2016 institutions and basic wages rose 10%

wage rise is a happy thing for every office worker, but here is a small series of provincial organs and institutions to raise wages. Mentioned in the two sessions this year, the basic salary of institutions and institutions up 10%, the specific details of a concern!

submitted according to the discussion on the 2016 budget this year NPC and CPPCC table for the basic wage budget increased by 10%, but this is not equal to the basic wage will rise 10%, because it also contains the basic salary budget required to upgrade. Many provincial organs and institutions will be paid this year.



Do you know what you need to open the steamed stuffed bun shop

We all know that

must have the breakfast, and good to eat breakfast, usually we are choosing high nutritional value buns, then open Baozipu what documents? How long can you do? Open different shops have different formalities to go through, today to tell people to open Baozipu. You need to handle documents which, about how long to handle


Steamed Buns bun shop, generally can be registered as a self-employed, no registered capital restrictions, bring your ID card to the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau / self-employed receive a registration form, generally three days or so you can get the license.

note that in some places (city) of the self-employed required to do name nuclear name, if there is the same, you have to change a name, if not the same, will send a "name of the approval notice". You can apply for the registration of the trade and Industry Bureau for the registration of industry and commerce.

received a business license, but also for an organization code certificate (some small place, without this requirement, the self-employed big city has begun to apply for the self-employed card), for the local local district / County Bureau of technical supervision.

with the business license, organization code certificate, to the Inland Revenue Department / for the tax registration certificate, need to apply for the national tax and land tax card.

It looks like you

baozi Inn business is very simple, which also contains a lot of essentials, just need a lot of documents, do not know if you have not written clearly, for the catering industry, but also the need for health permit, to the district / County Health Bureau handled. Generally take a look at the form, it is easy to handle. After that, but also to engage in personnel health certificate, it is very simple, to the Health Bureau collar table, pay, and then to the designated hospital to do a physical examination on the line.

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Baby clothing business opportunities for women to earn five thousand monthly accounting resignation

do not think that the young mothers of children very seriously, not to buy goods on the Internet babies, in fact, online shopping, as long as the seller still has high credibility, quality guarantee, there is a real example in the online sale of baby clothes sold.

the work to become interested in


was born in her child, she has a small baby knitting many small clothes, small shoes, then the baby slowly grew up, clothes and shoes can not wear, Ms. Lee will weave themselves real photos hanging on the line, did not think this serendipitously actually attracted a lot of friends attention, people are asking how a selling method.

inspired, Lee decided to quit the accounting work full-time in the Taobao open shop selling handmade weaving shop, called "Jinxiu spinning". "At that time, the whole family was against, I think it should not be the stability of the work, but only the most supportive of my husband." Ms. Lee said with a smile.

online open situation

after observation of other similar shop, Lee began to enrich the style, so she began to try new things on the shoe, rich product types, product price is only 10 yuan to 70 yuan, compared to the people in the market to buy much cheaper, so she stayed by word-of-mouth a lot of old customers. Today, Ms. Lee’s knitting has been favored by many mothers, many people also use it as a gift to each other.

100 thousand or so to do business to make money fast

      100 thousand or so to do business to make money fast? Now the people who want to become rich gradually increased, people are now about 100 thousand of what business has a strong interest. More entrepreneurs take seriously the investment projects, because we all want to quickly build up the family fortunes. Then together to solve about 100 thousand to do business!


female ajeni Hanpai women join address: http://www.shang360.com/item/8924/

Digital education to join the business prospects

new model can always cause people’s attention, especially with the people’s attention to the education industry, the industry has derived a lot of patterns, digital education is a new concept. Here is a detailed understanding of digital education is what?


is committed to the development of digital educational resources, education informatization construction and high-tech education product development of Guangdong three Academy Education Technology Co. Ltd., the first service as digital educational products China join in enterprise, based on advanced educational concepts, learn the essence of traditional education system, completion of the construction of digital resources for basic education, preschool education resources Chinese international education resources, and related platform, promote the education reform China. The brand has launched a franchise model three Academy "YY, YY bags, computer learning through learning (Teaching), tablet computer touch smart TV, and children’s reading series" brand project.

will contribute to the quick start two or three class market, the local franchisee is keen on brand education institutions cooperation, enhance their brand image, build the core competitiveness in the local.

The above is about

Confucius crock fast food delicious new options investment


Confucius crock of fast food? Delicious is everyone’s choice. Small business choose to join Confucius crock of fast food? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you to join Confucius crock fast food is also very exciting project. Hurry up and move on!

fashion choice, everyone’s choice, Confucius produced fast food nutrition by virtue of their own advantages to create a market brand, bring the best investment projects. Confucius crock fast food nutrition both inheritance and innovation, advancing with the times, created their own food and Beverage world, with rich opportunities, the achievements of others more achievements of their own! Confucius crock fast food nutrition to join the project in the industry quickly set off a frenzy of rich, become the first choice of projects in the new era of


Confucius soup jar using a variety of rare medicinal herbs, with the exclusive secret inside the soup, chicken, gastrodin, Hericium and other raw materials, placed one meter high cylinder, with hard charcoal baking temperature, a total of over seven hours. Because the cylinder in tank is used gas heat transfer, so to avoid the direct pot stew out of the soup simmering anger, delicious soon concentrated, Confucius does not get angry nourishing nutrition fast food jar.

Confucius crock nutrition fast food is not only reflected in the operating characteristics of fast food, 60 seconds on the meal, fast and convenient, to ensure a high rate of over Taiwan, compared with other fast food, operating profit doubled; also in the business day, earnings diversification, all-weather operation, three meals a day unique breakfast all kinds of breakfast, fast food, with the characteristics of crock simmer soup, pickled cabbage, crock crock culture, fast food industry’s first identified Confucius crock.

Confucius crock fast food nutrition rich variety, spicy Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine salty, novelty, around the dishes, neat staged. The masters in the back of the kitchen as presenting delicious magic! Confucius crock snack with its low cost, unique taste, thousands of years of tradition, the original ecological advantages become the 2013 hot spots to join.

in the food and beverage market, delicious food to join the brand very much. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join Confucius crock of fast food? Healthy, delicious and nutritious! Confucius joined the crock of fast food, what are you waiting for?

Brand fast food chain store location proposal

brand fast-food chain will seriously occupy a favorable location, location, in order to attract more attention to the franchisee, if you want to get a more comprehensive security management, the headquarters can seek help, so you can easily get rich. Xiao Bian summed up a few site recommendations, I hope to help you.

novice before opening a fast-food chain brand, how to ensure the site do a better job, involve location details and skills, under normal circumstances, the large flow of people in the shop area inevitable high turnover, high population density of large and medium-sized residential area, passenger source is steady, can guarantee the stability of the store, pay close attention to development potential is the entrepreneur’s address.

There is

, fast food brand franchisee to consider popularity outside, but also consider their own situation, the location of work to do at home, to ensure the continued operation of the store, at the same time, many parts of the rent is relatively expensive, it is possible that you can’t accept that the fast-food chain brand, of course, traffic is not elsewhere it must be small.

The operator

brand fast-food chain to careful consideration, we must carefully compare a field, especially in large shopping malls, office workers, students and many places to shop a lot of natural source, have more direct support for the development of brand fast-food chains. There is to look far away from the investment, more understanding of the future development of the region. Of course, in addition to the municipal planning, but also pay attention to the situation in the future competition in the region, the number of rental investors are to consider the


brand fast food chain operator if you want to get a good site, you can seek help from headquarters, after all, the location of the complexity of this work is more significant, the novice is generally not easy to deal with. Small finishing suggestions and I hope to help you, to learn it, to start creating career.

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Love smart art wall material to join free entrepreneurship

The choice of

art life is the first step of our quality life. How do you feel? The first step to build our quality of life, worry about entrepreneurship choose to join the love of the wall of the smart wall art?

love smart art wall material why so fire? Because it has a large output value, more new demand! In recent years, the property market continued unpopular, especially the central bank to cut interest rates drop quasi strategy to promote the property market to stock, but also led to the purchase of hot. In addition, in 2016, a comprehensive open two-child policy, bring a family hot, so that residents of housing demand growth, promote the rapid development of the housing market, driven by the home market rises into the hitherto unknown hot state, with relevant statistics, 2016, Chinese coatings market value will exceed 450 billion yuan!

love smart art wall materials, health and environmental protection products, in response to national policy call. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention in the residential construction process safety and environmental protection, while the traditional coatings often harmful to human body and environment pollution, has been difficult to meet people’s pursuit of high quality life, now people are not only beautiful and durable coating at the same time, more attention is a non-toxic, environmental protection wall material is a preferred material for decoration of the people.

it caters to people’s consumption concept, more in line with the artistic sense of the consumers, so the love of smart wall material development. With the improvement of living standards, people in daily life quality requirements are greatly improved, especially now the main house decoration Group is 80, 90, their aesthetic style, aesthetic and artistic sense to modern, can realize the wall material of these requirements become a mainstream consumer.

love smart art wall material? Why do you feel so smart. Environmental protection and health, has always been the first step in our lives. Love smart art wall material, is a very environmentally friendly and healthy choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

How do customers encounter cold

customers are different, and they get along with the process of taking the attitude will be different. If it is a talkative customers, the owners do not have to worry about, but some customers not only do not love to talk, even in peacetime conversation is cold. So, if the shop to do business, how to meet the cold customers?

has such a customer, every time to buy cigarettes are overcast with a face. Because it is long, adjacent is very close, I also know him 7 yuan long smoke cigarettes, so every time I see the money. Take 7-10 yuan money is to buy 1 boxes, 14-20 yuan is the box, and sometimes he took 50 yuan, I have to ask, "is to be a box of 2?" "" "" "" "" """ "What to do, smoke can not sell out, hard to 2 boxes, to a box." Strong customer response.

sometimes take 100 yuan, or a tentative question, this time to buy a few boxes?" "How, do you want to buy something?" Listen to his answer, my heart is really blocked ah, but can not offend not, after all, is a frequent visitor. I would like to ask, in the face of the customer how should I receive it?

The main symptoms of

cold cold heart block

off this customer

The main flavor prescription

installed more confused

laughing foolish foolishly

cold guest speech like sword

every word stabbed between

If the


has installed

see how he performs

see the above question in a word, not to let the author like the heart, can not offend customers, this sentence is good. This represents a psychological, but also represents a business philosophy. Customers inside, whether it is shopping, or seek help the owner, whether it is hot or cold words, we as owner, not to offend customers. There are degrees of enthusiasm, we are liberal and dignified is recognized by customers and make it back to the magic weapon of choice. For you to do this, I’ll give you a hand.

look back and think about what we have to do with our customers. No Customers are coming to the door to send money, since seeing this, we can know that we can not offend customers, we can not offend the people who sent us money, this idea is how good.

but in front of this special customer, see the other side of the Yin long face, listening to the other side can choke the dead, blocking the heart this feeling is very normal. But this is normal and contains some abnormal, what is not normal. Heart blocking feeling. Why is your heart blocked, because the customer is not good to listen to, why customers do not speak well, because it is the habit of others. Since it is the habit of others, you use the habit of others to block your own heart, is not a bit abnormal ah. < >

What about Wang Ping face investment


Wang Ping dough? Has the characteristics of small business to choose delicacy, Wang Ping dough project, open their own brand stores. Business is good, shop is earned! If you to join Wang Ping dough project, is also very exciting, hurry up!

Wang Ping leather is a very unique delicacy to join the brand, can help the franchisee to avoid the homogenization of competition, is ideal for small businesses. Then the investment Wang Ping dough? Wang Ping dough to join the investment is not high, flexible location, entrepreneurial wealth is so simple.

How about

investment Wang Ping Wang Ping joined the dough, dough? Restaurant brand, expand the market fast, inexpensive, the development potential of the special snack. Pioneering do the perfect combination of delicious, convenient and inexpensive, Wang Ping joined the dough without large capital investment, safe investment projects can be trusted.

What about

Wang Ping Wang Ping to join the pastry dough investment? Because the brand’s unique advantages, the market is good, is the first guarantee of success, as well as headquarters to provide support, entrepreneurship can be assured. Headquarters to provide professional site service, pre preparation, medium-term preparation, late support. We are responsible for your uniform decoration design, distribution table stickers, tableware and recruitment information.

strength of the brand to join the project, has been very business opportunities. Wang Ping joined the dough? Good project, good choice. Easy to learn to start fast, small business optimization. Moreover, the headquarters to provide more support to join, successful business, worthy of trust!