Traffic police for tourists in the rain

the morning of July 31st, the Kumbum Monastery scenic area in the strongest flood season rainfall, the temperature dropped, the water covered roads, but the tourists did not decrease due to rain, the rain area in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic safety, Huangzhong traffic control Brigade squadron Rushall all police and civilian personnel in the rain on duty, traffic, travel guide orderly parked vehicles, to provide security services for tourists tourists, solve all kinds of difficulties. Wang Xiaofang photo  

State Grid Xining power multi sectoral linkage to send security to the village

On the morning of February 21st, the State Grid Xining power company organized multi department heads, Huangzhong County, more than the town of black mouth Er village, rural customers to promote electricity safety knowledge.

in order to prevent some rural customers do not understand the protection of power facilities and safety knowledge, resulting in personal safety accidents. In the village to the safe use of electricity and power facilities protection publicity materials, understand the demand for electricity at the same time, also with the village committee team together, combined with recent years, occurred in the Huangzhong area of DOPA caused by a number of illegal building life shock casualty accident, how to help the village committee the advantages, to assist the electricity sector to actively promote the safe use of electricity and power facilities protection knowledge, enhance awareness of rural electric power customer safety, prevent the safe use of electricity, electric regulation and endanger the safety of personal safety and power supply facilities, for the exchange of talks and reached a consensus. (author: Jin Guoshun)


The province’s political and legal system, law enforcement and judicial standardization of construct

5 6, the provincial Party committee held a teleconference meeting, the implementation of the national political and legal team construction work conference and the spirit of the Provincial Standing Committee meeting, deployed in the province’s political and legal system to carry out the "law enforcement standardization building activities. Provincial Standing Committee, political and Law Committee Secretary Wang Xiaoyong attended the meeting and vice governor Han Jianhua chaired the meeting. Provincial Higher People’s court, Dong Kaijun, the provincial people’s Procuratorate Yin Bai attended the meeting.

the meeting stressed that to promote the rule of law from Qinghai province and the construction of the rule of law from the height and improve the enforcement of judicial credibility and people’s satisfaction with the height, from strengthening the base construction and the strengthening of political and legal work foundation height, fully understand the importance and deepen the construction of law enforcement standardization of the necessity and urgency of continuous force and for a long time to work, and strive to enhance the level of political and legal work law.

meeting the requirements of the law enforcement authorities at all levels should conscientiously sum up experiences, focus the work, grasp the key link, focus on strict law enforcement and judicial justice of the political and legal work "lifeline", seize the favorable opportunity to deepen the reform of the judicial system, efforts in promoting the ability to perform their duties to upgrade and promote system upgrading, promote supervision, upgrade lay a solid foundation of law enforcement judicial norms efforts, make great efforts to solve outstanding problems the masses, to ensure the realization of professionalism of law enforcement personnel, law enforcement, law enforcement standardization management system, law enforcement, law enforcement information process humanized service target.


Three teenagers rushing around the race a dab at painting painting competition awards

June 27th, in 2015, the Postal Savings Bank Cup race around the lake Essay Essay Contest Awards ceremony held in the provincial science and technology museum. From Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia provinces (districts) in the primary and secondary school students outstanding works on display and harvest honor, for 2015, Qinghai Rural Letter cup ring Qinghai Lake (International) road cycling race warm-up.

the game relies on top Asian Games – "Qinghai Lake international road cycling race" brand influence, to "my heart, my heart race around the lake beautiful homes", "the lake race you and me", "green, humane, harmonious" as the theme, to vigorously promote the Chinese traditional culture and guide young people to actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values. By China post group branch company in Qinghai Province, "the Lake Race organizing committee, the provincial education department, the provincial Party committee, the Young Pioneers Work Committee of Qinghai Province, the postal savings bank branch in Qinghai Province, jointly organized the" West Sea metropolis ".

Xining discipline inspection and supervision organs to carry out quality inspection work

to further enhance the city discipline inspection and supervision organs of the case quality, promote the construction of anti-corruption in depth, recently, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection on the basis of the discipline inspection organs at all levels of self-examination, to carry out the work of quality inspection of the discipline inspection organs case. May, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Group by Comrade Chen Jiannong led the unit checked the mutual exchange of learning way, in Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan City Public Security Bureau, County Commission for Discipline Inspection since 2008 investigating cases the quality of the key spot, 59 volume 120 view case files. From the inspection situation, discipline inspection organs at all levels of trial work showed the following characteristics:
A, leadership, a sound working mechanism. All levels of Party committees and discipline inspection organs in accordance with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection "trial work regulations" and the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau "on the norms of discipline inspection and supervision organs trial work (Trial)" requirements, firmly establish the "trial plan, quality first" concept, to ensure the quality of the case as the starting point and end point, work the trial of the case by the competent leadership, Party Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission personally, in charge of secretary responsible for grasping, earnestly implement the leadership responsibility system, adhere to the collective deliberation system, establish and improve relevant systems, continuously strengthen the work of trial procedure, standardization and institutionalization, to ensure that the discipline inspection and supervision cases to further improve the quality of. Such as: Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan, Datong County Commission for Discipline Inspection in the county established the case of judicial committee at the same time, in the township and county Party committee set up a panel to hear the case, thus forming the county to the township and county Party committee direct trial network, so that the layers of strict audit case, ensure the investigation applicable disciplinary rules and regulations, qualitative value Ji accurate, case processing procedure, the quality of the case in strict, fine and accurate in improving.
two, strict barrier to guarantee the quality of case. Departments at all levels to ensure the quality of the case to focus on the case, efforts to improve the ability and level of case audit checks. One is to pay equal attention to the entity and procedure, strengthen supervision of the handling procedures, highlighting a comprehensive review of the deadline for handling, investigation measures and the goods involved in the case, pay attention to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the person under investigation, to ensure the effective implementation of the punishment decisions, to promote the discipline inspection organs to continuously improve the ability and level of handling according to law; the two is to adhere to the major and complicated cases early intervention, strengthen communication and coordination, timely understand and master the problems in investigating the case, timely recommendations of the working stage, further improve work efficiency; the three is to adhere to the focus on the central task, treat each case to ensure that the case considered global senior high school entrance examination, treatment is good for the economy development and social stability, to ensure that the work of investigating the case has good comprehensive effect. Such as: Huangyuan city and County Public Security Bureau and other discipline in the process of hearing cases, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, based on the fact that, in party and government discipline as the criterion, strict case approval, wrong facts, irrefutable evidence, qualitative treatment, program execution and procedures for materials, the problems found in the audit, to strengthen communication and coordination, timely feedback, suggestions, in strict accordance with the procedures. Huangyuan County Commission for Discipline Inspection on the quality of discipline inspection, focusing on the three attention";

Teacher He Xiaoxia has special posts to my city

In April 2012, the Ministry of education teacher work division held a "special post story" essay contest

2012 in April, the Ministry of education teacher work in the country held a "special post story" essay contest. According to the plan, Xining city and the County Education Bureau attaches great importance to such activities as propaganda teachers deeds, promote teachers spirit, an important measure to motivate teachers enthusiasm to grasp, carefully organize the teachers participating. In many of the entries in the article, Huangzhong County Rural Primary School is the white cliffs of He Xiaoxia’s "growth" in Polish and moved a text award. Recently, He Xiaoxia participated in the award of the Ministry of education teacher work in Beijing.

in view of the outstanding performance of teachers in education and teaching in He Xiaoxia, "China Teachers" decided to hire it as special correspondent.



Xining government money to buy skills training services

Xining municipal government subsidies skills training institutions to complete the project bidding and procurement work. Project budget 13 million 698 thousand yuan, involving a total of 12 professional training trips 7650.

it is understood that the project of government subsidies skills training services, is involved in a Xining city urban and rural labor force the vital interests of the people’s livelihood projects, Xining is now one of the main project implementation of government purchasing public service. During the project, the city of Xining by public tender, standardize the procurement process, scientifically formulate the standard for evaluation, the special social purchasing supervisor, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Xining municipal audit supervision departments of supervision, through competition, to determine the merit of 12 social training institutions.


Zhang Guangrong presided over the provincial government to promote the transformation of Functional

4 19, 2009, the Qinghai provincial government to promote the coordination of the functional transformation of the meeting held in 2015, summed up the province’s decentralization and decentralization combined with the optimization of service work, arrangements for the deployment of key tasks in 2016. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor, coordination group leader Zhang Guangrong presided over and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that over the past year, all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial government arrangements, promoting decentralization and other reforms, achieved positive results in the body to stimulate the market vitality, mobilize private investment and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, improve government management and public service level. But it must be soberly aware that this reform is still on the road, we must hold on, continue to push forward.

meeting stressed that all localities and departments should be in accordance with the provincial government’s deployment requirements, earnestly implement the reform tasks in 2016. To further strengthen the organization and leadership, enhance the sense of responsibility and initiative of the reform, determined not to give up the purpose of determination. Always adhere to the problem oriented, continue to reduce and decentralization of approval, earnestly implement the things in the post regulatory measures, guidance to enhance the ability to undertake, and steadily push forward the clean up and standardize the intermediary services, expanding the social forces the government to buy services. The effectiveness of reform to the grassroots level, the real benefit of enterprises and the masses. Actively promote the standardization of administrative examination and approval, standardization, increase the intensity of government affairs, adhere to and improve the third party evaluation, and strive to establish a long-term mechanism for the development of the province to create a good environment.


The spring precipitation in Xining city will be less than in previous years 2

March 14th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the spring precipitation in Xining is less than in previous years into about 2, heavy rain late start date, high temperatures and drier weather, dry grassland, forest fires easily lead to higher level, prone to fire, the country should do preventive work.

Analysis and forecast of the

Meteorological Observatory, in the spring of 2013 (from March to May), the total precipitation in the city is between 65.4 and 93.1mm, and compared with the same period in the past year, the precipitation in most areas is less than about 2. The first soaking rain in Xining is expected to appear in late April to mid May, Datong in late April, Huangzhong in early May in Huangyuan, in mid May, compared with the same period in the history of Datong, near the normal, the rest is late. The rainy season is expected to start in early May, basically close to the year. It is expected that during the spring sowing period in 2013, the average thickness of dry soil layer is more than 5cm. (author: Kim and

Registration plate small initiatives sent to tourists concentrated passion

As the weather turns cold, lively in August will soon be over, many visitors to Xining embarked on a return journey, the journey to Xining in the summer, in addition to Qinghai and the magnificent mountains and rivers to impress visitors, Xining people also give a lot of tourists brought warmth.

August 23rd 11, from Hebei Qinhuangdao Wang Ying ended the trip to Qinghai, is about to embark on a train heading north to go home, at the train station waiting room waiting for the ticket from her close friends and chatted about the journey, give her the most impressive, is the night before the gate of the hotel warm scene.

22 evening, Wang Ying and friends ended the trip to Qinghai Lake, in the vicinity of the park after dinner, a taxi back to the hotel in Qinghai. After getting off, the gate of the hotel service staff opened the door for them, Wang Ying carrying a bag out of the car just to close the door, he heard the side of the staff to remind her to check whether their luggage fell on the car, Wang Ying carefully looked at the car, then the friend remembered taxi trunk still trunk.

took the luggage Wang Yingzheng would like to thank the staff of the hotel, the staff saw a piece of paper to write a number to her, look at the numbers, unlike their own room number reservation. Wang Yingzheng wondered, he heard the staff introduction: This is the taxi license plate number you just took, you close, once there is something on the car, you also look for the car ride." Wang Ying suddenly felt this trip to Qinghai is very warm, get the note, the heart is very happy, but also very warm."

Qinghai hotel is now the city of Xining tourism brand, many foreign tourists will go online hotel reservations before coming to Xining, and the Qinghai hotel is the hottest one, in addition to have large capacity, a humanized service is also critical to the hotel to attract tourists. Qinghai hotel office staff, visitors come back from the scenic spots, the body is very tired, it is easy to forget the luggage in the car. In order to provide visitors with a relaxed and carefree journey, from September 2009 onwards, the hotel on each passenger taxi license plate registration after the visitors. Over the past three years, the hotel through the registration of the license plate number for many tourists to recover the lost luggage.

covered with confusion lost luggage, not only tourists worry, taxi drivers are worried. Xining taxi driver Li Wenzhong said that this year he pulled out of the field of tourists, especially in the car on the luggage to make him guilty, too many passengers a day, where to find the owner? Each passenger to Qinghai Hotel, he habitually let the car to stay a little longer, to facilitate passengers to check their luggage, the registration of the license plate this move also saves us a lot of trouble." Li Wenzhong said. (author: Ma Rong)