Look at the food and beverage brands how to do a tumbler

entering the catering industry, your idea is, no matter how, even if it is the end of the world to the people or to eat, the evolution of human being has desire to eat evolution has become a habit, then entering the catering industry everyone’s vision is good. But after you will find that the food and beverage market is very cruel, if you do not have a good project to replace you. Catering Jianghu, survival of the fittest. Here, have another wave of new intruders, there are strong "budaoweng". "Tumbler" the legend of how to train? Let’s take a look at some examples of success.

a, foundation evergreen?

in Chengdu, hundreds of lobster shop opened in 2014 most of the dead bell still ears, in 2015 there are hundreds of restaurants opened do crayfish. There is a lobster shop brand, which has survived for 7 years, the boss’s winning tactic is to pay attention to every guest.

Jiang Yi spends 6 hours a day to maintain customer relationships. He is the owner of Hao shrimp biography, has 18 stores in the province. Almost every store during the peak period, the customer queuing time in more than 1 hours, almost every day received several requests to join. Ordinarily he can cross her legs, just sit in money. But Jiang Yi believes that Chengdu only in 2015 the new 100 lobster shop opened in 2014, hundreds of mostly dead shrimp, Hao pass had survived for seventh years, in addition to the unique flavor, the biggest secret lies in his hands, put the 6 hours every day.

for 6 hours, he did only one kind of thing – the maintenance of customer relationships, including dealing with complaints, respond to criticism, interaction with customers, etc.. The biography of Hao shrimp thanks to the rise of micro-blog. It was in 2012, has been boiling for three years the only one store, can not stand fast. Prior to this, the crayfish is only Chengdu people drink beer at night when the side dishes, not accustomed to the lobster as staple food, a meal to eat. And Hao shrimp pass stubbornly adhere to sell lobster, the business of the most deserted, a table a day guests are not. 2012, it is the outbreak of micro-blog, some of the guests began to a pot of colorful lobster photos to share on their micro-blog, fans crazy turn. Since then, word of mouth, passenger traffic doubled, at 5:30 every afternoon to 10 o’clock in the evening, at the door of the shop are lined up delicious mouth.

water can carry a boat, can also capsize, reputation is the same. Jiang Yi customer relationship maintenance, as the key to the success of the restaurant. In most restaurants, customers can not talk directly with the boss, there is a problem, the customer can only find a waiter or lobby manager; there is a complaint call the restaurant, the answer is only the front desk staff. "The fear of the guests is not to be unhappy, but to be ignored." Jiang Yi said he was just one step more than others, so that guests can talk directly with the boss. All the stores of the telephone, as long as there is a complaint, all transferred to him to deal with

Apple Corp’s four entrepreneurs

The success of apple

Apple mobile phones and computers to the world. Apple made Forbes, at the same time, Apple has become a large number of Apple Corp employees. Here, take a look at Apple’s four successful entrepreneurs out of it!

Nest  Lab


Android Lubin, the father of the last century in 90s as an engineer at Apple, he founded the open source mobile software company Android />


Chris  Lee was Apple’s project manager, witnessed several generations of apple Mac  OS  X release (/>Meeteor

this is out of the four big apple from entrepreneurs, they all get success. In addition to their own efforts, of course, can not be separated from the Apple Corp of this high-quality entrepreneurial platform!

Brand underwear stores need to master the management skills

underwear is very important for women, an industry is worth entrepreneurs choose, there is a huge market, with the market consumers demand for underwear products is increasing, entrepreneurs are also want to enter the industry to join the shop, indeed, this is a very good choice! Then on the management of brand underwear stores, you know how much? Here we take a look at the opening of the brand underwear stores need to master the operating skills!

brand underwear stores need to ensure the stability of the shopping guide staff, which is one of the embodiment of the strength of a brand monopoly, but also to enhance the credibility of the consumer’s confidence in the heart. Good shopping guide is the first factor in the success of the brand underwear store.

to establish a good incentive and security system, the biggest incentive to encourage the enthusiasm of the service staff and provide protection in order to have the best sales situation. Brand underwear shop assistants must be familiar with commodity knowledge. Brand underwear store is important to maintain patency, according to the customer’s line, to the layout of their stores. Main exhibition area, auxiliary exhibition area, promotion exhibition.

want to know how to use the advantages of each exhibition complementary. Generally we will lower the price and the color is gorgeous products displayed in the shop outside, this can increase the customer’s attention. Such a product with a transition, so that customers have a deep understanding of the structure of our products, increase the probability of customer purchase.

shop also need to decorate the store according to the season, so that stores can attract customers, but also to retain customers. To be able to maintain the smooth store goods, that is, to have advanced purchase channels, so as to ensure the improvement of efficiency.

good industry needs a good project, we hope that the choice of the project can be considered comprehensive enough to do business in addition to the choice of a project, the most important thing is to know how to operate! For the open brand underwear store entrepreneurs, Xiaobian mentioned in the business skills, is helpful for your career development, as long as your earnest careful management, your brand underwear store business is very prosperous!

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Children’s toys to open stores to make more money

toys are children’s favorite, parents also like to give their children to buy toys. Toy industry is the focus of attention of many friends, children’s toys are also a good store. Below, small series on the management of children’s toys franchise business problems to explain some of the introduction.


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How to open a private Custom Boutique

entrepreneurship can not just a moment of thought, but also we need to make a more detailed analysis, careful investigation of such a choice in the end there is no prospect, so you can rest assured that the entrepreneurial choice. So, how to open a private custom shop? Xiao Bian to make a simple analysis for you.

a variety of entrepreneurial projects, for entrepreneurs, they all want to be able to get them to bring a lot of profit entrepreneurial projects; women’s clothing store? For many investors, the opening of a women’s clothing store, is the dream of their business, because the women’s apparel industry is now all of the industry, is a potential for the development of an industry.

but I have to say, the sales ladies market we have nothing to worry about, but because the brand is now the market has existed more, so if we are open women’s clothing store, facing the pressure of market competition will be very large. But this does not mean that the industry is not worth investors to enter, or we can choose to open boutiques as their business projects, but when we shop, and other women’s clothing store can not be exactly the same, we can open a high-end line of custom shop.

competitive advantage

Although the

women’s clothing store on the market today we’ll see these women’s clothing store beyond count, but basically maintain the same business model, that is to store inside for all consumers show finished women were chosen for them, although the types of products more, but because all products are finished, no way to change, this also makes the consumers in this store are difficult to meet inside their personal aesthetic requirements of the clothing products.

but if it is a custom clothing store, consumers can according to their own requirements to custom clothing in this store inside, can be customized apparel products completely according to their personal preferences, so that they can in this store inside 100 to get what they want and this type of clothing, the store for guests to provide products also good to be able to avoid the embarrassment of Zhuangshan, let each piece of clothing consumers is the one and only, do not encounter other people and they have the same clothing case.

development prospect

in today’s era, female consumers for their own clothing requirements can be said to be very high, they hope they can have a unique fashion but also be able to demonstrate their individuality clothing, if it is to buy their own clothes in the clothing brand stores, it is difficult not Zhuangshan, it the people’s consumption demand in these stores there is no way to get to meet.

and this new custom clothing store can

Catering to join the best choice – the entrepreneurial success of whole

want to do a better job, the quality of the project is very important to choose. Today, food and beverage to join the project, has been a very hot market. Successful venture to choose to join the catering market? Have the advantage of choice, the first step to successful entrepreneurship!

now walk in the street you will see a lot of food and beverage to join the brand, we like to eat snacks in the field can also taste, and quality and service is the same. After choosing a good brand, the most important thing is to do market research. If the market research is relatively solid, do more accurate, it can greatly reduce the probability of failure of investment.


channel is directly to the brand’s official website on the left of the telephone consultation, this is mainly composed of ask the amount of investment and product gross profit; can also take a look at this franchise brand reputation on the Internet; another is the actual run shop, found the shop manager and clerk chat, this is mainly about the brand of the main customer group each section, the turnover of shops, the number of employees, wages, rent and other operating conditions; if necessary, you can observe a day of traffic, and the service of a restaurant; the taste of food is the most important, you must first taste, then you have to understand the people’s taste habit shop address.

high quality join the project choice, to choose to engage in food and beverage industry is good? Low cost, but large profit margins. Choose to engage in food and beverage industry, is the best choice for our success!

The doors of enterprises to the customer service needs to pay attention to what matters – the whole

customers have what kind of consumer experience, customer satisfaction, these are any enterprise needs to pay attention to the problem. After all, a good brand can attract consumers attention, but want to keep consumers, we must do service work. So do the wooden door business. How to do good customer service?

wooden door enterprises how to do customer service? Service to the customer demand as the center: we know that the service type wooden door enterprises must be based on customer demand as the center, operators all the activities must be based on customer needs, now, service enterprises from simple changes to the enterprise information, enterprise information, which brings a new challenge to wood enterprise management.

wooden door enterprises how to do customer service? Improve the service details of the sale: wooden doors as a custom product, only the customer orders and did not complete the entire sales process, until the completion of the installation of wooden doors distribution, is the true sense of the completion of the sales process. In this process, the wooden door enterprises need to y communicate with consumers, and constantly improve the service details, to avoid the loss of the end user.

wooden door enterprises how to do customer service? Do a good job of after-sales service: to effectively protect the interests of customers, quality assurance to do mouth to heart. As a continuation of the wooden door products and organic components, its role and status is constantly improving, has become the wooden door brand image embodies the most abundant, the most long-term link.

wooden door enterprises how to do customer service? Do anything should hold a long-term vision, not only now, for the door industry is also the case. Wooden door enterprises do a good job of service, service team to ensure timely, efficient and comprehensive service. The service is not open around the core topic of marketing. Different family needs maintenance, demolition of old wooden doors, is to meet the consumer demand drop service. Now, there are a lot of wooden doors brand awareness, brand reputation and provide after-sales service is closely related. In short, the realization of the particularity of wooden doors, the owner needs as the starting point of the intimate after-sales service, is the key point of light wood door enterprises snatch business opportunities and share.

in the current fierce competition this society, any one brand if you want to get long-term development, we need to get customers a higher degree of recognition, and customers will want, will be in with door-to-door service. In short, a good brand can not be separated from good service, brand and service is always closely related, only a good brand, good service, to be able to obtain consumer recognition and love. Wooden doors enterprises must do a good job in the brand at the same time, improve service.

The business can not twofor

receives a phone call from a customer, or when it comes to receiving the customer, talking to another customer, which is a normal thing for the owner. However, even this is a normal thing, in fact, will adversely affect the operation of the store. To sum up is to do business is really not a dual-use, so it will not adversely affect the operation of the store, the economy will not suffer losses.

was originally sold 5 yuan a bottle of beverage, and ready to buy a bottle of this beverage customers, after knowing the price to give is also a face value of 5 yuan of money. Ordinarily, when I just took the customer that 5 yuan of money put into the drawer on the line. I did not do so, finally, make yourself feel fantastic things to see: just know the price after the customer has come up with a face value of 5 yuan of money, I will confiscate the in the money, to open their own cash drawer, took out 2 yuan from the inside give that person.

that person is not polite to me, when I saw the 2 yuan to find out, just a little hesitation and then took me to find out that the 2 yuan left. Of course, these details I realized afterwards. Now want to come, if it is not to insist on to give 5 yuan, then the end result of this single business is even more ridiculous: not only drink money confiscated, but also to find the last to find a $2 to others. What is it that makes me do such a foolish thing? In fact, in the final analysis, or because I answer the phone while the cashier caused.

the man came to the shop at nine in the evening. Is also a coincidence, when the man into the store when the phone has been in the shop over the phone, but also to operate and answer the phone two. So, after seeing the situation, I decided to call the customer. No, I was told that the man wanted to buy a bottle of iced drink, but he didn’t know where our iced drinks were. I have been standing next to the phone to pick up the phone, in the freezer to tell the location of the store, they invited people to take their own hands.

according to what I said, the man quickly came to the freezer, it is estimated that I am afraid of the phone for a long time to delay his time. The man, after he opened the freezer, had little choice. He took out a bottle of red wine and asked me for a price. Just because, from the man into the store to get the time he drinks, phone has rung several times, so that when people ask me the price, I have picked up the phone, just haven’t had time to talk.

is holding to solve a thing is a thing of the idea, so, even though I have picked up the phone, but I still do tell people: it is Red Bull to sell 5 yuan a bottle. As for the back of the matter, so to say: Although the eyes are all around the store in the people and objects in the turn, but the attention of

Entrepreneurs need to understand things

is now in the business people are many, but some entrepreneurs do not know should adopt what kind of method to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship preparation is not very good, do not know how to deal with the problem of entrepreneurship, does not have a reasonable plan, these are the fundamental reasons lead to business failure, for entrepreneurs, only know some things, understand some truth to success.

do is a process of practice and experience. The front step is a kind of thinking on energy, and this is a practice process, can let a person with all your heart, let more impossible, this action is actually a process of the road.

therefore in the business, we must fully consider the quality of the project, but also on the market and the products have a comprehensive analysis and market survey, only the comprehensive factors, make feasibility judgment, to be more rapid success.

the above describes the entrepreneurs need to understand some things, entrepreneurship is a process that entrepreneurs should try to collect in favor of their own business information, take reasonable way to conduct business.

Five points to keep in mind in operating a clothing store

clothing industry has always been a very large industry demand, is also very popular business sectors, many clothing store owner had no business experience, for them, to the clothing store shop business is hot, need to master certain skills, so you better run faster, get rich. So, how to manage clothing store in order to win? Do the following five points, easy to earn!

1, choose a good direction

is already decided to run men’s clothing, or women’s clothing, to do the mind to be very clear, not a clothing wholesale market, see what is good, what do you want to do. You must have a clear idea, do the best clothing is single-minded if your shop is very large, you can do men’s clothing, or women’s clothing. Don’t forget to do what you want to do in the market.

2, clothing positioning

clothing positioning, is to do the brand, or do student clothing, or clothing for the elderly, or children’s clothing, for your purchase of clothing for market research. All wholesale sports clothing wholesalers you have to understand, take a notebook to remember what kind of wholesale sports clothing, what kind of price, who is a good wholesale, who purchase more people, who shop business boom.

can be a business card, you must keep in mind that this is your wealth. Other observations to purchase, into what kind of goods, where to sell, if you find this person to purchase, that is he sell well, you will follow him to his shop to secretly investigation, to help you immediately set up shop.

3, clothing purchase

all ready, now is the stock, if this is your first time on the goods you have to pretend to familiar appearance, and the dealer can talk about the price, because you can tell others a clothing price, so the boss see you very knowledgeable, not a novice, novice is not answer the boss, there is a Chinese call: know friends than ever. So in the first purchase will not spend a lot of money, but also in order to pull you to give you a discount.

4, clothing placed

finished goods should be placed on the clothing store, the overall effect do people feel very good store, can go to visit wholesalers or stores, retail shops, put clothes to study there, so your store can greet customers with a new look.

5, promotional activities

new shop, better do some promotional activities, can according to your store size decided to buy gifts. There are still a lot of people