Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Nov. 7

first_imgEncourage reading with bookmarksTeachers or anybody, bookmarks. They are so easy you can make a variety of bookmarks from used greeting cards. I take my glue stick and glue the front and back together. You can put a message on the back if you want.I bet kids would read more with a special bookmark to use. This is a good idea to send to our service members.Emily BushBallston SpaNo quid pro quo is heard on Ukraine callI have to admit I love the president and Fox News. I also respect the opinions expressed by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The judge said that the evidence for impeachment against the president is supported in the transcript of his phone call to President Zelenskyy of Ukraine.I listened to the recording of the phone call released by the president and was convinced that he was referring to matters concerning the 2016 election. There was nothing about holding back aid at all.I don’t know how Judge Napolitano came to that conclusion. That said, I decided to download the White House transcript so I could read it myself. It can be found on the Whitehouse.gov website. After carefully reading the text more than once, I have to disagree with the judge’s opinion.I’m not a lawyer, but in my opinion,  there was not a hint of a quid pro quo of any kind during the conversation. If you’re a lawyer, read the transcript and tell me where I’m wrong. But please don’t refer to the myriad people’s opinions of what they think they heard during the call. Just refer to the transcript.The Democrats can spin the call all they want, but in my opinion, their impeachment attempt it will go into the dumpster with the Mueller report.Ron BelliSchenectadyTime to set aside hatred in AmericaHow unfortunate, and, yet so typical of liberals today, that they cannot even pay a compliment without slamming the president.John Kucij’s Nov. 1 letter is trying to thank The Gazette for a photo that appeared. But in his opening paragraph, and I quote, “With all the negative energy being generated by our dishonest, incompetent and mean-spirited president,” Mr. Kucji comes across as the one who is mean-spirited.With people such as Mr. Kucji using every opportunity to demean the president, even while trying to pay a compliment, the divide will continue.It’s time for all Americans to set aside the hate.Lynn LathamMechanicvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionVoters need IDs to confirm identitiesI am beyond perplexed, perturbed and bewildered. I visited Via Port Rotterdam to vote early.When I approached the desk, I pulled out my driver’s license to identify myself. I was blatantly told they didn’t need it. I then asked, “How do you intend on figuring out who I am?” They asked my name and address and advised me that they would verify by my signature. That is beyond ridiculous.I could register to vote as Fred Flintstone with a bogus address and just put a wavy line as my signature. Without a picture ID, there’s no verification and no way to tell who is voting. The Schenectady Board of Elections needs to make a serious change on how they verify voters. However, I really doubt this will happen.Robert WernerSchenectadylast_img