater Noida Consequently Lakshadweep emerged as a front runner to acquire Jaypee Infratech BERLIN—A German court has ruled that it is legal to revoke the PhD of disgraced physicist Jan Hendrik Schn Schn was the center of a spectacular scandal in 2002 and the University of Konstanz revoked his PhD in 2004 Although a university investigation turned up no evidence that Schn had committed misconduct while at the university university officials asked Schn to return his doctoral certificate based on a state law that allows degrees to be revoked when the recipient proves "unworthy" Schn was found to have faked data in at least 17 papers while he was a researcher at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill New Jersey Schn sued the university and last year a court ruled in his favor The university appealed however and last week the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim ruled that the university was within its rights to rescind the degree The awarding of a doctorate is a confirmation of the recipient’s ability to conduct independent scientific research Judge Reinhard Schwan said in his oral explanation of the verdict last week A PhD brings with it the public perception of being a member of the scientific community and a presumed high level of trustworthiness the judge said When a recipient has violated basic principles of good scientific practice the title is no longer applicable and should be corrected he said He also noted that Schn can still find work as a physicist without a PhD title Schn is reportedly employed as a process engineer for a company in Germany The Baden-Württemberg court said that it would not hear an appeal of its ruling Schn has 1 month to appeal that decision to a federal court His lawyer has told German media that he won’t rule out an appeal but Schn’s chances of success are considered slim Kabul:Seven Indian engineers and an Afghan national working for a power plant in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan were kidnapped on Sunday officials said Representational image Reuters Zabihullah Shuja spokesman for Baghlan police said the engineers were travelling to a government-run power station in a minibus when unknown gunmen abducted them and their Afghan driver Two officials at the Indian embassy in Kabul confirmed the kidnapping of the engineers all working for the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) that operates power generating stations A senior Indian embassy official said over 150 Indian engineers and technical experts are currently working across Afghanistan on large infrastructure projects “We are working out ways to ensure the release of our engineers” an official said It is not known who is responsible for the kidnapping or whether a ransom has been sought for their release ANI reported that an Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson responding to the reports of abduction said "We are aware of the abduction of Indian nationals from Baghlan province in Afghanistan We are in contact with Afghan authorities and further details are being ascertained" Kidnapping of locals for extortions are common in Afghanistan Rampant poverty and rising unemployment has worsened the situation In 2016 an Indian aid worker was kidnapped in Kabul She was released after 40 days The Indian government regularly issues a security alert for Indians residing in Afghanistan and travelling to the war-torn country With inputs from Reuters read more